Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mass burial of 73 Benue herdsmen attack victims, happening now (photos)

  The mass burial for the 73 victims of the Benue Herdsmen attack that took place in Logo and Guma local government areas of the state on January 1st and January 6th respectively, is taking place at the moment.

The bodies of the victims are being buried at a site at the Industrial Layout, along Naka Road, Makurdi, the state capital.
On Monday, The State Government announced a

Atiku Abubakar’s son loses custody of his two children

 UPDATE: The custody fight between Aminu Atiku, former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar’s son and his ex-wife, Fatima Bolori, has taken another turn, as she has just been granted custody of his two children.

Delivering his judgement on the custody battle between Aminu Abubakar and his ex-wife Fatima Bolori which has been on since their separation, Chief Magistrate K.B Ayeye ruled that the children Amirah Atiku, 8, and Aminu Atiku, 7, should be with their mother.
Recall that the couple who got married in 2007 and broke up in 2011, had a dirty fight at their daughter’s school in 2017, with Fatima Bolori accusing Atiku Abubakar’s wife, Titi Abubakar of instigating the bitter faceoff.
As the story goes, after their breakup, Aminu went with their daughter, Amirah Atiku. Consequently, Fatima Bolori filed a suit for the custody of her daughter as

New Coca-Cola with Laxative to make you poop — People Are Actually Drinking It

oh well, Coca-Cola has unveiled a new product, Coca-Cola Plus.
The ‘plus’ is that it makes you poop. It’s infused with a laxative.
We should probably mention that it’s currently only available in Japan.
 According to The Wall Street Journal, the fizzy drink contains a high-fiber substance called indigestible dextrin, which increases the body’s ability to remove waste. As a press release from Coca-Cola explains, the beverage is designed “help suppress fat absorption and help moderate the levels of triglycerides in the blood.”
The Japanese government last year gave the no-calorie beverage a gold label certifying it under the Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) designation. Each product in this category, which accounts for $6 billion in sales each year, is characterized as having a particular health benefit. Coca-Cola Plus is the nation’s third “healthy” cola.
But some people think the healthy label is inappropriate. Michicko Kamiyama, a lawyer for Food Safety Citizens’ Watch, is concerned about the government endorsing sodas as healthful.
“If you have a well-balanced diet and do an appropriate amount of exercise then you don’t need them,” the 77-year-old told The Wall Street Journal. “I personally think it is totally ineffective.”
On the other hand, Tominaga Ozawa drinks the pop at least once a week after finishing 18 holes of golf. Even though he has his doubts, he thinks “it’s good.” But the 70-year-old prefers to drink in private, because “in Japan, your image can suffer if you say you drink cola,” he told the paper.
As far as side effects go, Seiji Miyata says to go easy on the guzzling.
“The only caveat we have is that if you drink too much — it is in there, that you may have loose bowels from overconsumption,” the 54-year-old art director told the paper.
Maybe We just going to stick with water.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Prince Harry’s betrothed, Meghan Markle deletes all social media accounts

After deleting her personal blog in April last year,Meghan Markle who will become part of the British Royal Family in May, 2018 has finally deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts.
For someone who was very active on social media, it must be a real sacrifice following her engagement to Prince Harry.
The palace said the former actress and UN ambassador was

Man kicks the bucket in Katsina after bulletproof charm fails

In this day and age... A 27-year-old man identified as Aliyu Yahuza has died after a bulletproof charm he got from a native medicine seller in Katsina State, failed to work.
Reports are that the young man died while