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This good news is so so sweet to my ears eh, I had to call off the weekend break to post this. It's amazing! Pregnancy sure looks

Ese Walter Ark reveals how PPD pushed her to abandon new born baby and flee to another city for months, with thoughts of smashing baby

In an open post which she shared on Facebook, blogger, Author, Ese Walter-Ark, revealed her battle with postpartum depression. Ese narrated how she abandoned her 9 months 3 weeks old baby with her mother in Abuja and ran down to Lagos, in November 2015, when she became depressed after childbirth. She says the depression was so heavy that a certain day, she thought of smashing her baby on the wall. Read below...

She's resting abi? Women haff tried abeg

Examination tomorrow perhaps  The book is patiently waiting to be pickedand read. Food waiting in the kitchen to be cooked and served. Daddy waiting in the other room perhaps.
Well done mums!

Man bathing his newborn baby advocates for paternity leave (See lovely Photos)

A Nigerian new dad and  Facebook user, Clement Ovokeroye Paul, shared photos from a bathing session with his newborn baby, seizing the opportunity to advocate for Paternity leave for men. He wrote thus as he shared heartwarming photos... “I am strongly in support of paternity leave for men whose wives newly put to bed. Yes caring fathers should be granted leave too”

 With this kind of husband around, who needs omugwo sef?

Sad! Eight-year-old girl dies 6 months after her cousin dared her to drink boiling water through a straw

A little girl in Florida has died months after she was injured from drinking boiling water through a straw. Ki’ari Pope, eight, of Boyton Beach, complained to her mother’s boyfriend that she couldn’t breath on Sunday night. Minutes later she was

Mum shares emotional story of how cute daughter was born without eyes

Young mum Kiara Shanee shared her story, now gone viral, on how she reacted at finding out she got a blind daughter, how she and her ever supportive hubby are coping and how her viral story has helped raise over $14K out of the $10k fund opened to secure her daughter’s future. Read her story below; “When we found out I was having a baby girl, I was so excited and started planning her whole life out in my head. Dance schools, gymnastics, modelling etc. All cute things that little girls do. And to top it off, my best friend proposed to me, taking the next step to making our

Beautiful baby shower photos from a young couple in Warri

The lady has since been delivered of her bundle of joy. The bouncing baby boy arrived on May 5.
see more lovely photos...

The best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to educate them on the use of condoms.Telling the youth to abstain is a failed strategy, as they will have it anyway - Church Leader argued

A counselor and elder of the church of Pentecost, New Achimota District in Ghana, Mr Nii Armah Hammond, has admonished stakeholders to allow teenagers who can’t control their libido to be allowed to practice safe s*x.

The respectable church leader, was speaking on Ahotor fm during a program aimed at educating the youth.

Hammond believes that the best means of preventing teenage pregnancy and its associated complications is through protected s*x. As he puts it, the stigma associated with teenage pregnancy affect the family concern long after the act and in most cases making the products of such pregnancy liabilities for the nation.

Telling the youth to abstain is a failed strategy, as they will have it anyway, he argued, so the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to educate them on the use of condoms.

*Hmmm, do you agree? 
For me, I can't imagine myself teaching my child how to practice safe sex or how to wear a condom. I know I taught the girls how to wear sanitary pads, demonstrated…


Hello Eya,  I came across your blog while looking for remedy for my daughter's dark spots on her legs. She is 6 years and has had these spots since barely 1 year of age.  She reacts to all sorts of bites, scratches her skin resulting in sores which end up with black scars. She wears pantyhose 24 /7 now even to school!. I have been to dermatologists to no avail. Please someone help me. What else can I do to get rid of these spots?? Thank you so much. A worried mother,


The reason most parents give young children phones is to keep in touch at all times. Some parents give phones to kids from when they are 8 years old, others wait until these kids are teenagers. For my family, we wait until Secondary School. In Primary School, you use mummy's phone for all communications with friends and classmates. For some families, the child has to get to Senior Secondary School before owning a phone, for some families, getting University Admission or any


Hello Aunty Eya, plese help me post on the blog. I am writing you this early because I need help with step parenting. My husband has a 16 year old daughter who just moved in with us last year just before Christmas. She is supposed to have left secondary school but it seems her mum  couldn't afford further education and could not register her for WAEC or NECO. Now, Hubby cares only about himself and, me seeing the type of man that my husband is, I stopped after two children so that in case push comes to shove, I'll be able to sponsor my two kids without having to crawl and beg.

