The Other Mans Wife Called And Warned My Wife To Keep Away From Her Husband

I Saw wives connection page open on a colleagues system during work break, checked it out and got super glued since then. I enjoy reading advice here because people are so sincere and forward.  Here is my problem. Almost a year ago, my wife fell in love with another man. I don't know where or how they met but It started out with texting and flirting. This escalated to texting daily even while I am home. I remember a rainy day in July, she asked me to stay home with our two children while she

Confused Two-Time-Bride To Be

If I say that this platform has not made me an intercontinental cook in my husband's house,know you that am the worst liar on earth, this blog has made me the best cook in my home,in fact ,other wives and sisters in-law can't even see my brakes light,all thanks to wives connection oo, Aunty Eya please am writing this on behalf of my cousin sister,she got married in 2011 and left the marriage in early 2013 with a baby girl due to domestic

You Think You Look Younger Than People Your Age? No You Do

Have you ever been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking, "surely I can't look that old.". Well . . . you'll love this one.

My name is Meena. I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist.

I noticed his BDS degree on the wall, which bore his full name.

Suddenly, I remembered a tall , handsome, dark-haired boy

How Long Should Couples Mourn Before Remarrying?

Hello  Aunty Eya, my uncle lost his wife in 2013 and up till this moment he still talks about her. We expected him to have moved on by now but each time we bring up the

So, China Had No Law Against Domestic Violence?

China passes its first law against domestic violence Everywhere one enters, their is something, a product made in China. Who would have thunk that up till 2015, Almighty China had no law against domestic violence. I know how company workers live like dormitory students and work like slaves but NEver thought China had no law in place to stop domestic violence. This picture just spoiled my morning.

So Many Dumb Ways To Die; Reckless Mum dangles two babies and a toddler on a motorbike

Reckless mum dangles two babies and toddler on a motorbike Frightening footage that has been shared several times showed a reckless mum dangling her three young children off a motorbike while travelling along a busy road in Colombia.
The mother holds a youngster in each arm while the other child is sat squashed between its

How Does A Married Man Manage To Sleep Overnight At A Different Place Atleast Once Every Week?

Merry Christmas Aunty Eya, I just found  wives connection and I have a question for you wives on there, please take out my details before posting. I am a 22 year old student in one of the best Unis in Nigeria. Ok, I met and fell in love with this rich generous guy before discovering he is married. I can't leave him now but will definitely do so after my studies, I'm in my 300 levels. I am not here to

Top 30 Blog Posts Of 2015 - Most Read

Wives connection most read posts of 2015 all have something in common.  Can you see it? I'll add links so we check them out again. The shea butter and baby skin post is number one, it is the most read post on wives connection this 2015. It receives  heavy hits everyday from January right till December.  There was no day the she a butter post was not read by many mums I guess.  Ok, so I'll start linking from the highest to the high.
1. Is shea butter good for baby skin?

2. Pictures: How to Prepare Soya Beans Powder  For Infants By Peach
3. Can a pregnant woman take moringa?
4. Nigerian food recipes 
5. Why you desperately need moringa tea
6. Nigerian meals suited for a pregnant palate
7. How to cook nutritious afang okazi vegetable soup
8. Excessive farting after giving birth to my baby
9. How to cook Nigerian white soup

Yoruba Introduction Ceremony How To

Hi Eya, I  am a Yoruba properly married woman. I read an old wives connection post where the poster asked how Yoruba Marriage Introduction is carried out, but could not post my comment. In the Yoruba culture, an introduction is held so both families can meet officially. 
Yoruba Introduction Ceremony used to be an affair of just close

Happy Sunday. Hope You Had A Joyous Tiring Christmas?


Why I Don't Like Christmas

Good morning Aunty Eya, my family is so broken I could not travel home for Christmas because it's more fun just staying here all alone. My fellow corpers all travelled to meet with families for Christmas. Why would I  go home

I Want To Be A Donor To Help Single Parents

Hello ma, can you please help me, I want to be sperm donor by helping single moms, and other couples become parent by putting joy on their faces. Am a tall dark young man and am in my early

Male Prostitute 27, Charged With Murder For Strangling Married Father-Of-Two In A Hotel Room

Manuel Baez, 27, is being charged with the murder of Dr. Howard Baker, 75, who was found killed inside his room at the Rodeway Inn on Monday afternoon, police said.
Baker, who was married with two adult sons, was found naked on the floor with a belt

I Almost Want to Tell His Wife

Hello  Aunty  Eya, please help me post this anonymously. I am the other woman but honestly I didn't know he was married.We ended things. I am completely devastated. I'm so

