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My Kind Of Love For Polygamist Family Sister Wives

When a man gets married to multiple wives, he owns all these wives and remains the head of the family.  On the part of the wives, they MUST remain loyal and faithful to the polygamous man.While most cultures frown heavily at it, In Africa, we see one or two Heads Of Government Living that Lifestyle. Those in it seem very happy. They say it is their choice and that they are loving it. They will not trade that lifestyle for anything. I have seen co-wives making uniformed outfits  and even ganging up against their husband sometimes. All the wives in a polygamous marriage are seen as mothers to every child in that family, whether biological or step. The term step-mom term doesn't exist among them.The children are taught to see all the wives as their biological mothers, while the women try as much as possible to treat children of their co wives as they would their biological children.
It is a free world, everyone is free to choose the lifestyle they want provided that it does not hurt…

Indomie Noodles With Chicken, Shrimps And Vegetables

indomie noodles with salted, dry fried shrimps and stewed chicken

Hello, We Are Merging Now!

Hi, I did a post on this blog about one blogging mistake that must be avoided. On that post, I mentioned that my second blog welcome to joy ojay's kitchen diary was not getting enough attention from me.  I remember urging fellow newbies to ensure that their first blog is old enough to stand on it's "two legs" before attempting to start a second blog. That post isRIGHT HERE. All these while I kept struggling to keep both

Unripe Plantain Porridge With Green Vegetables

Ingredients for unripe plantain porridge: 5 fingers unripe plantain2 medium sized smoked catfish1 spoon ground pepper  2 seasoning cubessalt to taste2 tablespoons palm oilfluted pumpkin, green amaranth or hot leaf (uziza)

My Chicken Pepper soup with Washed bitter leaf


I Am First To Finish. For How Long?

This morning, I am seriously considering our everyday winner gets a gift thing. It is becoming a chore for me with having to get something for the first to finish on a daily basis. At the end of the day, it is not only the winner who takes it. The loser also gets something because I cannot endure the cries and promises to do better next time.
At the beginning of this School session, I felt a little bit relaxed when it comes to morning rush. This is because the two "senior" girls have left for boarding School and it felt like "OK, with this two little ones, the work is reduced by half," I was sooo wrong.

Re: Your Marriage Can Work, If You Make It Happen

There is so much about woman empowerment and equality before the law. I am a believer in these, but I do not think that a "modern marriage"  is one where the woman goes into power struggle, or shows no  respect  at all for her husband, or where the woman talks to her husband like a no body. Whether we like it or not, In Africa, the man is still the head of his family and he deserves that respect. I am a believer in *any marriage can work if you make it happen.*
I have been married for over twelve years and the truth is my marriage is more peaceful now than when we got married initially. I remember times I practically

Your Best Christmas Shopping From The Nigerian Market Woman

The market woman trades on  food items, fruits, vegetables  and even household goods and appliances at the open market. The Nigerian open market is where we get to bargain for items before payment. I spoke with a friend just last week, She is Nigerian but her family left the country when she was still a child. She lived and studied abroad. She is in the country because according to her, their Father thinks that if they continue to study and begin to raise families abroad, that he will lose them forever. Where he got that idea no one knows. Her brother and sister have been sent down to study in Universities over here. He believes that giving them a University Education back home will provide an  opportunity for the girls to find love and raise their families where he can always get to see his grand children. 
Nora had no idea that when you go shopping for food items at the open market, you are supposed to bargain, to try and 'beat' down the price  to its barest minimum. She lo…

Eya, Learn A Second Language!

French homework (Photo credit: eefeewahfah) Learning a foreign language has become very necessary for me. Kids bring homework for supervision, I do it successfully in all other subjects except French Language. Every time there is home work in French Language, I keep my head straight,  put a little frown on,  before giving the response " Leave that one for Daddy or go check Online" If I do not put that little frown that makes me very serious, I will have to answer too many questions for not knowing  the answers to "that simple French Homework"
The kids are learning French in School. Hubby can speak English, French and  German fluently and even a bit of Japanese, so, why can't I just try to speak at least one foreign language. Am I that dull?  I announce to them on Sunday evening that before this year ends, I will not only be learning but speaking French Language in this house. They ask how and I refuse to say.  Why should I?  when all I want is shock them with spe…