So, both my boys are still in Primary school but when my step daughter moved in, I asked her to go back to school so she can be useful to herself instead of just cleaning and watching TV, I have a house help so her cleaning is basically her own wears and dishes. Tried to discuss with my husband about her Education but he doesn't seem too interested, I quietly told myself that I'll do the best I …


In 5 months he'll be 2 years and mum has no plans of stopping soon. Breast milk is the best any day, anytime. Kudos mum, he looks very healthy and fit. Below is Another photo by Blacktavist:


Hello wives connection and Madame Eya, I started following the blog in 2014 and have benefitted immensely. Please advise me on how to go about this new drama from my wife. We have been married for 8 years and live in a 4 bedroom here in Lagos  with 2 kids. We are not rich but comfortable enough to thank God. I am a  business owner and I pay for everything, children School fees, food, cars, insurances, groceries, maintenance, medical bills, building a home at my village and all expenses which is well over say ten thousand Naira straight.  I also pay for my wife's part time schooling. She became a teacher after our second child was born, to enable her create more time for the kids while earning a little something for herself.  My wife doesn't really work that much at home and does only a few dishes sometimes, laundry pretty much most of the chores for

10 Items To Have In A Diaper Bag Before Leaving The House

For new moms. Have you ever gone out and realized in the middle of a meeting that you needed an extra diaper or wipes for the baby? The baby's dress is soiled and you don't know what to do. The weight of the bag depends on how long you intend to be out with the baby. Here are 10 essential items to have in a baby diaper bag that you need for a whole day before returning home:

An extra outfit or 2 just in case
4 extra bibs

Am I Racist For Calling A Bag Ghana Must Go?

My kids like to judge me like they are my God. This morning while getting their lunch boxes ready for school, my 8 year old, (the one that made that sandwich dinner I shared) entered the kitchen. She is the oldest child at home now. I immediately asked to  get me a strainer from the pantry, she couldn't find it and came out to ask where exactly?  So, I quickly said "check in the GHANA MUST GO bag. Then, come and see my daughter. .. rushed out, came

When To Stop Wearing Diapers On Your Baby

There is no set time to stop using diapers on babies because you know what? they are all different. However, while some show signs of readiness and stop as early as two, others may not be ready until they are three. For instance,   my girls stopped wearing diapers earlier than their brother. At two they were no longer padded, could say when they wanted to use the potty and stayed dry the


Awesome talent.

From LikedHirstyles

Kudos As The Ministry of Education Moves to merge Christian and Islamic studies in schools. I Love It

Merging Christian and Islamic Studies Is  A Welcome Development

As I mother, I love this development by the Ministry of Education because you know what? If kids are given the freedom to know something about other Religions, there will definitely be less Religious Crisis in future. Tolerance for other Religions begin right there in the classroom where a Christian and an Islamic child sit together to listen to lessons about God. If they grow up learning Religion together at School, there will be more understanding and acceptance of others. After all, in our days we were taught that way. I learnt about  other world Religions in Primary and Secondary School, that made me realize that the whole world is not just filled with us Christians alone, there are people who believe in other supreme beings and that there are also people (Atheist)  who do not believe in the existence of any God; School taught me about Hindu, Budhism, Islam and so on. 
Although I grew up in the south not knowing what a…

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Kids

Baby photo: Banana Stock/ Jupiter.
You'll never sleep soundly again. From the moment you leave the delivery room with your baby into the post natal ward, you start to worry about what to do next and what to do after that and after that. Doctor visits, going early for immunizations, checking tiny heartbeats, checking even while baby is sleeping soundly, worrying bath water might choke baby, soap might hurt  baby's tender eyes and so on. Sleep is gone out the window, even if the baby is a deep sleeper, I still cannot sleep. All through the years of my raising these kids, sleep deprivation has really dealt with me I won't lie. The sign is clearly written on my dark eye circles, but now, thanks to good Foundations and concealers, una for run when una see my dark eye pishures.Mummy brain, I don't know if this too is caused by

10 things you must do as a first time mom

Breastfeeding isn't easy in the first few days of life: Your baby will fuss and cry a lot because he is not latching properly. If you have a kitchen stool, sit on it, a chair that has firm back and bum rest, sit on it to breastfeed. Avoid sitting on cushions and your soft bed to nurse. Sit and hold the baby like shown on the image above. If your baby has a great appetite and can suck for hours "Foodious baby" try changing positions to avoid back ache. You can start with Cradle hold, then change to cross-cradle hold, lying on your side to breastfeed or doing the laid back method. These are the best breastfeeding methods taught at antenatal and post natal clinics. When you lie by your side to breastfeed, ensure that you do not fall asleep o. Your newborn can choke on the freshly loaded boobies. If you wake up at night to feed and still feeling sleepy, try your best to sit.

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