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The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, last Friday unveiled his new wife, Queen Morenike Naomi Oluwaseyi. The comments prompted a post on this blog appealing to women to show empathy and love instead .of judgemental comments .
The new Queen, 25, a prophetess, is the Founder/President of En-Heralds, an interdenominational ministry based in Akure, Ondo State. According to palace sources, the young Naomi was a visitor

Husband buys Iphone 6 as Christmas present for housemaid?

A worried Nigerian wife has written to relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, about her Husband’s special treatment of the maid, and how her mother is against her because of the money she too gets from her son-in-law.
Hi Joro, thank you for your time and generosity here. The least i can say is God Bless you since we don’t pay you. To my issue, apart from the fuel crisis. i am in sadness and loneliness. My Husband bought an iPhone 6 for the Maid. I had a serious problem with it and i told my mother who has been living with my husband and myself for 3 years. My mother said it’s not a problem that it’s for better communication. I finally confronted my husband on Tuesday. He said what’s the big deal that even my mother approves of it. This girl is 17 but she has big boobs and ass. I’m sure she’s sleeping with the neighbours. I

"The use of contraceptives is not our culture three of my daughters got married as virgins" Uganda's First Lady

The First Lady of Uganda, Janet Museveni, said her three daughters were married when they were still virgins, Daily Monitor reports. Ms Museveni made the revelation while speaking to adolescent girls in Kyenjojo District during the commemoration of the Day for the Girl Child last Thursday. “I made all my daughters to sign ‘true love waits’ cards and they would abstain from sex until the wedding night when they would produce these cards to their spouses. This can be achieved even today,” she said. “That is how we, in the past, were brought up by our parents, there was

Wife who accused husband of abusing her, reconciles with him, says she lied

Facebook user Lyrnda Onwuali , who went viral after she  posted on Facebook accusing her husband of being abusive has come out with a new story...
According to her, the allegations of financial dependence and abuse were all lies.
Read below...

Hello Everyone, I a Lyrnda Onwunali (formerly ) but temporarily Zymmie David on here (Zymmie is the pet name for Ozioma, which happen to be my native name & David is one of the names given to my newly born son). I needed to change to this new name so as to prevent being easily identified by some unfamiliar accounts as I became an easy target for many who decided to turn themselves to an enemy.
By the way, on the 4th & 5th of October, 2017, I had a very silly post on here about my hubby "Okpoebo Chidozie" go viral; a result of plain anger on my side (which the bible explicitly stated "lies in the bossom of fools") & of impulsivity. And even though that post might have provided a lot of opportunities to rain abuse on me…

Plus-sized-Bride shares her inspirational story on self love - "I've lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight, and gained more weight. I've fought with self love"

These Photos of newly wed couple, Mr and Mrs Thomas have been trending on Instagram for hours now for obvious reasons.  The excited bride has this to say about her life in general, meeting prince charming and getting married...
Nearly two years ago he sat me down and said, "I want to pursue you and only you" the very next day we spent the entire day together and ended up taking our very first picture.(look at them baby faces😍) Now we here🤗.
Over the past few days I've been overwhelmed by so many beautiful posts from people all over the world..I've seen beautiful, and encouraging comments...I've seen negative, degrading, and ignorant comments that can be

In case you need it! Solemnization Of Statutory Marriages in Nigeria

Well, for those who send mails asking about marriage in Nigeria, this might be of help... The Nigerian Marriage Act, cap 218, Laws of the Federation 1990 lays down the requirements for the solemnization of marriage under the statute. Before the celebration of the marriage,  parties shall sign and give to the Registrar of the district in which the marriage is intended to take place, a notice in the prescribed form known as Form A in which they will fill their personal details including Name, Age, Address, Occupation, Marital status,

Actress turned Evangelist advises couples on what to do in the other room

Talented Nollywood Actress turned Evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi has taken to Instagram to write an epistle to couples who engage in illicit affairs instead of being expressive and spicing up their romance with their partner. According to Eucharia, instead of complaining  ‘call your spouse and talk things over and

"Am I supposed to relate with my husband like an employee? he says I have no right to be angry at him or tell him that I feel insulted"

Is a wife wrong to be angry at her husband?Good morning Aunt Eya:
I was wondering if you could help post on your blog or respond to me personally.Hope your family is great. Firstly, I want to thank you for this opportunity to reach out to you via this means. I have this little problem that won't make me sleep well. please I need your advise on this one. My name is Bekky (you may change the name for privacy concern) and I have been married for four years now. I don't know...but is it wrong for me to be angry at something that upsets me?  Anytime I have a slight fracas with my hubby and it has to do with money or something else and i

Nigerian man pranks wife, claims he impregnated another woman

A Nigerian man pranked his wife and shared their conversation on Palm Chat. It's either that his wife is a very strong woman or he didn't play the prank well.
Read below and share what you think.

