Saturday, March 18, 2017

How to cook spaghetti with minced meat and vegetables

 A serving of spaghetti cooked with minced meat and vegetables.
 Spaghetti can be boiled and served with sauces and stews, served with just cheese,beef gravy cooked jollof or even fried like fried rice. This delicious pot was cooked with minced meat, vegetables and that Nigerian thing added by the little uziza sprinkle.
Cooked in less than 20 minutes. To truly enjoy spags, cook them al-dente. Not too soft.

11/2 pack spaghetti
Minced meat (I used 1k worth, that's large pack)
3 large Tatashey (Red bell peppers)
3 small tomatoes blended together with the tatashey and some onion

1 teaspoon pepper sauce
1 large sized onion
1 seasoning cube
1/2 cup soya oil
2 cabbage leaves
2 medium sized carrots
a pinch of thyme
pinch of Rosemary.
1/2 teaspoon curry
1/2 teaspoon jollof spice
Salt to taste
I gave it that Nigerian flavour with a sprinkle of chopped uziza leaves
Water to cover the spags, you may need to add more incase pot dries before food is ready. 

Before you cook this abosolutely delicious meal, first blend the tatashey, tomatoes and half that onion, boil them till dry and set aside. Wash and chop vegetables and set aside.


Mum who hid the body of her dead baby for 11 years is in trouble, Searched the Internet for Sulphuric acid before baby's remains were found by Police

Mother hid the body of baby boy who was last seen more than a decade ago (Met Police)

 A mum covered up the death of her baby boy for 11 years until his little skeleton was found in a garden shed.
Victoria Gayle, 32, showed no trace of emotion as she was jailed for 21 months today, after

'Am preparing them for marriage' Says 45-year-old man caught sleeping with his Daughters (Photo)

A 45-Year old man of Magoye district in Zambia was yesterday reportedly caught having sex with his own biological daughter.

Enock Mweene a father to seven children was in the habit of  allegedly sleeping with his own biological daughters and nieces when they went to visit, and when caught by the wife who called people in the community to come and witness the act, Mr. Mweene admitted having sex with his own biological daughters and relatives charging that he was preparing them for marriage. According to eye witnesses, Mr. Mweene and his three daughters have been having sexual activities for more than two years since 2015.
We are shocked with this man, rumors were all over that he is sleeping with his daughters, till

Friday, March 17, 2017

Tonto Dikeh congratulates Mercy Johnson on her new appointment

Great development! All is now good and there's no more beef between actress Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Johnson after the latter apologized over the statement she made about Mercy's daughter years ago.

Mercy Johnson acknowledged the apology and they both followed each other on social

Weep Not For Apostle Suleman Or Fatoyinbo Or, Weep For The Church In Nigeria

Image result for apostle  suleman and fatoyinbo
Image result for apostle  suleman and fatoyinbo

The allegations of serial adultery swirling around Mr Suleman, a self-styled apostle, have provided much drama and comic relief in the recession-fuelled tension that has gripped our dear nation. It is important to note that, till date, the allegations are still unfolding. And until they are conclusively proven one way or the other, decency demands that Mr Suleman should be given the benefit of doubt – at least, to all reasonable extent.

But in the unfolding drama, the joke is not on Mr Suleman. The REAL JOKE is on the entire

I wore diapers for many years and stitched my anus thrice -Repentant Nigerian Gay

Even though homsexuality is considered to be a crime in Nigeria, some people still engage in the practice that can get one 14 years imprisonment, according to the bill signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan. 

In this report,  Emmanuel Stephens, a graduate of Theatre Arts, University of Calabar, tells his story to Chijioke Iremeka. He talked about going to South Africa in search of greener pastures, but was forced into homosexuality by his late Master, Johnson, a gay, whom he served for four and quarter years.

“I was forced into the practice by my master, who was a drug dealer. He gave me all that I needed just to be his partner. As I speak, the man is dead though his death was not connected to the pervasion; he was killed in a drug-related incident in 2014. After his death, I was next in line, so I had to make haste to return to Nigeria."

He also talked about being forced into the fraternity, accordingly reportedly he
met a doctor when he came to Nigeria, for the second round of anus suture, he knew his time was up, following the doctor’s counseling.

“So, when I came back to Abuja, I continued the practice until I met a

99 days for the thief! Lover of a cheating wife, hanging naked on a window hedge after husband suddenly shows up (photos)

A married woman's lover who never expected the husband of his lover to show up suddenly, found himself hanging naked on a window hedge, to avoid being caught in the act. The incident reportedly happened in France, and here's what Naphtal Ngatali who shared the

Eye Opener on the dangers of drinking Fanta and sprite with Vitamin C: Read How it all started

Image result for fanta and sprite with vitamin c

They are killing us slowly in Nigeria, and we do not know it.

Apparently, for 9 years, a civil law case has been going on against Coca Cola Bottling Company, manufacturers of Fanta and Sprite,

 That impacts directly on our health and lives.

Let me try and paraphrase it, so una no go sleep off.

Basically, one Dr Fijabi, had in 2007, bought  about N12 million worth of Fanta and Sprite drinks from Coca Cola  Bottling Company of Nigeria Ltd, and exported same to the United Kingdom.

However, on reaching England, under Health and Safety regulations, the authorities tested the products

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Babies With 3 Biological Parents Could Be Born This Year

Image result for Babies With 3 Biological Parents Could Be Born This Year

Later in 2017, researchers at Newcastle University in England will be the first to carry out an innovative fertilization technique known as mitochondrial replacement therapy, or MRT. In simplest terms, MRT combines the genetic material of three people into a single embryo, thus technically leading to a child with three biological parents. The breakthrough comes as

Pregnant Woman killed by train during photo shoot

Image result for woman killed by train during photo shoot

A pregnant Texas teen was fatally struck by a train on Friday while posing on the railroad tracks for modeling photos.
Fredzania “Zanie” Thompson, 19, was modeling for a friend in Navasota, Texas, when two trains approached the railroad crossing from opposite directions, according to the Dallas Morning News.
Thompson tried to cross the tracks to dodge one train, but was hit by the one coming from the other direction. She was rushed to a local hospital, where she was