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Edikang Ikong Soup By Elizabeth Obaze

Ingredients for Edikang Ikong Soup:
. 2 kg Assorted meat consisting of shaki (tripe), kponmo, cow leg and

Rice With Nigerian Gravy And Uziza Chicken Pepper soup


Nigerian Fish tomato Stew with fried yam, sausages


Stuffed Nigerian Moi Moi With Garri

Ingredients for garri with  moi moi: well cooked moi moia bowl of garri4 cubes of sugar1/3 teaspoon of saltcold water

Procedure for making garri: Add some water to the bowl of garrifilter out the chaff in the garri if you don't want the fibreAdd the sugar and salt, stir and taste for salt and sugarserve

When Can I have A Boyfriend

Mommy (Photo credit: liquene)Hi Aunty Eya
My name is Sharon, I am 11 years old. Iam in JS 1. Aunty, in my School, all my friends and many of my class mates have boyfriends. Even my BFF has got a boyfriend this term. They said that they won't tell their momms. I am now like the only one who does not want. I asked my Mommy to tell me when it is ok for me to start dating boys? she says that 20 or 21  years is Ok.

I did not like my moms answer, I told her that most of my classmates have boyfriends already and me I will just try to get to 15 before I have one. She disagreed with me. she thinks that

Nigerian Gravy with vegetable, shredded chicken, Curried Rice By Mavis Imanatue

NOTE: To shape your cooked rice this way, scoop the hot rice into a small round bowl or any shape of bowl you want, level and press down firmly with a spoon, cover it upside down on your serving plate, gently begin to hit the bottom of rice place as you pull out just the way kids build sand castles at the beach.

Ingredients for my Gravy:
shredded chickenflourvegetable oilcurrycarrots cabbageoniongreen peppersaltseasoning cubes

Naija Hotdog With Mayonnaise Mustard Ketchup And Green vegetables

Ingredients for my Naija Hot Dog:

Kitchen Tips On Smoked Fish

Freezing in ziploc bags is the best method of preservation for smoked cat fish, but when one cannot afford regular electricity, other methods come in handy. For any Nigerian family that loves swallow/foofoo, Two to three pots of soup are cooked weekly to go with the fufu. Cooking variety of soups for our swallow can be very easy and fun when one knows a few tips and tricks.
For me,

Isi Ewu Head With Chilled Red Grape Juice

Dear Diary,
In case you are tired of your husband and friends visiting that isi ewu joint
every saturday evening, set them up with this, and scatter their plans.
I have not seen a Nigerian man who can resist Isi ewu. Right from

Unripe Plantain Porridge Cooked With Goat Meat

Unripe plantain porridge is so healthy and energy giving.

Nigerian Rivers State Native Soup Recipe By Chubby ELLA


Vegetable Boiled Rice Served With Goat Meat Stew Sent In By Tamie

I made this some weeks back.
Its garnished white rice and goat meat stew.

I garnished the rice with green pepper,green peas and carrot.

After washing the rice and setting it on the fire I added a scoop of margarine into it. And allowed to boil. When it was almost cooked I added the veggies and allowed to dry.

Shredded Chicken Sauce Gravy with vegetables

Cooking Steps For Shredded Chicken sauce/gravy:
Add the washed shredded chicken, maggiarome, some chopped onion, some chopped green pepper, salt and curry in a pot. Stir, cover and allow to cook for 5 minutesCheck for salt, cover and simmer for another 5 minutesAdd sieved baking flour and some water, mix properly, check for salt and seasoning, let it simmer for another 5 minutesBack To VegetablesAdd the chopped vegetables with curry, a little vegetable oil, seasoning and salt to taste. Stir and cook in low heat for 5 to 7 minutesEmpty cooked vegetables and the shredded chicken sauce in a pot, check for thickness, salt and seasoning before covering and leaving to simmer for 5 minutes or as long as you feel is Ok for you, before turning off the heat.Serve with rice,

Fried Spaghetti With Egg And Sardine By Queen

I first parboiled the spaghetti,I usually add salt,onions n curry when I do that. 
Then I poured it in a sieve. I used another pot to make a sauce with the tomato. I did that by first putting a dry pot on fire,added groundnut oil,d sardine oil as well,I poured in

Nigerian Okra Soup With Tomato Stewed Chicken, Fish

Dear Diary, This soup is very easy to cook and fast too. First,  I made sure that  was done with cooking the chicken  and making  eba, before facing the okra soup.
It was super duper delicious! The aroma, sweet, the taste... heavenly.
Cooking Steps For This Okra Soup And Chicken:

