Thursday, November 16, 2017

A little alcohol could be good for breastfed babies - Australian Study Reveals

As a nursing mum, did you know that you can have an occasional alcoholic beverage? Yes! A new study reveals that a little alcoholic wine from time to time is not dangerous for the baby. Afterall, most Nigerian new mums drink palm wine to boost breast milk production. Well, New mothers may be able to start drinking again sooner than they
thought, with new research suggesting a little bit of alcohol can actually be good for breastfed babies.
The Australian study, run by Deakin University researcher Delyse Hutchinson, found that babies suckled by women who drank in moderation actually had “more favourable results for personal-social development”.
A number of babies were monitored until their first birthday and compared to babies whose mothers abstained from alcohol.
More than 60 percent of mothers said they had drunk alcohol eight weeks after giving birth, the study found, and 70 percent said they’d started drinking within 12 months.
The majority of those who drank did so in moderation – less than 14 drinks a week and less than three in one sitting. They also reported using various strategies, such as making sure enough time passed between their drinking and feeding their child.
The safest way for women to drink was right after feeding their baby, the study reported.
In most cases the child’s development was completely unaffected by the drinking at eight to 12 weeks. The positive effect of the mum’s behaviours on their child’s social development may not be so much about the alcohol as it is about them being in more social environments, the study suggested.
The children’s social advantage appears to have been positively influenced by mum’s who headed out for a drink and spent time in social situations with the baby.


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  1. A little alcohol actually makes it into your breastmilk.


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