Merry Christmas From My Family To Wives Connection Family

May this season bring joy to you and your family as you

Sharing My Best Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas Aunty Eya, I am very happy this Christmas and would like if you can do a post where we get to share our most memorable Christmas experiences this season. I go first: Christmas was always a big thing for us. When I was about five, our parents started putting the tree up in mine and my sister's room. We'd keep the lights on for hours or until my parents went to bed. When we first moved into our own house, I was only three and my parents still had my toys for some reason. My dad would fill our rooms with balloons on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day me and My sister would spend the morning playing with the balloons.  Christmas lunch and  dinner was always a mix of South African and traditional Christmas food. Still

Promoting Tolerance In The World, Shouldn't Both Sides Adjust?

Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb. The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval, has refused, and the town clerk sent a note to all parents to explain why...

35 Nigerian Christmas Recipes To Try This Christmas And New Year 2016

You can find your favourite Christmas and new year recipes on these food collages.  What's your favourite Nigerian Christmas Recipes?  If it's not here, let me know and I'll give you a link to find it. From these images,  I'll
link only the ones that I  think Nigerians love to serve and enjoy at Christmas and New  Year. Try any recipe here and watch your guests luck fingers and plates.
1. Jollof rice and beans with carrots 
2. Pan grilled fish dinner with rice
3. King prawn fried rice by Lizzy Obaze
4. Rice and baked beans stew
5.  Fried rice by Sisi Yemmie
6. Vegetable fish sauce with rice

7. Titus fish stew
8. Fried rice mix in the making.
To follow step by step cooking of all these rice delicacies, from number one to 8, click on all ricerecipes and some more rice recipes and much more rice recipes

Can A Pregnant Woman Eat Nigerian pepper soup, Bitter leaf, Ugu and Hot Leaf?

Good morning Aunty Eya. God bless you for this forum. Please ma, this is my first pregnancy and I don't want to make mistakes eating the wrong foods.  I crave pepper soup daily  and now am scared the hot pepper in there

My Story. The Circle Is Repeating Itself

Hello Aunty Eya, I came across your blog while I was in a desperate chat. I'm 24rs old. I have a 3yr old baby from years back. The man flew immediately he knew I was pregnant, I

Buy Toyota Cheap With

The Japanese corporation has earned the status of one of the best car manufacturers in the world, and it isn’t surprising. Toyota produces cars people dream of. They offer the highest quality of materials used for production and the highest level of service. Every model is thoroughly (and globally) tested. The company is always working on the development of new technologies and finding new solutions, as they take care not only of drivers and clients but of the environment as well. Buying a Toyota car isn’t different – you can find it

I Cheated On My Wife, She Has Moved Out But I Desperately Need Her Back ,Please Help

Good evening Madam Eya, I'm a male reader of wives connection that needs urgent help to save my marriage. I know I have sinned against God Almighty and my dear wife. 8 months after I met my wife, we got married and had the sweetest relationship ever...however, when our baby arrived, she became the most attentive and amazing mother even forgetting me sometimes and i acted like a spoilt

He Said He Was Going To Leave His Wife For Me

Ok Aunty Eya, this may be a long story, but because it's anonoymous I have to tell sum1. I was raped when I was 14yrs old. After that I got into a relationship with a female. I'm 22 yrs old now & 2 yrs ago I met a man that  fell in love with. He told me that he loved me & that he was going to leave his wife. He helped me forget about my ex-girlfriend who had jus broken up with me. I really didnt mean to sleep with him. I just got caught up in the moment. At the time I knew he was married, but as I mentioned he said he

I Have Not Been In Love With My Husband For At Least 8 Years

Hello Aunty Eya, how are you, your family and your cute Chairman. I found this blog in 2014 and became extremely addicted. Now it's something I can pass the day without doing. I love all the comments I have not been in love with my husband for at least 8 years (since about our 2nd year in marriage). I love him, but the love has morphed into a more brotherly-type love. I'm not attracted or connected to him anymore. And we've been in financial crisis for a few years, so that hasn't helped matters. Especially when he is largely responsible for it. Things have just been really bad for the past few weeks. I've gotten to where I don't even want to be around him. And of course he asked me what was wrong with me. So I told him. I told him that I

An Argumentative Husband; I use the silent Attitude to Avoid Getting More Angry

Madam Eya.I read in your blog about a South African lady in a 3years relationship with a Nigerian guy.Her question about the guys silent attitude whenever his angry brought me to this.Please am a silent type when am angry too.I have a husband who will get me angry and in the midst of the anger,for us to talk about it,he will start arguing,telling you why what he did is right,that he did

Another Method Of Wrapping agidi jollof, Who Knows?

