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Hello admin....hide my i.d.......please can I find my dream wife? A dedicated muslim lady....hard working and humble.......from the age of 25 - 29. My watsapp.....08037741507. Am A Teacher In Gov't School In Abuja. Am From Kogi State(igala) And I Also Speak Yoruba Fluently. Am In My Early 30's.Please can I hook with a matured lady here? I find it difficult going out with young girls because of my past experience. Am from Enugu State, a graduate, working with a construction firm. Here is my number: 08020599468.Can I Get Me Wife? Am 4o Fim Ibadan Hnd Graduate With Children But Living With Their Mother, I Am A Tiler And

Should I Move On Or Wait For The Love Of My Life To Become Single?


I've Fallen Trap To Being The Other Woman I Didn't Intend To

Read the story below and please advise

HIV positive looking to settle down? Leave Your Contact

Hello, Iam an HIV positive lady ready to settle down with a man who is also positive or negative, please no games. I am who I am, a man that will have the same

Can A Cheater Change?

Hello friends on wives connection,  and Anty Eya, I'm  not really sure how to go about this but I need some advice.. I've been with my fiance for almost two years and our relationship has been great! Or so I thought... I've found out that he's been having a flirty text relationship with girl he used to know back at school and last month while we were having a bad patch he admitted he was weak and they met up and one thing led to

Broken Trust, Can This Be Fixed?

Hello Aunty Eya, Hello wives connection, please come to my rescue. Okay am a first time poster on the blog and pretty nervous. I'm really sorry for the long mail I'm sending. I'm in a serious relationship,  and I've been dating my girlfriend for a little over a year. Everything moved pretty quickly and we do currently live together in faraway North where we both work, even though none of us comes from the North. She has a drinking problem and we've struggled with her anger and the lack of emotional support she gives me. She has her own problems from previous experiences and past relationships. She has trouble opening up and doesn't really know how to talk about her feelings. I'm a huge

I am not the type of guy that would ever want to break up a marraige but im so deeply in love with this woman which makes me want her to leave her husband

Hello fellow blog readers, I feel so alone lying down on the couch and looking at supersports without really watching anything. I fear depression is close by and need help before it gets too late.
need advice on how to get over a married woman I have been having an affair with for over 3 years. It all started when i began to see her at my gym on Saturdays. at the private gym I used to work at. She began texting me flirty messages and kept wanting to see me outside of thegym after Saturday aerobics. Now this had been going on for about 6 months, I kept making excuses but finally I gave in to seeing her and that's when this all took off. We began being intimate and that's when she started to shower me with expensive gifts

My Wife Is Too Bossy To Change, Feels Superior to me

Hello Madam Eya, God bless you for what you are doing on this platform.  I found your blog, introduced my wife to it but she is not that kind of person. All she likes is just watching Mexican soap operas on TV.  It's a strange  thing to be married for sixteen years and yet still feel tired of being alone. I guess only somebody in an abusive marriage would understand such a thing. Well, let me put it this way:
    I have long given up discussing anything with my wife, because one of two things will happen: she will

Can Anyone Here Help Me Get my love Back?

Good afternoon Mrs Eya, I have been a silent reader of wives connection and it is my first time posting on this blog asking for help.
My love and I were together for two and half years. a little history on it; we are always happy together, loving, having fun, and in each other's presence a lot. (we are a couple that just loves spending time together) the problems we've had are

She Tweeted Stuff About Me To Her Followers While Confessing Love For Me In My Presence. Should I Believe Her?

Good day Mrs Eya,  I just found your blog this week. It is my third time here and I strongly believe this is where I can get good advice from experienced people.

I don't really know how to start this off. So about 4 years ago,

Pregnancy Weight, Romantic Husband Plus More

1. Hi aunty Eya. Hope yoџ and your family are doing great?. Please i'†ђ3 like to be anonymous.
I've been married for just 2years n my marriage isn't what ℓ̊ want it to be. My husby isn't romantic and is soo nonchalant about it. I try buh he is not encouraging me. I buy him gifts on both val day and his birthday buh he does reciprocate. even ordinary txt he won't send. I've talked to him about it and he was like those things don't matter, buh those littlr little things matter to me. We are young buh am certain our parents share more love than us. Please what can i do to gain his full attention, to make him appreciate me, to be romantic? Pls help!

2. Dear aunty Eya, pls I will be very glad if you can post this anonymously on the blog. I gave birth last month through CS so I wasn't allowed to do most of the therapy a new mum does to get back in shape but I am really anxious to get my shape back especially my tummy. What should I do pls? Is it ok to go on a d…

She Is Five Years Older, Should I Proceed Or Withdraw?

