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cocotte oeuf - Egg Casserole By Omalicha AKA Chizzy


Nutritious Egg Casserole (oeuf cocotte)
 "Cocotte oeuf" is the french translation for "egg casserole" . This particular dish is a figment of my very active imagination. It's one of the tastiest and easiest things I made this year, you better bookmark it *wink*.feel free to alter this recipe,you can
add and subtract as you like. Don't forget that cooking is an art,so there are no rules..don't be afraid of experimenting! #YOLO#

Eggs. »12

tomatoes. »6 small ones

pepper. »Just enough

onion. »2 medium bulbs

vegetable oil. »3cooking spoons

cabbage. »1 small head

sardines. »2 tins

carrot. »5

green pepper. »2 medium sized

seasoning cubes

salt to taste

• Wash and arrange everything you need.

In a dry pot,add two cooking spoons of oil and when hot add your onion,pepper and tomatoes. stir fry until its thoroughly fried and u can see your oil at the at the top of the pot (above the pepper,etc)

Beat your eggs and season properly. Beat until its foaming. add to the pot. Do not stir,until it appears "caked"

use a frying spoon and scoop from bottom to top,to avoid burning.repeat this process till it scrambles.add little water,check for seasoning and leave to cook for 5mins.when cooked,turn of heat. Add your sardines.

In a dry pan,add one cooking spoon of oil.when hot add carrot,runner beans nd green pepper.stir fry.

after 1minute,add your cabbage and keep stirring.

do not overcook. immediately ur cabbage reduces in size,(cabbage always reduces in size when exposed to heat)turn of heat.

Add your vegetables to your egg sauce.mix properly. You can put this back on heat if you feel like,but after I mixed,I just coverd the pot,and the steam did it for me.

pepper, onion and tomato



Stir frying onion

Just added ground fresh pepper, tomato while stir frying

Adding whisked eggs to stir fried pepper, onion and tomato 
Eggs fry with other ingredients until egg is caked

eggs cake, ready to be scrambled

 Eggs and veggies are ready for fish


Adding sardines to the eggs and vegetables

 sauteed carrots, runner beans and seasoning

Your Egg Casserole is ready


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    So whr is the end result? This post looks confused and incomplete. After caking the egg, did u add water to it again before adding sardines and veges? And please you seem to use excess pepper. Too much of everything is not good for your health

    1. Anonymous1:39 PM

      haba see beef o!

    2. Anonymous1:54 PM

      I wonder why Eya would post it in the first place incomplete. So unproffessional

    3. BeeCee2:00 PM

      Anon Professional I hail o. A little patience won't kill you. When I see incomplete pics on this blog I just know it must be oiur yeye MTN Network giving Aunty Eya stress and by the time I check back later, tadaaa the pics are all showing.

      What is professional about being an anonymous? SMH4U

    4. Anonymous2:02 PM

      What do you mean end result? See the plate of egg and vegetable there oya chop am.

  2. Awesome Mum12:39 PM

    Thanks Oma, This is exactly what my palette is craving for. Quick question Chizzy, can it be served with boiled rice?

    1. •Omalicha•10:14 PM

      Yes it can,you are most welcome.

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Yummilicious zangena. I wd like to wrap this in pancake rolls, hope it turns out good o.

  4. Omalicha baby sampete, This is correct cooking abeg not garri for morning, amala in the afternoon and pounded yam for dinner :(

  5. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Bookmarked for weekend. Dank u.

  6. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Yes,it can b serve with white rice or boiled yam! Nice one. Wat can I do 2 reduce belly fat and is der any good skills aqusistion centre in abuja dat close to town?

  7. Anonymous5:58 PM

    This blog nor go kill person wit food ohhhh.dis is lovely will sure give it try

  8. Anonymous6:46 PM

    MUST give dis a try!!!

  9. Wooooowwwww! Omalicha this looks yummy. But 12eggs hmmmmnn after eating this is Straight to gym oh! What type of sardine did you use, can't remember when last I saw this amount of fish in one container.

  10. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Can corn beef be used instead of sardine?,can one also add sweet corn?

  11. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Who is that person with so much beef, am convined that u can't even boil rice,it written there for u to add nd subtract ur ingredient so wht is ur problem,if u don't like pepper u add little.

    1. God bless u dearie for u reply

  12. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Hi Everyone, I've been noticing this common mistake amongst food posters of this blog. Please, you can't prepare food in a pot/frying pan and call it a casserole, casserole dishes are prepared in a casserole and mostly in an oven. Kindly google what a casserole is and make necessary correction.
    P/s; eggs are scrambled on low heat. This food up there is egg stew/sauce with vegetables.

    1. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. No be only me this thing dey worry

    2. Anonymous11:56 AM

      Casserole teacher, oya show us your own recipe first.

    3. Idafurosiya madam fake name, where is your own? You that can't boil ordinary yam to save your ass.
      Beefing teacher, Oma baby sampete carry go jare

      Bookmarked for Saturday lunch.

    4. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Dear anon 11:56, it's not about who brings recipes here, but atleast if you want to, do it right.
      @angel you're just an idiot for this comment. I don't know why people find it difficult to take simple corrections.
      Please, cooking is not a problem to me, I'm well versed in that area and if you're burnt that Furo is my name, you can give it to your child. Rubbish.

    5. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Ure vry ryt!its egg stew

  13. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Eggs and cabbage in the same meal??? Your intestines will explode with gas?

    1. Mrs Dayo12:16 PM

      Hahaha naija local scientist and lab technician.
      Before Omalicha posted this, I cooked something similar for hubby and kids and no one farted or complained. Go sell your market elsewhere you hear?
      No buyers for you o.

  14. I love this. Sounds nutritious especially for kids.
    Thank you Aunty Eya and Omalicha

  15. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Yummy, yummy, yummy

  16. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Please my own question is different. What brand of sardines did you use? Look at the plenty sardine inside the tin meanwhile when i buy Titus at N130, i see 2 miserable sardines. Kindly answer. Thanks.

  17. hmmmm. i keep coming back 2 dis page.

  18. And I came back again 2day. Choi. I must prepare it dis weekend. #habatically


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