Agidi Jollof With Coconut Cream Powder And Biscuit Bones, wrapped with broad leaves

My Husband Wants To End Our Marriage

Hello Eya,  please hide my email. I lov ur blog. I found it while searching for sumthin in google. My stories goes like this, i married 3yrs ago and i ve been experiencing problems in my marriage. My hubby told he was still in sch a month to my wedding, we dated for one yr and he hid it from me. He was doing bisness wen i met him. My hubby took ill and he spent so much on d illness hence there was no money to renew the rent. My hubby moved me to his parents house. He claimed his parents want to monitor his health. I looked for sumthin small to do while i was wit d parents. I had two miscarriages. I kept praying for my husband health bcos new sickness kept coming up caused by the previous ones. I was determined and believed he wont die. I got pregnant d third time and my hubby told his parents wen i was 3months, everyone was happy bcos dis pregnancy advanced. Buh one day i had sleepless night that caused some mental misbehaviours.

 My inlaws became worried.This sleepless night also made…

12 Delicious Finger Licking Nigerian Recipes To Cook, pick one


While In Labour, He Is Breaking Up With Me At The Hospital

Good evening  Aunty Eya,  I want to ask for advise on the blog but am not a good writer. I just found this story on bossip and there a so many similar things about my case, any advise given by blog visitors will help me too but I  Kw you might not post it because I read a comment last week where you warned a poster that she or he copied a story and shouldn't do that again. I  am not a copier and not a good writer too. Please help me, pity me by posting this story. I need advise please Aunty Eya. I am 22 years old with a one year old son with a man, or should I say boy, who’s betrayed me in every way. We’ve been neighbors all our lives, even had sleepovers in my house when we were kids. We didn’t speak to each other besides a “Hi,” and head nod for years because our mothers HATED each other. But, more than 2 years ago, because of my brothers, we started to hang out with each other. I was in another relationship at the time with someone who was cheating on me, so I cheated on him. B…

Why Am I Pregnant While Still A Virgin?

These mails from young, Pregnant virgin ladies asking me if it's possible to get pregnant without being disvirgined. I've always sent private replies without posting but I'm getting a bit worried and just thought to post this because they are becoming a bit more frequent. I always replied that fertilisation can take place if seen gets to the egg even without penetrative something. There was one lady that won't believe and kept asking more questions and finally I told her that if there was any foreplay around the veejayjay, even around the stomach, navel or thigh area, it's possible to get pregnant because semen is like liquid and can flow down without notice,  and once it touches the uvula, a little can escape in there and fertilise the baby to be egg and voila you are pregnant as a virgin.
Here is the short mail below :

He Controls Me Like A Toy, Says Will Poison Me If I Cheat On Him

Good morning aunty Eya. God bless u for this wonderful blog, u 've
really helped lives. please I need to knw if I'm doing the right thing
with this guy. I met him last two yrs nd things was quiet well but we
agreed on one particular thing, No Sex. He tried to rape me once but
didn't succeed nd said he was sorry, dat he didn't mean to, it
happened cos of the way I kissed him or something like dat then he

Love Your New Mom Even More Than You Love Me

Mummy’s boy, you are now a man. Tomorrow you will have a new mother, a new cook and a new person to share all your secrets with. It will no longer be me but her. Love your new mum even more than you love me. Before you walk into her arms forever, let me give you some words to guide you.
There was a day I was arguing with your father. We were

Third Mainland Bridge Death Trap: Lagosians be careful



I have always noticed a portion of land at the right hand side of the road with two big gates imme   diately you descend the THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE going towards Adekunle but I have never really  thought it could be a hide out for the MEN of the UNDERWORLD but  last week Friday I came in direct contact with them.

On my way home from work I took a bus from Obalende to

The 10 Most Common Causes Of Divorce And How You Can Prevent It

The most common reasonspeople give for theirdivorceare: 1. Infidelity: Can be forgiven and fixed 2. Abuse: can be fixed 3. Lack of commitment: can be fixed  4. Too much argument: can be fixed 5. Inability to resolve conflict: can be fixed when a couple listens to each other and not just one doing

I Discovered Am Pregnant 2 Months After My Husband's Passing, Now His Friend Wants To Date, Should I tell Him About The Pregnancy?