Good morning aunty eya how's your family I have a problem I'd like you to put up on your blog for discussion I am a student and I am in a very serious and comiitted relationship.

 early last I found out this girl was five years older than I am though she doesn't look it!I battled with it for a while and then I let it slide. the issue is I love this girl so much I'd love to marry her after school but till now we have never discussed age togetherbut we re intimate on other issues. something tells me she knows I am younger but she really doesn't Act it and of recent that feeling has come back again,though we have been through thick and thin ve got this feeling that when we officially get to talk about our ages she would leave me so am really troubled.what should I do!

Eya's Reply:
Hi, sorry

Genotype Notwithstanding, A Break Up Not An Option For Us

Good morning Mrs Eya, I read some stories on ur blog. Pls I need your help my fiancee and I are both AS, our wedding is scheduled for November this year. I read about the CVS test on your blog, pls can you enlighten more about the test cos we are both interested as a break up is not an option for us here. Thanks for your help and we are eagerly awaiting your reply.

Hi, your wedding is scheduled for November, meaning you still have a chance but you say a break up is not an option? Honestly, I think it's better to break up now than live in pain and fear. What happens when...

Love alone is not enough when it concerns sickle cell kids. I know there is nothing God cannot do for you and that's why he allowed Science to discover these things, so, a stitch in time can save nine. The stress from kids who are say frequently sick  and all is enough to shake the very foundations of any marriage. The love you confess for your fiance, is it enough to take you through the storms? …

Can Low Sperm Motility Be Corrected? Visit Doctor Before Fertility Prayer Please

My lovely WC family. Its been awhile! Trust you are all doing well? Ok , can you recall a woman who wrote to ask about HSG sometimes ago? OK, its me and am back with my praise report. With mixed feelings I went for the HSG! Mehn! It was a bit painful but all thanks to the radiologist who is a true believer, she was like a mother, she was really gentle and kept encouraging me. (God bless her). The result came back very good.
I saw the doctor the next day and he ask me to go for hormonal profile and my honey boo boo for sperm analysis. With anxiety and all I wanted for cycle day 21 for the blood sample to be taken for the test. And hubby went for his sperm analysis. Hubby was diagnosed with low sperm motility and he was placed on Vitamin E. Can  low sperm motility be corrected?
For me, I waited for more than a month for my hormonal profile result to be ready. Mehn! I didn't know it will take that long. There were days I couldn't sleep, thinking and worrying for nothing! Finally…

Am South African, I Want To Know If This Is How All Nigerian Men Behave

Dear Eya and Wives Connection Readers,

My name is Tuti and l am frequent and read your blog. Please hide my details. I have learnt a lot from the comments and stories of other ladies. Please help me with my situation.

I have been in a relationship with a Nigerian man for nearly three years now. I am from South Africa originally and we met at the University. He is 9 years my senior and when we met fire works erupted in my world. He was the perfect gentleman and a Christian.

As it stands now he is ready to

I Just Found Out She Is Into Drugs, Can I Change Her?

Hello Eya, please I need advice from your blog. There are times as a man I take decisions without having to think twice, there are other times I just can't think of the right thing to do.

 I need both men and women on the blog to help me take an urgent decision. Please put up my question for readers.

What would you do if after two years into a relationship

A Caring Husband Or Woman Wrapper?

I saw this on Agnes Riola's blog and couldn't help sharing.
I think he is such a caring African husband. Madam Enjoy your drink abeg.

How Do I Make Them Speak My Language?

Hello Aunty Eya, pls I need a little help from you and other wives connection readers. I have three kids between the ages of 13 and 6 who cannot speak my language. When they were younger, I tried my best to make them speak my language cos even I can't speak their Father's language. I succeeded in making them learn some greetings and their responses but speaking the language didn't work out. It was difficult because Hubby and I always spoke English since that is the only medium we can communicate effectively with.

Now they are big and I feel so guilty that my kids can't speak my language whereas they are pros in English Language. I

My Fiancee Loses Control, How Do I Tame Her

Hello Eya, I am a male WC  blog reader who enjoys your blog. I have a little issue I know women and guy there can help me sort. My fiancee, I love her so much and she knows. Her attitude sometimes makes me wonder if she loves me the same way. I tried twice to break up with her but it isn't working, we always find ourselves back together again.

She is gorgeous and very hot, when we go out, I enjoy showing her around but she flirts a little. I don't mean cheating because

Re: Characteristics Of A Nagging Wife

MyreneJune21, 2013 at 11:34 AM Hello Mrs. Eya. Honestly, I've read so many articles about marital problem and most of all are truly "Unfair". Unfair in the sense they will always put the blame to the husband. But then, the moment I found your blog, well, justice speaks for all.  Based on my terrible experience as a husband, I truly found out that there's