The washed, salted chicken is put in a fry pan with some chopped onion. The heat is turned on.It boils, begins to look dry, so I add some vegetable oil by the sides of the pan, cover for four minutes, checked and turned the chicken over, added a little stew before covering to simmer.Chicken boils for another four minutes before the pan is put in the microwave oven for five minutes. Chicken is turned over and left for another five minutes before bringing out of the oven and putting on paper to drain oilBack to the soup:Washed and

Pop Corn In A Pot

Dear Diary,
I popped this corn for myself, that's why there is no sugar or salt in it. When I pop for the

Nigerian Fried Spaghetti/pasta, Chicken, vegetables By Shishi

Hmmmmm, now we know that bloggers can sure COOK! *wink* 

Spaghetti recipe prepared jus† like fried rice. I go† the idea while i prepared a pot of fried rice on christmas day.....i thought, "Why no†
make spaghetti exactly like this?" So, I finally resolved to try i† out.


• 1kg Chicken
• 1 pack Spaghetti
• 3 cups Groundnut oil • 1 medium sized onion   • 1 teaspoon fresh Pepper • 1 Ginger • 1 clove Garlic • 2 teaspoons Curry • 1/4 teaspoon Thyme • Salt to taste • 2 cubes Maggi chicken • 2 large Carrots • 1 medium sized green pepper • 3 Cabbage leaves


•Wash chicken, and boil with onions, pepper, salt, maggi, curry, thyme, ginger and garlic. Use enough wa†er so that when the chicken is done, you s†ill have enough to boil your spaghetti in.

• When the chicken is done, bring them out of the wa†er/stock and pu† in a seive. Then pour your spaghetti into the stock wa†er, add a little oil and more spices if you need to, then bring to a bo…

Boiled White Rice With Amaranth And Peppered Titus Fish Sent In By Ella

This beautiful dish was prepared by Ella yesterday,

I prepared this dish for my husband yesterday night.  Although

Fried Yam With Peppered Corned Beef

Dear Diary, please do not forget that I keep saying buy small canned Exeter corned beef because it gives me better results

How To Buy Good White Yams

How to tell which tuber of yam is very white and which one changes color when peeled is a challenge to most of us women. Shopping for yams is very easy when you know what you are paying for. Traders know their tricks. They sell both

Heavy Vegetable Salad Recipe

Dear Diary,
When I eat heavy vegetable salads, I don't ask for any other food. They are
so balanced with all the food nutrients my body needs. A

Nigerian Vegetable Salads With Italian Dressing


Farmhouse Unripe Plantain with Brown Beans And Fish

How to cook beans and plantain porridgeIngredients for My farmhouse (Beans and plantain porridge):
1 small bunch Unripe plantain (About 5 cups diced)1 cup beans3 medium sized Smoked fish1/2 cup palm oil1 teaspoon ground pepper2 knorr seasoning cubessalt to tastewater to cover the beans for a start. You can add more water later in the course of cooking.Cooking Steps for Farmhouse (Beans and plantain porridge): The picked and washed beans is put in a pot of water with enough onion and palm oil added, then placed on a cookerWhen it boils, add pepper, then, cover and when beans begins to boil , leave to boil for about 30 more minutes or till beans begins to soften before adding other ingredients.Check to see that beans has started to soften before adding  the chopped plantain, washed smoked fish, salt and seasoning to taste, stir very well, cover and allow to cook while you check and stir occasionally until the plantain and beans are very soft and thickened. Do frequent stirring of the con…

Goat Meat Pepper Soup Served With Rice, By Olaide

I made for myself and folks pepper soup with goat meat, with bitter leaf and scent leaf

Fried Brown Beans, Plantain By Shayor

This was sent in this evening by Shayor.

2 cups of Brown Beans
1 large green pepper
2 Bulbs of Onions
4 Big Tomatoes
Red Peppers
1 cup Vegetable Oil
Salt to taste
2 Seasoning cubes
Enough water to cover the beans for a start.

My cooking Direction:

1. Picked and washed the beans into a pot of boiling water

Here Is My Embarrassing Hair Twist Out, No Thanks To You Myne

I have kept my short scanty hair to myself, and far away from my blog for a long time. I wanted to
never show pictures of my natural hair. Why should I? The reason we post on blogs is to

Ogbono Soup With Lumpy Egusi

HOW TO MAKE EGUSI BALLS IN OGBONO SOUPThis is how to cook Nigerian ogbono soup with egusi balls inside.,Because of the way we enjoyed this soup, the taste

Fashion Advice For Plus-Size Women By Debbie Denard

Hi Ladies, I got this very early this morning from Debbie Denard. She wants me to share with my blog readers. So, enjoy!

