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How to prevent pregnancy naturally with uda (Negro pepper)

Hello Eya. Good morning ma. I stumbled on your blog from wives connection Facebook page and have since benefitted so much. God bless you. Please I need help with natural family planning and I know there are experienced wives and mothers on the blog who can help me out. My husband is against me using family planning methods because of his fear of side effects. I just had a baby in May and now I'm pregnant for another. I need help please. Someone told me that uda water is very effective in preventing pregnancy, in fact she claims that our grand parents used it in the past without


Hello mums in the house. I am a mum of two and hubby says no more. However I will like to have one more baby in future, with his consent of course; i'm talking about another 5-10years time, God willing.
As such I want to go on family planning. I need a method that I wont easily fall pregnant on as well as one that wont render me infertile/make it difficult for me if/when I am ready to take in. I spoke with friends, sisters and colleagues and below are the methods I have in mind, and my perceived pros and cons of each method. 1. THE PILL: Leaves one with the least side effects as the effects leave the body very fast when one is ready to

Why Am I Pregnant While Still A Virgin?

These mails from young, Pregnant virgin ladies asking me if it's possible to get pregnant without being disvirgined. I've always sent private replies without posting but I'm getting a bit worried and just thought to post this because they are becoming a bit more frequent. I always replied that fertilisation can take place if seen gets to the egg even without penetrative something. There was one lady that won't believe and kept asking more questions and finally I told her that if there was any foreplay around the veejayjay, even around the stomach, navel or thigh area, it's possible to get pregnant because semen is like liquid and can flow down without notice,  and once it touches the uvula, a little can escape in there and fertilise the baby to be egg and voila you are pregnant as a virgin.
Here is the short mail below :

Am Still A Virgin, Pregnancy Test Is Positive, How Possible?

Hello Aunt Eya,

Pls I need your help.

I'M a 25 yrs old virgin and also engaged, anytime my fiance and I make out he doesn't penetrate me cos I don't want to get pregnant before our wedding. 

But my