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A listening ear, the greatest gift ever

I was jotting down some notes on my 'To Do" list last night, I hear footsteps behind but I'm too engrossed to look up. Then I hear footsteps walking away and turned to see my

Beauty Tips For My Face

These tips are what works for my face. No matter how hard I try, if I do not get enough rest, the pimple ( acne) just won't

How I Manage My Kids In Public Places

Unruly children in public can be such a handful. They can get even the most patient of parents screaming and yelling if s/he does not constantly caution herself.
Successful  and stress-free managing of kids in public starts right at home before we set out.
Tutoring and reminders help me a lot. One thing I

Appreciation and Respect in Marriage

To show appreciation is to show a feeling of being grateful for having my spouse and being grateful for the the  things

My personal secret to the best Nigerian tomato stew

Cooking very good tasting Nigerian stew is easy. My secret will

My Personal Tip For Heavy, Long Menstrual Periods!

Ladies, you will agree with me that when our periods come, it can be a period of not just feeling 100% comfortable. Especially if you get heavy flow and if it lasts longer than

My Husband Doesn't Remember, Celebrate Special Days

Good morning Ladies,
Here is a mail I got last night. This was sent to me because she says that wivestownhallconnection is where she feels that other wives will get to read and feel what she is going through. I am permitted to share it but without her name:

Hi joy ojay; this is my first time writing you since I started

Help! my wife sleeps in the sitting room!

Ladies, I got this form a man, he says that he is a regular reader of this young blog, and that he is  sending it to me because he needs ladies' advice on the matter. I got it very

How long can YOU go without sleep?

Sleep deprivation? I woke up this morning with a banging head ache, and then my husband tells me that my eyes look like I did not sleep

Living With Noise Pollution In My Neighborhood

The noise from the church behind my house was again as loud as usual, I opened my eyes, got down from the

Hubby Selects My Obituary Pictures

How do I read my husband's thoughts? I need help!people tell me that I look like some one they can trust. I

Tolerating And Surviving Sleep Deprivation While Raising Kids

I am trying to find out what mothers can actually do about sleep deprivation.
Sometimes, I ask myself, when last did I hit the bed and just lie there sleeping till morning? because like I said in my post on "kids leaving adults bedroom for good" I realised that often times, it is not the kids who come disturbing my sleep. I still have this habit of checking on them, trying to see that they are still properly covered,  sometimes adjusting their heads on the pillows and other  times raising one or both legs from the floor, or dangling positions and placing them back on their beds. 

What really keeps me very happy with all the sleep deprivation is the fact that I keep reminding myself that this is the only opportunity that I have to do all these for them. In a "a few" years they are all gone.   

When kids leave for college, they are gone. After college is not the time to "loose sleep" over a child.
All the long years of sleep deprivation will surely be regained,…

At what age should kids leave "adult" bedrooms for good?

I woke up this morning to see my four year old baby girl snuggled like packed sardines in between her dad and I.
It is actually not the first time she is doing this, however, she always finds excuses for sneaking in sometimes, and

How I fall asleep with ease and comfort!

sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee) After a hard days's work, everyone looks forward to hitting the bed  at night and falling asleep right? Going to sleep can be really difficult for me sometimes. No matter how hard I try, my brain just refuses to shut down.
Even with eyes closed, the mind or... is it the brain? whatever it is I do not know. It just refuses to