The face of modern fashion is changing, and the days of being forced into drab, shapeless garments are over for the plus-sized woman. Today’s full-figured fashionistas have a huge selection of styles,

How To Cook Naija Mashed Potato Salad, Serve With Chicken Pepper soup

you want great results with your mashed potatoes, next time, bake in an oven before you mash. This meal was so relaxing and refreshing. Because I did not

How To Cook Moi Moi With Tatashe, Corned beef And Santana Bags

Do not forget that cooking moi moi with leaves or ceramics is the best healthwise anytime!HOW TO COOK NIGERIAN MOI MOI WITH CORNED BEEFMoi moi is a delicacy in Nigeria. It can be cooked tied in cellophane bags, wrapped in broad leaves or even in empty cans. When cooked soft, it can be served as a
side to other meals. Moi moi is made from beans, it is a very healthy meal to my body.

 There is no electricity  to blend, so, the washed beans was sent to the mill. I finished washing and skinning the beans in just 15 minutes. As at the time I was done with washing and adding tatashe, onions and
crayfish, another 10 minutes went by. Total time used to wash and get this beans ready was 30 minutes.

The result justifies the time spent washing. 20 minutes is not much

Can You Make And Flaunt Any Nigerian, African Meal Recipes?

Hello Esteemed Readers, anyone got a special dish you feel you are good at? A

Time Saving Lunch Box Ideas For Parents And Guardians

English: Somali sambusas (samosas) being deep fried. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I shallow fry my samosas Croissants (Photo credit: rofi). Croissants come wrapped already, all you do is just put in the lunchbox.

Chicken Stew With Boiled Macaroni And A Side Of PawPaw

Dear Diary,  I cooked this meal in 25 minutes. That is

How To Make Fruit Salad With Fruit Juice

If you are used to enjoying fruit salad with yogurt or milk,

Cooking Pepper Soup With Beef And Washed Bitter Leaf


How To Cook Quick,Delicious And Healthy Tomato Macaroni

Dear Diary, Cooking this delicacy took 15 minutes from

How To Enjoy Boiled Yam With Palm Oil And Raw Onion

Dear Diary,   I beg you in the name of your owner to stop forming! If truly you are a naija diary, then you should know what

How To Make My Simple Fried Rice Sauce

NIGERIAN FRIED RICE SAUCE RECIPEmaking this quantity of sauce didn't take much time because it was Christmas, the house was full and so, there were many helping hands. It was so delicious. The plan was to cook so much so that the left over is shifted to dinner. At the end of the day, we had to eat something else for dinner because the gigantic pot of rice was cleared. I mean every single grain was eaten at lunch!
INGREDIENTS FOR MY NIGERIAN FRIED RICE SAUCE:  1 small cabbage chopped4 lare carrots  1 medium sized green pepper1 cup green peas1/4 cup kidney beans (Optional)cow liver (optional)1/2 cup sweet corn ( well, I enjoy the sauce more, when sweet corn is not added)1 large onion

Omotola Danced Better Than Them All

English: Omotola Jalade at a photo shoot with her son (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, I get a chance to watch "Omotola the Real Me." I had

How To Cook Nigerian Green Jollof Rice

Dear Diary,
The three people I cooked
this rice for, ate and asked for extra servings.
We so enjoyed it that I had to confess to them that I had over eaten.
Ingredients for green jollof rice:

3 cups rice1kg chicken4 cubes royco seasoning2 teaspoons thyme1 large onion2 tablespoonfuls of tomato pastesalt to taste

How To Cook Nigerian White Soup, Serve With Pounded Yam

This white soup was so good! Because of the hot leaf (Uziza), I reduced the quantity of pepper and that made everyone, including

How To Make Nigerian Pancakes

How To Make Nigerian Pancakes, Easy Steps
I sieved the flour into a bowl, added just a pinch of saltmixed 2 spoons of powdered milk and sugar in a glass of water before adding to the flourAdded much thinly chopped onion and stirred with a wooden spoon until there is a smooth free flowing paste like what we see in the third  picture above. (tasted and dropped in a little more sugar)Added the eggs last, and