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Wives Connection Featured On City People Magazine :)

After reading all the venom spewed about me and this blog on another Nigerian blog, I convinced myself and a few others that I needed to be off the Internet for a while. The reason I left links to blog recipes so that readers can easily find their way in my absence.

I successfully stayed off even my Facebook page cos I was really pissed. When we plan and strategize on our beds, "...God's ways are not our ways" I started enjoying staying offline, tried to catch up on whatever I missed offline and on TV sef. Was able to watch some movies from beginning to end which is very unlike me. Took time to sleep and ensure my BP is still Ok.

Enough of the blabbing!
Yesterday, I read about wives connection on City People Magazine and like magic, my energy got revived cos I told myself God is still up to something and more blessings will surely bring more "haters" (permit me to use that word). The sweet words about wives connection? You can go read for yourself o. The latest Ed…