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When My Husband Think's I'm not around; Annoying

Hello Aunty Eya and wives connection fam. This is really just a rant but over the past few weeks, my husband and I have been talking about having kids after just 5 months of marriage. We've been together for 2 years as fiance and fiancee hustling to gather money for wedding, but married only five months back. We are both only 27. 
I snoop on him and know quite a few blogs and forums he reads. I noticed him making stupid remarks on a forum he visits. It's an open forum, predominantly male users. He's been talking about how Beyonce is the only true hourglass female and how Rihanna makes him wanna diggggg. I don't think he knows I can see that stuff but I think he's being an idiot. And, frankly, I'm disappointed that he's like that when he thinks I'm not around. I thought of confronting him but won't he think I've been spying on him?

It's making me feel weird. I don't know if I want to be all gigantic and pregnant while

Self-Help Urine Test 1 By Ace Bentley

Do you know you could always do some self help and diagnosis to know the state of your well being? You don't always need to wait to be plagued by an infection or ailment to help yourself.

I'll share a couple of self test you could always carry out from time-to-time to
help you know when to raise the yellow flag.

Urine has 1 normal taste but may have 4 other abnormal variations, always take a few drops of urine, put it in your