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How to make Nigerian Pizza with Mayo and Garri

My first and second attempts at pizza making were strictly by Moji's pizza posted on the blog. The kids can't get enough of this third attempt and the score according to them is 98%. I believe them cos kids cannot lie, these are even very blunt kids who do not know yet how to bend and paint to impress the listener.
What makes this attempt the best I ask myself. Well, I did some things differently, these added garri is what gives it the name Nigerian pizza. I used soya oil in place of olive oil. Holiday has started and there is no escape from cooking and baking what kids love. This morning, lunch boxes were packed late cos I slept late. When I looked at the time, it wasn't encouraging and what are they really going to do in school when exams are over. How to get them just keep me company at home, I promised to make pizza, unknown to me, the corn flour was thrown away while spring cleaning the kitchen.
I had already chopped and mixed all the ingredints before realizing there is…