Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Professional Boxer bit his girlfriend's nose & punched at her face after he got jealous during a threesome

A well built former professional boxer allowed jealousy push him into assaulting his girlfriend after they arrange a threesome with another man. John Hughes went out to buy drinks for the three-way but when he got back the other man, known only as Jimmy, had already started with foreplay. He punched his girlfriend in the face, bit her on the nose then stamped on her head before storming out and sending her a text message calling her a slag. Hughes pleaded guilty to ABH at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, following the attack in Altrincham and was jailed for 20 months. Prosecutor Robert Elias said police were called at around 5am on July 18 and they found her with cuts and bruises to her face. He said the couple wanted to ‘spice up their relationship’ so he suggested that they have a threesome. At first reluctant, she eventually agreed and he encouraged her to have
sex with his friend Jimmy. He said that he would go to buy drinks and that Jimmy would be around at any moment.

 Mr Elias said: ‘But after the defendant left the house Jimmy came round and he asked her about her previous sexual encounters. Jimmy then asked her for oral sex but she told him she didn’t want to – she wanted to wait for the defendant to return.’ Jimmy carried out a sex act anyway and Hughes walked through the door. Mr Elias said: ‘The defendant lost his mind and started to threaten her. He was angry and obsessive. ‘He punched her in the fact and asking her what happened and he continued to punch her three to four timesin the face and head. She put her hands up to protect her face and he punched her in the head. He bit her on the nose. He punched her that hard that she fell to the floor. He stamped on her head. She ran outside and asked him to calm himself down.

 ‘He left the house and texted her the next day calling her a slag. Hypothetically he could have simply asked the friend to leave, but instead he took this out on her. It was a sustained and repeated assault.’ In mitigation for Hughes, defence counsel Michael Brady said: ‘He was a semi-professional boxer during his high school years and a well built man. He is very ashamed of himself. given she is happy to remain in the relationship.’ Judge Bernadette Baxter told Hughes ‘You had lost your mind when you saw what this other man was doing and you blamed your partner for his sexual act.

 ‘You thought that was her fault and you set about her in a pitiless way punching her repeatedly and used your teeth as a weapon, biting her nose. You were stamping on her head and kicking her. ‘This lady is a vulnerable woman. You were supposed to take care of her and protect her but instead you were corrosive and violent. I don’t think that she understands that she needs to be protected and keep herself away from you.’. The court heard the couple have since reunited.

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