Nigerian Beef Sauce Recipe For Rice Plus More To Cook This Weekend

We have many beef, fish, chicken sauce recipes on the blog already and I wasn't planning on posting this but changed my mind when one of the two guests (gentlemen) served asked me for a written recipe. I was

How To Wear Skinny Jeans, My Look Today

I love skinny jeans, they just have a way of making one look slimmer especially the darker shades.The name skinny jeans does not mean that they are meant for only skinny people, no. These are called skinny jeans because they are, and look skinny, tiny compared to flared and other types of jeans. With appropriate shoes, tops and other accessories, even Plus size women can comfortably wear skinny jeans. The word skinny refers to the cut of the leg which is tiny and skinny..

How to wear Skinny Jeans And Look Fabulous:
Choose the right size of skinny jeans, the size that won't look too tight and bumpy on the knees.Pick a size that fits properly, that's just reasonably tight and allows you bend and squat comfortably.If you are a plus size, I'll recommend the high rise jeans so you don't show off everything at the backside each time you bend to sit.If you want to draw attention to your long legs, then go with brighter colors on heels but do not forget that darker shades make y…


Nigerian, Food, Lifestyle, Relationship and currently Fashion Blogger Eya Ayambem granted interview to famous news website She talked about her personal life and blogging; where she hails from, why she started blogging, how she is going on about it and her plans for the future:

"The Internet enables us to keep developing and never stop improving. It provides us with great information, tips and life changing creative ideas. All of these you can find on one of the best blogs of Nigeria created by Eya Ayambem.  It is and its readership mainly consists of Nigerian women.
The blog was started by Eya back in 2012. It has rapidly become very popular among Nigerian ladies and its traffic amounted READ MORE: At

Fresh Fish Stew By SeyiFunmi Meg Ricketts

Fresh Croaker Fish stew.

Ladies, Please Help A Bikini Hair Sister

Hello Eya, my name is Becky, am 27 years old. i have been reading your blog for sometimes now. please i want know the best product or cream to use for bikini area, i know it sounds awkward.but i am not really comfortable with the cream am using, i use veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin, and before

A Man Can Truly Love More Than One Woman At A Time? FALSE

So, I read Etcetera's thoughts on "infidelity by Most Nigerian men" and nearly started to think that since he is a man speaking from a man's point of view, then this must be true. But then I thought to myself ...These end times? it's best to encourage yourself in the Lord, to minister to yourself so you are not blown about by every wind and speech,  like dry corn chaf blown by harmattan wind.

Little wonder it went viral on blogs. For me, the word of God is my standard. Nothing is new and if Jesus came down here in the form of man, lived all his years without falling for any woman, then a man can be honestly faithful to one woman, Social media or not, Internet or not.

The Weakness of the flesh can be manifested in different ways by different people. To some it's women, to some alcohol and drinking while to some others it could be insatiable greed for money. I would say it is best for people to recognise their individual areas of weakness if any and to prayer…

Meet Nigerian Blogger Eya Ayambem At Typearls

The interview with Christina TY of Typearls lifestyle reveals much more about the Nigerian lady behind

Easy Efo Riro Recipe For This Weekend

Efo Rico is one delicious Nigerian meal that originated

Ankara skirt with Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Hi, good morning, it's 1am and I need to hit the bed
now, will do the post tomorrow please, just enjoy the pics.
Sweet and colorful dreams.

Ankara styles Updated

Hi, welcome again to my Nigeria fashion. So,  some of my ankara outfits are right here with me and I'm so happy to update. If only I learnt how to sew, things
would have been different. Just buy the fabric, get home, cut and sew in a matter of days. But come on, can one person do everything in life? No one can do all. We need each other to survive so,  dear tailors, mind yourself. I wanted this skirt exactly on my knees o, from these pic looks like it's below the knees. Slow network just acting up now. When it gets better, I'll upload more of this outfit pics: The ones with my neck bent to the south o, the ones with my keg crossed like I don't care,  the ones with me learning to smile at the camera. But sha,  must one smile at the camera? I don't see anything wrong with just looking straight and normal for shoots o. My people like to beg me to smile at the camera all the time. Na by force?I don't know how to do it and not even interested in learning sef. How c…




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