Omoni Oboli shuts down rumour mongers (Uche Jumbo's marriage still intact)

Recall that a short while ago, there were media rumors flying about that the 5-year-old marriage of Nollywood actress Uche Jombo had collapsed after photos of her husband and a younger woman leaked to the press.
Please do not believe everything you hear as it seems that rumour is not true...

Uche who has been working with Glo touring and keeping busy is on her way to meet her husband Kenny Rodriguez  and son in the US to spend the summer. Her bestie,Omoni has announced it for you all to stop spreading talks that the Marriage has crashed....#friendsupportingeachother.

Insiders confirmed that those leaked photos were of Uche's hubby and his ex who is presently with someone else and they have a child together.
 God bless Omoni for setting the records straight... That's what friends are for!

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