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Evans’ wife and children cryingImage may contain: 1 person
Sometimes, wife's don't really know much if their husbands do not want them to know. She and her kids might not be aware of his kidnapping lifestyle...
…I didn’t know he was into crime
…He took part in our daily prayers and always prayed Psalm 23
…His wealth should be sold off and given to his victims
…I didn’t know he was this rich, the highest he gave to me was N200,000
…Please, forgive him for the sake of myself and the children
Vanguard reports Below:
The call was a surprise. And in the words of our Crime Editor, Emma Nnadozie “it was shocking but revealing and even pathetic.” The caller had said “hold on for Evans’ wife.” The female voice quickly pleaded to Mr. Nnadozie to call her back as she did not have enough credit. Nnadozie returned the call from Ghana and the caller told her story.
My name is Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike, the wife of the Chikwudubem Onwuamadike who you call Evans. I am 31 years old. I got married to Evans at the age of 17 at Oraifite, Anambra state in 2004. He met me while I was coming back from lesson as a student of All Saints Secondary School, Oraifite and I was in class 6 going to take my West African Examination. After we met, I agreed to go

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lecturer reveals how his wife escaped the burning tower but died outside on the grass close to where he was anxiously waiting for her

Mr Abdullah was told by police today that the body of his wife Khadija Khalloufi (left) had been found on the grass only a short distance away from the building

He had been searching for his wife from when the fire bellowed till 6am, then police informed him that her body was found outside close to where he stood, with no single burn...
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A retired lecturer today revealed his heartbreak after his wife escaped the burning Grenfell Tower

Zookeeper places his head inside crocodile's mouth to show off how close he is with the animal but then something went wrong, croc clamps jaws shut and

A zookeeper who placed his head inside a crocodile's mouth in a stunt saw it backfire when the reptile clamped its jaws down hard on his head.
The crocodile snapped its jaws shut on the zookeeper's head before violently whirling him from side t

Mum puts her daughters up 'for sale' after lapping up milk from floor next to dogs

Watching her adorable daughters hand and foot on the floor drinking up milk with dogs,one  mum says she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Read what happened below...

Read How This Mum Saved Her Family From The Grenfell Tower Fire Outbreak that took the lives of many

A mother has spoken on how she saved her family from burning Grenfell Tower by running a bath to flood her flat. 

Natasha Elcock, 39, was trapped on the 11th floor with her six-year-old daughter and boyfriend as the blaze quickly tore through the tower block. 

After being instructed to stay inside their flat, Natasha, who works at John Lewis, decided she needed

Photos: Tonto Dikeh dresses like a man to attend her son’s Father’s Day celebration at school

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh showed up at his school dressed up as a man for father’s day celebration. She shared a video of pictures from the event and wrote;
Her estranged husband, Churchill has not been allowed access to their son since she left him. 
See more photos below…

Nigerians slam Bayowa Films for selling late Moji Olaiya’s ‘Canada To Grave’ DVD

Moji Olaiya

What the? No respect for the dead? That's the question Nigerians are asking the movie producer. Barely one month after her sudden death in Canada, Moji Olaiya‘s colleagues in the Yoruba film industry are already cashing in on her demise by selling DVD’s of her funeral. While some may argue that it’s not a bad idea. The title they chose will leave one confused as to the real intentions. Canada to Grave? The documentary’ is sold and distributed by Bayowa Films, owned by Gbenga Adewusi who was a big movie maker in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. It is therefore strange, to say the least, that very little thought went into the making of this ‘project’.
Why on earth did they think ‘Canada to Grave’ was an appropriate title? Did anyone consider the feelings of her old mother and her young daughters before throwing this out into the market? It is indecent and quite frankly, tasteless.  Why on earth?
See reactions from Nigerian below... 

Father shows off his weight loss transformation in just one year

Amazing! Everything is honestly possible. Losing all that weight in one year shows he was really committed. Must have been quite difficult, all the cravings, long throat and all. The birth of his baby really touched him, unwilling to die early and leave that cute baby fatherless in this world, he began to

Thursday, June 15, 2017

How Billionaire kidnapper’s most trusted girlfriend led police to his arrest

kidnap kingpin
Remember the story of Samson and Delilah? Something similar here. More facts emerged, yesterday, about the circumstances that led to the location of the residence of the kidnap kingpin leading to his arrest, last Saturday.Sources attributed it to an informant residing in Magodo and intelligence reports that revealed identities of his three girlfriends. It was gathered that after the Inspector-General of police deployed his

Best 6 ways to conclude your dissertation

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Best 6 ways to conclude your dissertation

 Having a good conclusion is important for any academic paper. However, when it comes to

Photos from the funeral of Omoni Oboli's Father

Actress and producer, Omoni Oboli and her siblings on Friday 2nd June laid their father to rest in their hometown Mosogar, Delta State. Below are photos from the funeral...

Chicken plantain pepper soup for new mums

 Plantain pepper soup for new moms
This is a very traditional delicacy for women who have just been delivered of babies, great to take in the first few months after delivery. Most traditional Nigerian meals for new mums are cooked with lots of pepper but without the addition of palm oil. If you were to make this on a normal day for anyoe other than a new mum, you can add some palm oil (1/4 cup). This plantain soup can be very spicy and delicious. I didn't add too much pepper here because of the baby that doesn't need to suck pepper from breast milk.


1 medium sized local chicken (Cock), dressed
1 small onion to steam the chicken
4 cups water, you can add more later
1 tablespoon ground fresh pepper
Salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes
1 small buch scent leaves
5 fingers unripe or fairly plantain ( I used unripe plantain here)