Mum who lost her boyfriend while pregnant, asked to provide DNA evidence before his name can appear on baby's birth certificate

A new mum whose boyfriend died suddenly in his sleep while she was pregnant has been told she must produce DNA evidence before his name can appear on her daughter's birth certificate. Samantha Thomson was stunned to discover Matt Vergo was not listed as baby Thea's father because the couple were not

‘Yes I am gay, live your life to please yourself not anybody... I will go to hell fire’ – Bobrisky officially comes out of the closet!

Nigerian cross dresser, bleaching cream business mogul and snapchat king Bobrisky has officially come out of the closet after too many suspicions, allegations and accusations. This is coming after he was slammed  two days ago for saying he squirts for his bae. In a post he hurriedly deleted, he wrote thus...

Pregnant Kylie Jenner shows off her bump for the first time (Photos)

20-year-old business mogul and Reality TV Personality Kylie Jenner, whose pregnancy came as a surprise to everyone including transgender dad, Bruce Jenner, has been spotted for the first time with very little effort to hide her pregnancy which she had before now hidden in big clothes. Kylie Jenner was was spotted boarding a private jet for Kris Jenner’s

Rachel Oniga regrets not settling her marital issues before her husband passed - "With what my ex-husband did to me, you expect me to trust men again?" She laments while talking about her failed marriege

Talking about what led to the collapse of her marriage, regrets and what she did when he passed on, Veteran actress Rachael Oniga opens up to Punch baring it all out in all sincerity...
My first born, Olamide, was four years old when I left my marriage. I had to put them all in boarding schools. That is one of the most painful things I have had to do. Whenever I

Hushpuppi cries bitterly during surgery because his surgical gown not branded Gucci (photos)

Flamboyant Gucci shopper, Malaysian-based Ray Hushpuppi (born Igbalodely on June 14) also called “Aja Puppi” a.k.a Aja 4, underwent surgery yesterday. It was successful but Hushpuppi  cried over the fact that his surgical gown wasn’t branded Gucci . Read what he posted on Instagram story...