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We Can Opt To Be Different

Grave mark of Mordecai and Esther (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There is something about humans. Have you realized that when too many people are engaged in something that is wrong, it begins to feel right?  When you see too many people doing something that you feel is not quite right, after a while, that same thing begins to feel Ok, and you are enticed to join the multitude.
Life is easier when we go along with the flow. Things just seem to work themselves out when you just play along. The difficult part of life, the part that is not so enjoyable is the part that

The Benefits Of Forbearance

The ability to refuse or refrain from becoming angry with people who deliberately annoy you is forbearance. You feel the pain, you feel hurt, but you tell yourself that you are not going to get

How To Pop Corn In A Cooking Pot

Dear Diary, it has been quite a while. I have been having problems trying to upload images to you, so, I just decided to let it rest while I focus on wives

5 Characteristics Of A Nagging Woman

Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra) A nagging woman is the direct opposite of a peace loving woman. Any woman who complains all the time, always and daily has something to complain about is a nagging woman. A nagging woman is seldom happy. She is dissatisfied, has something to complain about, and feels like no body really does what she wants.  A nagging spouse believes that her happiness depends on others. She looks for people who can do her every whim, obey her commands, grant her every wish, and ask her for life directions. The Characteristics:

Back To School, Time Management Tips For Busy Mothers

After about six weeks of fun, arguments, fights, more chores, family outing, noise, late bedtime and all, the kids are back to school The holiday is over. The days when they are allowed to sleep until they wake up naturally are gone. They watched TV, bookmarked favorite programs and shows, recorded at will, ate at will and had freedom to just be free and be themselves. A new school session begins

Tips On Holding Successful Family Meetings

We can use family meetings as a tool for building stronger family relationships. The Agenda for a family meeting should be determined by every member of the family including the children. There should be some place in the house where every body includes what they want the family to talk about. It is important that every member of the family be given the opportunity to include topics that they want discussed. A family meeting agenda can be flexible or formal depending on your family. In order to ensure that family meetings are a success, here are a few things to remember: 

How You Can Build A United Family

Building a united family starts with the understanding that a wholesome family is the strength of society. Any man or woman who destroys the family has destroyed civilization. The home is where kindness, loyalty and love begins. It is where we find purpose. It is the smallest unit of the larger society. There is no place like home. Our children should be taught to spend more time at home than with the neighbors or friends. A united family is a united society. A united family impacts on the lives of it's children.