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Hello Aunty Eya. I bumped into your blog last month, took time to explore old posts and how you truthfully answered questions from your blog readers, am impressed. You won't believe this but In just two days, I read all your weight loss journey post and congratulations on how you successfully lost all that weight with our heavy Nigerian food. I need help right now and would be very grateful if


These 20 Nigerian soups listed below can help you lose weight fast. Some Naija soups

After Overcoming eating disorder, lady shares amazing BEFORE and AFTER Photos

Thank God for her life! When ladies start rejecting food because they want to lose weight, sometime they are unaware that it could become a matter of life and death in the near future. The body may automatically start rejecting every food and that is where the wahala begins... 22-year-old former anorexic, Annalise Mishler, who documented her recovery by posting before and after photos on social media, further disclosed that she was hours away from dying.  She wrote.. (Nov 2016-June 2017) it may not be #transformationtuesday but it is #humpday and despite the obvious physical change is an incredible mental change. i used to be scared to wear crop tops even tho i had an EIGHT pack because i worried that if i sat down my stomach would have rolls. (???) now, i weigh 60 pounds more and i wear a crop top more days than not and give zero fux. not only do i love my body more than ever and feel so much gratitude that i was able to live through 5 years of weighing less than half of what i should h…

Weight Loss Motivation Photos

We can achieve our desired weight loss goals without surgery/extreme dieting. However, while we desire to look fit and trim, remember our bodies are different and do what works for you as an individual, if you know that your husband likes that full chest and backside and you have a healthy lifestyle, don't go and start burning everything away. Let him enjoy the person he saw and married please. While some are better off very slim, others are finer with a little bit flesh to hold and fuller boobies. Too skinny can make you look sick and hungry. Live healthy, look beautiful!

More stunning transformation photos after the cut...

Nigerian Food For Pregnant women (To Lose Weight)

Good day eya,
I must say I really enjoy your blog especially the mouth watering recipes, but please I have a small request. I am preggers at the moment and would like if you can provide detailed nutritional Nigerian food time table, if possible per trimester, so as not to "gain weight". Thank you .  Best regards to your family (blog and personal). P.s I gained a lot of weight from my first from

Meal Plan Plus Tips On Weight loss Eating By Deborah Bala

Kindly suggest more meals for weight loss. More when you continue. ..

Please Help With Breast Milk Booster

Good day WC.
Thank you for this wonderful medium we use to learn everyday.
 I'm a nursing mother, just had my first baby a month ago.
I need advice on how 2 increase my breast milk flow because my baby isn't getting enough. 

Most times, whenever he's done sucking he still cries until I feed him with an infant formula. I've been asked to take large quantities of tea, morning $ night, $ also hot watery pap like mid day which I always do yet, I don't produce enough for my son.

I would also

Fish With Vegetable Salad Dinner For Weight Watchers

I decided to post this simple dinner when some of us asked about the Atkins diet. Yes, I lost 10kgs in 2 weeks with the help of this diet and I will never forget that. There is nothing too special about Atkins, you just remember to eliminate carbohydrates from your meals and like magic you see your weight dropping fast. That should tell us that carbohydrate is the major major that makes people gain weight.

Not eating carbs for two weeks is not beanz at all. I couldn't wait to resume swallowing my ebawith draw soup. It takes serious discipline. Our bodies actually

Kim Kardashian Denies Getting Plastic Surgery, I Believe Her

Life must be very tough for celebrities atimes, having to read all sorts of lies about their private lives. Life&Style claim that Kim Kardashian lost her baby weight with the help of surgery and this makes her mad. When people work hard, they deserve some commendations.
See her tweet below:

Kim says she lost her weight with the help of the Atkins diet and I believe because in  2010, Atkins diet helped me lose 10kgs in just two