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Lady housing her jobless boyfriend returns home to find used condom and female underwear (Photos)

A kindhearted lady who allowed her unemployed boyfriend squat at her place, returns home from a short trip to find another lady’s large size underwear and a used durex condom lying in the bathroom.

The heartbroken lady sent these photos to Relationship Blogger & Consultant, Joro Olumofin. Read below…

I Play The Innocent Victim To Keep My Fiance On My Side. Wrong?

How Do I Relate With An Unfriendly Mother inlaw? Good morning Aunty. It's not as bad as the title sounds o. Let me explain. I've honestly been totally good and generous to my fiance's family. By nature I'm very friendly and I talk to them and I make them a part of my life, not just like people I have to interact with because I'm dating their son/brother/uncle /nephew.  I participate a lot  in family activities, we talk, I will do them favors sometimes. It seems like everyone in his family likes me except for his mum.  I don't know why but from the moment I step into their house each time, I'm her target. She will randomly blame me for things

My Husband Says Complaining About Me To My friend Was A Joke

Goodmorning  Mrs Eya, I need help from wives connection blog. My husband and I met and got married after a brief courtship which was mostly long distance because we work in different cities. Before the wedding, I tried my best to get a transfer to join him but perhaps because I work in a private firm, that wasn't possible. We then decided that after the wedding we'll reschedule and ensure all weekends are spent together.
To make that possible,  it was his idea that we buy a house in the town where I live, and that I spend my money  on our wedding but that he'll surely refund when the bulk

There Are Things I Can Do To Get Closer Hubby's Friend But I'm Scared Of The Consequences

Hello  Aunty Eya and the loving wives connection family.  I have been an ardent reader of the blog for only three months but have learnt so much more than I could imagine. I am female, 36 years old, and have been married 10 years. Lately, I have felt very ignored and restless in our marriage which has remained sexless for the past two years and counting. I don't think my husband is aware of these feelings because I try to talk about them but he doesn't seem quite interested in talking about sex life and that kind of stuff , but the urge and feelings? they are  alive in my heart. He buys me beautiful gifts and tries to give me his love and support in other ways,  still relates with me without problems and kept enjoying my blow down there for almost 2 years without reciprocating with at least a one time penetration or something. When  I got tired of satisfying him one sidedly, l stopped and that has been it. He acts

HIV positive looking to settle down? Leave Your Contact

Hello, Iam an HIV positive lady ready to settle down with a man who is also positive or negative, please no games. I am who I am, a man that will have the same

I'm a final year student in need of a rich husband?

Hello Aunty Eya, Am from abia state
Am precious,  a final year student at college of education
 Am 21years
But was born and grow up in lag
 I'm Female. Is it only wives you connect?

I Want A Single Father, Widower, Responsible Working Class Man

[19:59, 07/07/2015] ‪‬: Aunty. Good evening ma.
[19:59, 07/07/2015]‬: Pls. Kindly post this on the blog for me.  for me, . Its urgent and important. Thank you.
[20:00, 07/07/2015]‬: I'm tired of being lonely.

I really don't want to write much here, when my man shows up, he can ask me all the personal questions.

I'd like to settle down. But not just with any person. I want to marry a single father. Maybe someone with 1 or 2 or 3kids. Yes, a widower.

A matured and responsible working class man. Accomplished too. Someone who needs a companion for himself and a mother to his children.
Most importantly, he must be a Godlover. Not someone who believes in just any universal God. He must be someone who EXACTLY sees Christ as God.
Well, im a single mum too. Close to hitting my thirties. A graduate and a business owner. I'm doing great. Very great.
I'm also a very loving person. And a GodLover. I'm

Break Over, Ready For Marriage, No play boys Please

Hello Aunty Eya,
First I'd start by saying I'm one of those who never ever thought I would do this, but here I am I guess.  I've had a few unsuccessful relationships in the past and for a long time, (2 years) to be precise I decided to put a sock on relationships for a number of reasons. First, I felt there were far more important priorities at the time; getting a job,righting my wrongs with God, taking care of a few responsibilities. Secondly, from the feedback I got from my past relationships, I realised there was need for some self development, and it just didn't seem appropriate to jump into relationships while trying to be a better person. Anyway fast forward to last year when I thought I'd get back to dating. I've met lots of men and I end up getting disappointed after few dates. They either want to get in between ur legs, are married or in very serious relationships or they just have no idea what they want. 
And so I thought I'd take a

Married, Not Happy

Aunty Eya I don't know where to start, I plea anonymity and will appreciate your word of advice via a reply.i met hubby in the university,we were friends for some years before we decided on dating,now we've been married for a little over a year,he married me a virgin.well we don't live in the country and I don't have friends here so basically all my attention is directed at hubby,the thing is that since I got pregnant he gets to complain too frequently about our sex life and my looks and Aunty I must say am trying,hand job and blow job I try to make available since my bump makes penetrative sex uncomfortable,few days ago he said he wanted to go in and I allowed him,the experience left me feeling rapedand I had Sharp back pain but with