Ondo First Lady, Betty Akeredolu reveals what she did to survive breast cancer 20 years ago

The founder of Breast Cancer Symposium of the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria, BRECAN and First Lady of Ondo State, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, in an interview with Vanguard, narrated how she survived breast cancer 20 years ago. Here’s her story;
‘I survived breast cancer about 20 years ago. It all started in 1997 when I was diagnosed. Before then, I didn’t know anyone who had that experience and the little information I got was from the international media. On that fateful morning when I felt something in my breast, of course, my mind raced to breast cancer because it was where such a disease was located. I was scared and didn’t know what to do; it happened when I was resting at home during my annual leave. It got me thinking that if this happened to be breast cancer, what was I going to do at that age? I was 42 or 43 and I had little children. What would become of those children? I kept the discovery to myself for almost one week’. She continued to say, ‘my baby was just four years’ …

Dress to kill him at home, not outsiders, not house uniform everyday

DRESS TO KILL YOUR MAN AND NOT OUTSIDERS. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE GOING OUT BEFORE CARING ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK! Let him return from work and meet you looking sweet and refreshed.  Ok, you as a woman, when your husband dresses well and looks good, don't you feel something? When your husband is very careless and unkempt with his looks, do you like it? Not to talk of men that are well wired to be moved by what their eyes see whether at home or abroad. See, It's very easy for very busy mums especially full time housewives to start depending on robes,  boubou,  big gowns and all kinds of lose and free clothing because that's what keeps you comfortable considering you are not going to any office or attending an event. Eventually that daily same look becomes a lifestyle. 

Sharon O, in the enlightening post below, encourages women too look their best even at home.  A lot of women have lost their homes because they did not pay attention to their looks, they got so carried away with ca…

Plus-sized-Bride shares her inspirational story on self love - "I've lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight, and gained more weight. I've fought with self love"

These Photos of newly wed couple, Mr and Mrs Thomas have been trending on Instagram for hours now for obvious reasons.  The excited bride has this to say about her life in general, meeting prince charming and getting married...
Nearly two years ago he sat me down and said, "I want to pursue you and only you" the very next day we spent the entire day together and ended up taking our very first picture.(look at them baby faces😍) Now we here🤗.
Over the past few days I've been overwhelmed by so many beautiful posts from people all over the world..I've seen beautiful, and encouraging comments...I've seen negative, degrading, and ignorant comments that can be

‘I Rebelled Against God And Got Pregnant At 16 – Hilda Dokubo

Veteran Actress Hilda Dokubo, dropped a shocking revelation about how life turned up for her while growing up, during a ministerial event at the Fresh Oil International Church. “I was born with a silver spoon but death turned me poverty stricken after my father died when i was just nine. I turned away from God at that point because i felt disappointed that despite how much my father loved and served God, He still died.” – Hilda Dokubo “After my dad died, my mother completely lost her mind. If she were in U.S, am sure she would have been diagnosed as a mental case. You know in Nigeria, we don’t consider people mad until they have started eating from dustbin. I rebelled against God at that point and stopped going to church at the age of nine.” Hilda continued revealing how she got pregnant at 16: “However, I was a very brilliant girl and I got admission into the University at the age of 16. I became rascal and did what girls like that

How to cook moi moi with whole coconuts

I shared a moi moi recipe cooked with coconut milk instead of water here, a couple months back. Today, I'm cooking this delicious moi moi with whole coconuts not just the milk o. Coconuts are in season now and less expensive, we'll make the best of the season, load our bodies with all the cocogoodness. No oil added but you can add if you like. The bottle of oil in the pic is because I initially planned to stir-fry the onion, pepper and crayfish before adding, but later CHANGED my mind. These broad moi moi leaves have been preserved for 3 months and they still very fresh. *TO QUICK-WASH BEANS; Rinse and run in the food processor for just 10 seconds, Add water and filter out the skin, rinse out all the skin in seconds and your beans is clean and ready. INGREDIENTS:
2 cups beans
1 medium sized coconut
1 cup water for blending (To start with, you may need more)
1 large onion
1 tablespoon ground crayfish because coconut loves cray
Boiled eggs
Salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes
Broad leav…

How To Roast Groundnut In A Fry Pan Without Using Sand

Here are three simple methods of making Nigerian roasted groundnut/fried groundnut. Roast groundnuts are a great snack any day, for roast groundnut lovers, one week doesn't go by without cravings for this delicious, nutritious snack. They taste really great if done the proper way and well salted. Here in Nigeria, There are two methods of roasting or frying groundnut also known as peanuts. There

Mercy Johnson was a house help; Patoranking sold rat poison; Banky W was a sales boy - 10 Nigerians celebrities and the jobs they did before fame

There is a story behind every glory! Looking at the glamorous lifestyles celebrities live, one would think they were all born with silver spoons and have never tasted suffering. Most have been where you are today, have seen the hard life first hand and can soak garri without sugar. Here NET chronicles ten Nigerian celebrities and the weird jobs they did before fame came along.

1. Mr Ibu was a butcher and a hair stylist
John Okafor wasn’t always a comic act that made everybody laugh (Although a trained attorney). At a point in

Women, Men and others come after teen mom for sharing photos of her vagina reconstructive surgery procedure with most asking why the job after just one baby?

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham has shared photos from her vaginal rejuvenation procedure on social media.
Farrah has however come under major attack from fans for sharing the photos.
The 26-year-old mother-of-one, in one of the photos can be seen lying on a clinic bed, dressed in just a silver bra, while her nurse, Sara Fowler attends to her lady parts.
See some comments below...

After hours of dragging on Social Media, Megachurch Pastor Osteen finally opens door to flood victims

Joel Osteen — senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas — is finally agreeing to shelter flood victims in his massive arena-turned-church. Osteen was initially dragged on Twitter — briefly becoming a nationally trending topic on the social media platform — for not accepting flood victims despite the interior of his building being suitable for shelter. A tweet from author Charles Clymer showed the inside of

"With all that success I Felt Imprisoned, Like my happiness was stolen from me" - Nicole Scherzinger Opens Up On Battle with Bulimia

Amidst the euphoric success that came with being the lead singer of girl group PussyCat Dolls, American Recording Artist, Actress and Television Personality, Nicole Scherzinger was ravaged by a secret battle with eating disorder bulimia.
In a new interview with Cosmpoiltan, Nicole admitted her body-image issues took hold when she was just 14 and would run in the middle of the night to get 'thinner thighs'.
The 39-year, revealed her eating disorder left her feeling 'imprisoned' and 'stole' her happiness.
'I'm more accepting of my body now. I was always very critical of myself from