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How to make self rising flour in your Kitchen

Self rising flour has become so expensive in Nigeria in this recession but, that won't affect you if you know how to make yours right there in your kitchen with just 3 everyday ingredients. Many recipes, especially Southern recipes call for self raising flour and you don't need to skip that yummy recipe, make your own homemade excellent self raising flour and use. It's as easy as ABC. Self raising flour is used in baking biscuits, cakes, pancakes and even bread. This homemade self rising flour is what I use in my kitchen now.

Here is how you can make your own.
You'll need these three ingredients:

Recipe: How to make masa (Rice puff puff) from scratch

Masa also known as waina is a popular snack from Northern Nigeria. Tastes like the oily bun (puff puff) and is served with stew or any sauce of choice. This is my first attempt and I'm making just little. Masa is so delicious that right from the day I saw it chopped in bits and added to the suya I got outside, tasted, I fell in love and promised myself I was going to learn how to make this delicacy. If you like Nigerian puff puff, you'll love masa. I didn't use many ingredients, wanted to savour the natural taste of masa first before adding onion and others with my next try. I make puff puff a lot and one very common thing between masa and Nigerian puff puff is that same aroma after leaving to ferment and rise. When I opened the blended rice, the aroma confused me, I thought someone replaced my mixture with puff puff batter.

Masa is made with that special tuwo white rice used in making rice fufu (tuwo shinkafa). I was really

Vegetables Cornmeal With Fish

I enjoyed this a lot as a child, ate lots of cornmeal s during the rains, Mostly cooked with broad pumpkin leaves. Green amaranth is also good when there's no pumpkin leaves. If you are from the South South, you may have tasted this delicacy. I can eat this for dinner because corn is not high in calories. We enjoyed this meal after so many years, I just remembered it this week. Cooking with kpanla fish makes this a very very affordable dish because kpanla fish is the most affordable fish in Nigerian market right now.
We have food is Nigeria abeg, in abundance.

2 Tablespoonfuls palm oil

Nigerian Vegetable Fish Soup With Basmati Rice, Wheat Bread For Weight Loss

Where are the geniuses and prodigies in the house? Who can look at this wordless recipe post and write us a recipe by just looking at the pictures? Recipe to hold body for the mean time because right now it's mid night and I'm eyeing the bed. Who can help please?
 Yes, I know... Nursing mother, no dieting. I did just a lil healthy dieting sort of to lose only 2 kg and fit into a dress. After that, continued eating my everything all join o.

Before trying this soups, I actually went to a gym and was advised to go back home and return when baby is 6 months and above. Well, I went because I didn't know rigorous exercises affect breast milk production.

Needed to fit into

Step By Step Pictorials On Puff Puff Making By AyaOba

There are two puff puff recipes on this post. Pick whichever you like and use. The first is so easy and straightforward even a novice can follow. The recipe gave 28 small puff puffs shown in the first picture above:
2 teaspoons yeast
1 and 1/2 cups warm water
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
Oil for deep frying

I got 28 small puff puffs from these ingredients.

1. Add all the ingredients in bowl
2. Mix well
3. Add the water
4. Mix well, cover tight and leave untouched for 1 hour until it rises well.
5. Stir very well and Fry in hot oil dropping them in with your hand. Make a fist, press out the batter through the thumb and first finger. Fry till brown and serve with something chill.

I just looked at the plate while typing this to post and everything is gone. Plate empty. Thank God I already took a picture.
TIP: Whenever you making puff puff and discover while frying that batter is too light or watery, you can…