My Less Expensive But Classy Nigerian Wedding

Well, there is no wedding video here. This is not about my wedding video, LOL!  It is about what I consider Less Expensive But Classy when it comes to Nigerian Wedding. It is also about what is "acceptable wedding" in the Nigerian Society. In the past, Nigerian weddings were less stressful and cheaper. Then people wedded according to what obtained in their tribes. Then, the Aso-ebi was more of a Yoruba thing. The only weddings where people attended  in uniformed dresses were  those by The Yorubas. A bride and groom from another part of the country focused on what obtains in their tribes and just did that. 
Again the Aso-ebi was only used during the Church (white) Wedding. The Traditional Marriage Ceremony was usually conducted without friends of the bride and groom making Uniform dresses. The highlight is just the bride and groom who attend dressed in their traditional attires. The bride picked her 'colors' for just the Church Wedding alone. For the Registry and Tra…

A Letter To My Daughters

My Dearest Cuties, How are you doing today? Hope you are doing great and having a good time?  We are fine except that we miss you so much. We are eagerly looking forward to the Christmas holiday. The days seem so slow while the nights drag too long. In just three weeks we are going to be together. These three weeks seem like a whole year to me. How are your friends? Do you find time to talk a little and have some fun or do you just read read read and read? 
Every evening I imagine you two reading in the School library. I see you walk back to your different rooms and Shaloooo, I see you waving goodnight to your little sister Boboo and I just wish that you two share the same room or hostel. If it were possible, I would have ensured that you both sleep side by side.  It is shocking how

Is Anything Wrong With Being Realistic?

Let’s BE REALThere is something bothering me. I am trying to find out one thing. Being realistic about life, does it mean  a realistic person lacks faith? What I see around me and in this part of the world is something that is making me go into serious thoughts. 
Once upon a time in my dear country, when you ask a friend why she is not looking too well, she answers with words like; I have a cold, I am not feeling too well today, I've caught the flu, I have a sore throat, I have a running stomach, My head aches, I feel pain on my knees, I am down with a fever and so on. This was a few years back. Right now, it is different. When I see depressed looks, I cannot say what is wrong with even my own friends, and colleagues. The new trend is "It is well" This response

True Confession Night

Spent the whole early hours enjoying #confession night on Twitter and laughing. Will like to share the twelve  that made me laugh the loudest: I refused to confess on Twitter and chose to make my confessions in the "privacy" of my blog readers.

High Heeled Shoes? Not Anymore

A short Comment I left at Romance Meets Life inspired  this post. While admiring Myne's collection of  lovely high heeled shoes, the memories just came right back. Never thought I'd say this here, but the discussion  after my comment made me decide to share. I love heels especially platforms. They help you walk elegantly. When you wear high heeled shoes your steps are taken care of. Even without much on, you feel confident and classy. I love platforms, I love heels. However, a fall I had recently made me decide to reduce my inches when it comes to beautiful stilts:
My husband and I were at a

25 Good Things Your Nigerian Church Can Do For You

Provide snacks for Children Sunday School classes. This will help you save a little cash. Buying snacks by the church gate for kids before taking them to their classes? Shouldn't the offerings these kids give be used to make their classes more fun?  I used to frown at Birthday celebrations that take place in Children classes, but not any more. If not for these celebrations, there will be no form of entertainment for kids apart from singing, clapping and dancing.
Stop telling little Kids who haven't started earning any income that not bringing offering is a sin. The parent's Tithe and offering covers them too. 
Stop making members feel like God is some kind of magician who calculates the amount you give him and instantly makes you rich when you give big amounts. God is no magician, he works in mysterious ways. 
Tell the congregation that God is interested first in you as a person. I am yet to see where God says that if you need a big car, you have to SOW  your property or …

Why You Don't Need A Domestic Servant While Still Parenting

I read on a blog yesterday, how a house boy defiled a six year old girl left in his care while her parents were away at work. This post troubled me the whole day. Do you really need a domestic servant while still raising your kids?
No matter how hard you try to make them feel like family, Domestic helps don't accept you. They

The Ten Commandments Of Our Bathroom

English: Pedestal squat toilet (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Decorative toilet seat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)If at first you don't succeed, KEEP FLUSHING! DON'T RUSH OUT!
1. You must sit straight up. Bending forward is not permitted as it may splash toilet water on your bum. Bending forward may soil the whole place when you have a running stomach. Sitting straight sends it straight down and neat too.
You must not talk while in there. Lips must
remain sealed to enable you concentrate.
Do not forget to spray the deodorant before leaving. Spraying more than once can be offensive and choking so one pufffff is enough.