Hi Aunty Eya, your blog has been a blessing to my family even before my husband passed on. I have learnt to cook some nice meals from your blog. Thank you. To the blog visitors too who have taught me so much with  their words of advice, thanks a zillion. My husband passed a few months back, he was ill. Two months after, I discovered pregnancy. Now am six months gone but not showing at all. I

He Keeps Throwing Money At Me When All I Want Is A Cuddle

Hello wives connection, I have been with my partner for 3 years and i decided i have had enough of the endless begging and pleading for scraps of affection. i am 34 female and not bad looking. he is such a cold person! i

Men In Heels, Did You Meet These? If Not, You Are A Small Pikin

If men were to wear heels like ladies,  they'll  just beat us to it. Don't you just live the confidence and attitude.  Walking

I Love My Wife But Still Dream Of My Long Gone Ex Girlfriend Who Is Now Married With Children

Happy weekend Aunty Eya, thanks and God bless you for the things we learn daily in wives  connection blog. I thought by now, things would have naturally resolved themselves but these thoughts and dreams keep coming against my wish.
I've been married for 6 years and with my wife for a total of 8 years but on and off throughout our relationship. I keep

She Is ONE Of My Favourite Authors

Maya Angelou is one of my favourite authors. I enjoy reading her books, I enjoy listening to her voice. Her whole life from childhood to adulthood to death is so inspirational. Her voice to me is heavenly especially when she reads her poems. I have read some of her books and can trade my lunch and dinner for a Maya Angelou book. 
I saw my daughter reading "a song flung up to heaven " after a

Celebrating My 16th Wedding Anniversary With Sadness

Hi Sis, thanks so much for your blog. I read it everyday. And am so inspired and refreshed at all times.
Today is supposedly my 16 yrs marriage anniversary but am Sad. So so sad. I got  married at age 18 and 11 months, to a guy dats 20yrs older than me not because I was forced to but it was my destiny. I gave all into my marriage, friends, School, my youth, my thoughts, emotions etc. everything to make sure my marriage work.
Am a born again Christian, love God with all my heart  and do my best to serve him in Truth and Spirit. Love my hub so much that I could die for him.
Am d type dat can manage no matter d situation, am not into flashy thing but don't mind having d

His Libido Has Disappeared? Does That Happen?

Hello Aunty Eya, I am an ardent reader of wives connection that needs you to post  a little something for me. I need other people's opinion about what to do after four years of hot water in my veejay. Yes I splash in some warm water to calm the urges and it works temporarily. I have been married 6 years but we've been a couple nearly 8 years. Sex was always fine but since marrying it has fizzled out and last time we made love was nearly 4 years ago. The difference is it's my husband whose sex drive has completely disappeared. (I am tempted to have an affair) I am consumed with frustration, anger, self-

Christmas Giveaway By Regal Touch Jewellery

Would you like to own any of these beautiful jewellery items these Christmas?  Would you like to  celebrate the merry season in one of these gorgeous pieces of jewellery?

Recipe To Cook This Weekend Is Nigerian Fried Rice By Iyabo Lawani

If you didn't watch Maggi family menu, back then in our days, then you are still a small pikin oh. Remember Iyabo Lawani that cooked those meals

Giving Birth In America, Any Blog Reader With Experience Or Tips Please?

Travelling To Give Birth In The USA.Good morning Aunty Eya, thank you for this wonderful platform that helps us share info f learn right from our bedrooms.  I am an ardent reader who started following wives connection right from inception.  This is my first post on the blog however.  Can you do me a favour?  I need info about giving birth in America. See Aunty Eya, my family has done the American green card lottery thing for over 10

A Northern Sister Shares Bdroom Tips To Help Revive Ailing Marriages

So, after reading the post and several posts on married women cheating in their homes, i pondered so much on it and it's glaring that this trend may keep increasing, one of the major factors is lack of sexual satisfaction. Many married women are suffering from this both those that are cheating and those that are not cheating, moreover the single ladies can also learn from this so as to get ready for their marital bed when the time comes. For the purpose of easy understanding i will divide this post into 3 sections, f you have any question about anything or contribution you can drop it in the

Another Pregnancy 4 Months After CS, Please Help

Aunty Eya please help me. I don't know what to do. Don't even know how to inform hubby because he insisted I go for family planning but fear and stubbornness won't let me. After birth, the Doctors advised that I wait at least one year before getting pregnant again. I don't know how this happened. I

My Baby Cannot Pass Stool Easily, Her Stool Is Hard. Any Tips Please?


How Do I Control Pregnancy Weight Gain?

Good morning Aunty Eya, please help me post this question for blog visitors. I don't feel good about myself because my husband doesn't like fat women and my weight is almost double now in my

Can You Spot The Deer?

At first glance the picture shows a remote rocky outcrop in rural South Africa.  But when you look closer you might just make out the

My Favourite Things This Christmas; NHN COUTURE Is One

What would you do if you received a Christmas hamper including all the these? I hear her prices are very