A Tour Of The Agbokim WaterFalls In Pictures

Just got back from touring the Agbokim waterfalls. I tried to see if it connects, and though very slow internet connection here, I am still happy that I can post a few pics. The day was full of adventure. We were ten in number that made the trip.

The excitement on the faces of the young ladies when I announced to them this morning that we will be visiting the waterfalls in Cross River State. The trip was uneventful except for good music and video CDs that I packed for the girls and which kept us company, some fell asleep in the car, but once the kids set eyes on the waterfalls and the vapor around the falls, the atmosphere changed automatically. We took so many pics and I hope to upload more later.
Posing for photographs on a hill beside the Agbokim water falls. Lol!
 Walking downhill to have a better view of the waterfalls.

 Nail biting in a rock by the waterfalls King and Queen's throne.

Listening to the tour guide Mr David while scanning the Igneous roof of the cave.

 The Agbokim Waterfalls with it's rainbow beginning to form at 2:15 pm

 My girl and me admiring the beautifully cut rocks

 Having  a mini picnic to cool off in a shade on the hill top of the waterfalls. A little bit of sand wiches, sausage rolls, roast peanuts, peanut burgers, cold soft drinks, bananas, cold water after descending and ascending the waterfalls hill. bon apetit!

 Munching on some food! The picnic boxes are getting empty while the waste bag is growing bigger

 After the mini picnic. Someone better volunteer to clear the place. Every body is full and chatting outside the shade.

More pics with other family members are on the way.


  1. Niceee!! still looking forward to visiting a water fall!

  2. awww lovely kids. nice entertainment for them. I see you finally found something to entertain them with. Hope you had a nice christmas.

  3. Beautiful scenery!It's nice bringing the children this close to nature. I beg make una enjoy!

  4. What beautiful children Eya, and what a lovely place to visit

  5. This waterfall is really awesome!

  6. Nice o, with all ur plenty recipes, I ddnt xpect to see gala at all, U shd pls come back to writing, I enjoy ur recipes def but U r a good write. Wud hv loved to see d pix of d shoe that caused the great fall.
    Also, I think it wud be nice to add healthy food recipes to ur blog. A couple of women, want to enjoy their food yet be on a diet!
    Keep it up! Z!

  7. So sorry, I gave that shoe away. Or do you want to read another fall story? *wink* Keeping it, I may be tempted to try again, so I gave it far far away!

  8. lol, pls dnt fall oooooooooo. looking forward to more stories! Z!

  9. Nice pictures Eya. Luv them


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