Back With Boiled Rice Served With Green Vegetable Stew


 boiled rice with green vegetable stew
 cooking green vegetable stew
 vegetable stew with smoked fish, served with boiled rice

Being able to post today is a miracle. Whatever happened I do not know, I lost internet connection completely at my location. I could not post even Merry Christmas wishes to my blog readers. Computers and phones all behaved badly. I even had to switch Internet Providers. Nothing seemed to worked. I was completely locked out of civilization. Even blog hopping became impossible after about three days here.

My village is not bush o. The only thing is that I browsed freely in Abuja but could not do same here. I had to stay up late today struggling with connections. After this post, I do not know if it would be possible to post again before I return to Abuja.

We enjoyed the Christmas with lots of healthy meals that I just could not post. After this trial post, I will try to post my Christmas recipes.


  • 1 bunch Fluted pumpkin (Ugu)
  • 2 bunches water leaf
  • 2 Smoked catfish
  • 2 seaoning cubes
  • 2 cups palm oil
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 cup ground crayfish
  • 1 tablespoon fground resh pepper
  • salt to taste
  • water


  1. I stir fried some chopped onion, crayfish and ground fresh peppers in hot palm oil.
  2. The washed smoked fish is added, then seasoning cubes and salt, with a little water added and allowed to simmer until the fish is a bit tender.
  3. Checked for salt and added the vegetables, both water leaf and ugu at once, then continued to stir until the veggies look a bit different from when they were just added (Kind of wilted). 
  4. Turned off the heat and served with  boiled rice.

The meal is delicious, a bit crunchy, healthy and easily digested. 
Variety is the spice of life, so I refuse to be tied down by jollof rice, fried rice or even rice and tomato stew.
My family loved this. The kids ate well and had fun in the bathroom the next day because, they didn't have to push too much to eliminate.
I can serve this vegetable stew with salted boiled yam, boiled potatoes, boiled unripe plantain or even use it with my eba. The ingredients can also vary depending on what I have and how I want my veggies stew.


  1. Greetings to you ,i have just stumbled on your blog and am loving it already and i have added it to my bloglist If not too much to ask if u can kindly visit my blog and add to ur bloglist too..Many Thanks..

  2. haha welcome to vilage life... merry christmas my dear and the meal looks delicious

  3. Am definitely trying this out immediately! Good to have you back after the first part of holiday celebrations.

  4. Anonymous12/27/2012

    Looks yummy!! I think I know what I may be having for lunch today...

  5. The vegetable is so colorful, I love it! Happy Christmas and look forward to your full posts again Enjoy the serenity of village life for now :)

  6. Hi Eya,
    Your stew looks lovely. I have just put my lamb stew on the final cook and come in to see what you have been doing. Hope you are all well. Have found that if I type and then scroll up everything moves a bit faster. A lot better than it was though. Internet eh? Hope you had a lovely Christmas with the family and here's wishing you a happy ime over the rest of the holiday.

  7. I had to swallow to post this comment. That is how hungry your post made me. Lol! I love efo riro and your soup is more or less that. You are so right, it is awesome with rice and yam and dodo and even boiled plantain. Best of all, it is great on its own too as a 'Naija' salad dish........If I cannot have Afang, then please give me some vegetable done your way. Thanks Eya!!!!

  8. This food literally made my stomach growl. Looks really appetizing and am sure it tasted great because I can already imagine the taste from here.

    Oya lemme stop before I show my "longer throat" traits.

    Nice One Madam :)

  9. Anonymous1/12/2013

    I just love what am seeing, 'eya' u will cut down my throat with ur beautiful meal