Christmas Food Made Easy! Any Idea?

Hurrah! Christmas is just around the corner again!  Christmas is unarguably the largest celebration in Nigeria, it is not only celebrated by Christians but by everyone in the country. Perhaps the main reason for the general acceptance is its timing, just six days before the year ends, what other time would you rather chill out and celebrate? I think we all agree that one of the reasons everyone loves Christmas celebration is the fact that New Year celebration is another remarkable festival enjoyed by everyone irrespective of religious beliefs, so while Christmas means so much for Christians, it also serves as an appetizer before the main meal (New Year) to non-Christians.
There have been several questions pointing to what Christmas means to Nigerians. If your guess is as good as mine, you would agree that there is something about Christmas that resonates with everyone’s soul in this part of the world. So as a proper Naija bred, I would say that Christmas is a season for jollification, s…

My Husband Did Not Grieve Plus Female Pictures On Phone

Good evening ma'am. Am a married woman in my twenties and my husband is in his thirties' we have two kids together.

 I think this man doesn't respect me. Several times I see female pictures on his phone, should I secretly drop it in hot water or how do I handle this?. The recent one that happened and pissed me off  is that he came back from work that fateful night and I asked him if he was ready to eat but he said no and stepped out.

 I asked where he was going only for him to say it's none of my business. I decided to go buy something outside and I saw him and his ex in an awkward corner. I was so pissed that I insulted him and

He Wants Marriage And Kids First, I Want My PhD First...

What if he stops me after we are married? What if i begin to resent him later on?Hello...i stumbled on this blog through the internet and i decided to go thru it and i must say that i am pleased with it. I need advice because i am somewhat confused...i have been dating this wonderful man for a couple of years now,i knw his family members and they are wonderful people,my dilemma is this...

i have always dreamed of goin for my Phd and presently i am on my masters,i am pretty young. My boyfriend is nt too comfortable with me doing my Phd after my masters, he feels we shuld get married first in lyk 2 years time and after a kid or 2, i can start my Phd but i really wanna start before marriage then i can get married while on it (this is because i know we are both not ready for marriage until like 2 or 3 years time so i am like, why shouldn't I?)  he feels family should come first, i agree but i am not married yet and would like to pursue my dreams 

...i am afraid because if i don't st…