How To Pop Corn In A Cooking Pot

Dear Diary, it has been quite a while. I have been having problems trying to upload images to you, so, I just decided to let it rest while I focus on wives
townhall connection and your youngest sibling naija pidgin english blog. So happy I tried to upload this popcorn image this evening and like magic it worked. Hahaha. Menu posting is going to continue.

I enjoy popping corn in the kitchen and enjoying it hot and fresh, and since I do not have a pop corn machine, I do it manually in my cooking pot on the cooker. 


  1. Firstly, I sprinkle some vegetable oil on the bottom of  a dry pot.
  2. Then I pour the pop corn maize in the pot, shake it vigorously so that the oil rubs lightly on the corn

  3. The pot is placed on the cooker, the flame drastically reduced.

  4. At the beginning, the pot is covered until it gets very hot and some begin to make some popping sounds.

  5. The pot is then opened slightly. Sometimes I take off the lid completely and spread something on the kitchen floor because in a matter of minutes, the whole floor gets covered with pop corn.

  6. The pot is rotated from time to time to get all the corners close to the centre of the heat.

  7. When the corn starts popping, with a scooping spoon or soup laddle, I begin to pack out the popped corn so that it does not get heavy in the pot and prevent the ones under from popping.

  8. While packing them out, some go straight into my mouth and the kids' who get busy picking the ones that fall out of the pot. For my own, this is all and I start enjoying my pop corn.

  9. For the kids, I rub butter or margarine or some vegetable oil on the popped corn to enable sugar stick to the corn. After pouring in some sugar, the popped corn is heated again before being served the kids.

  • Putting in much oil will burn the corn instead of pop it.

  • It is best to just sprinkle like four or five drops of oil on the bottom of the pot.

  • Sometimes. even with all the caution applied, most of the grains still gets burnt while only a few pop. When this happens, I blame it on the corn. lol! 
    This one came out perfecto. well done to me!


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  2. Thank you! Heading to your blog right away.

  3. I dare not forget to say 'thanks for the follow.'

  4. Now I'm imagining the popcorn smell, its all over my head. You caused it o. Lol

    1. Don't worry, can pop some for you if you don't mind o.

  5. Blessings....
    I pop corn all the time, though slightly different. for one i never open the pot until the corn is completely popped.

    I even go so far as to make it gourmet by adding special seasonings and different cheeses.

    thanks for sharing your way, always good to see a differnt take on things....

    stay blessed.


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