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Something About Malala Yousaf Zai And Queen Esther

These two woman have something in common. They are both strong women. They both are women who do not turn their heads the other way when it is time to speak out. The two may not have the same beliefs, They do not come from the same era, but they know how to put others first. "putting others first." These are words that are easier said than done.  Malala Yousaf Zai is on that hospital

A Look At The US Presidential Candidates' Wives

With the ongoing debates and polls about who did or did not do better at both the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates' debates, TV has become so much fun because one cannot help but laugh and learn at the same time. The Candidates are doing great, however, their wives are doing greater.
The way and manner

Children And The Online World

What do you think about Children and the Online World? The Online world has come to stay. The Internet is what we cannot do without at this age and time. The Online world is also a necessity when you need to reach out, to promote your goods and services and other things. A lot of advertisers cannot do without the online world.
The Young Child, Teenager And The InternetThe Internet has made

What's In A Name?

"Today it is Joy Ojay, Tomorrow it will be Eya. Is she OK at all?  What is her name by the way?"...  "This lady is not serious at all. At a time when we are getting used to Joy Ojay, she suddenly switches to one long African Name Lol!"
Dear readers, please bear with yours truly. It is just one person.

How Divorce Affects Some Children

Just this year, we read about Pastor Chris Okotie's divorce, or separation from Stephanie Henshaw. This morning I am reading about Bishop David Benenoch's announcement to his church. He has told his congregation that he is divorcing his wife of 20 years.   No Couple goes  into marriage with prayers to divorce in the future. Divorce is never sweet for anyone. Yes! What happens to Kids after a separation or Divorce?
Kids become unhappy as they cannot see one parent often. They probably saw both parents daily, but  now, it is one parent at a time.