Re: My Husband's irresponsibility has no part 2. Hubby replies separated wife and those who left comments

If you didn't read that post in 2016, read it here. A Nigerian wife sent a mail for posting, she was tired of her hubby's ways and wanted to know the next right step to take. Many blog readers left comments and right now we do not know if the poster is still married to her husband or divorced. So, this morning, I opened the blog and saw messages from her husband. He has replied and insists that his wife's post was  not the whole truth and also replied some comments left there. 
See his replies below:

Stubborn Tonto Dikeh deletes all photos of estranged husband on Instagram

Actress and mum of one, Tonto Dikeh has deleted all memories of her estranged husband on her Instagram page. I'm so disappointed and pissed already. A pity how some women cannot even try their minimum best to keep the family together. Marriage is hard work and whoever is entering that door should be prepared to work hard and to look the other way a times. As an actress and make-believe-expert, I hope Tonto didn't think that the scripts she acts in movies are what marriage is all about? Is it that most actresses go into marriage expecting things to be the exact way we see on the large screen? I am so very disappointed in you Tonto, every marriage gets to that wilderness period of dryness, lack of affection, trials and patience and tolerance. This marriage sure brought you so much joy, having your own family and settling down into a more responsible woman gave you more fans but you won't keep

Nigerian mother of two who walked out of an abusive marriage marries a hot single never-been-married Igbo man

Facebook user, Aishatu Ella John shared this amazing story of her friend, Noma Oma Patrick, who just got married to a single never-been-married hot dude.

Nora was married for some years, had two children, suffered emotional and physical abusive, had the courage to walk out and got married to a single fine man last December.  Read what Aishatu wrote below:

When Nora Oma Patrick told me she was getting remarried, I screamed for joy and started dancing. When I saw the wedding pictures, I couldn't contain my excitement. I was jumping up and down, happy excited and even crying tears of joy, I told Nora her wedding got me more excited than mine, I don't think she understood, she must have assumed I was some crazy person lol  For people who may not understand my excitement let me tell you a little about Nora and her journey.
Nora got married very young, she was young and innocent, she assumed she would like a life of happily ever after but soon that illusion was shattered with abuse and s…

Read This Interesting Conversation Between A Mistress & Wife

This interesting conversation between an accidental side mistress/side chick and a wife was sent to Relationship Blogger & Consultant, Joro Olumofin so other ladies can see and learn.

Surprised to discover that I no longer find my wife attractive after paying her in her own coin

Years back When I married my wife, we were in love or so I thought. However, I was always the one initiating intimacy in the bedroom. A little more than a year ago I started to give up. I started to withdraw from my wife a bit more and focus on myself. About nine months ago I stopped any attempts at initiating sex, intimacy or touching. More recently, I was surprised to discover that I no longer found my wife attractive. For the first time since I met her, I couldn't think of her in a sexual way. Yes, technically she was still attractive. All her attributes were the same, physically nothing had changed, but I just couldn't see her as "attractive" anymore.
Now it's easy to go without sex with her because I no longer find her attractive. I broke the habit. Then in a moment of clarity, I realized I was now as detached and uninterested in her sexually as she'd behaved for our whole marriage. Wow. I finally found out why she hasn't been interested in me all the…


Good day madam,

Please I got your email address online. I actually saw it on a forum you were addressing people's questions on marriage certificate registration.
Please i will appreciate if you can guide me on marriage certificate registration. I want to know if there are any difference between the marriage registration done at Federal registry


Hello ma and fellow blog readers in the house, What would you do in my situation? I am the eldest of 4 siblings. My parents have been married for 20 years but I am 24 now because apparently they got wedded a few years after I was born even though the traditional marriage rites were performed earlier. All my life my dad has been abusive towards us and my mum. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I am grateful he did the bare minimum and fed us, plus provide a roof over our heads, we only had clothes during Christmas that we have to manage for the whole year until another Christmas. As for birthday parties no way, my mum would try her best and buy a few bottles of coca cola and sweets and sometimes a small  cake.
From two years old I was sent to live my Uncle and his wife, I suffered from his wife to the point where some of them abused and neglected me. If it wasn't for the neighbours telling my parents to get me out of there, who knows what would have happened to me.
  At the age of…


I got a new job, had just gone to work on my first day, and noticed this tall, muscular, calm, good looking guy. Being rather short and plump, I didn't think he'd notice me. A few weeks later, I was discussing my weekend plans with a few co-workers and he came up to me and asked me where WE were going on Saturday night...I told him my plans and then sort of ignored him. He repeated "where are WE going on Saturday night"? Well...slow me finally caught on the point he is trying to make! We went out that Saturday night and have been together ever since. That was about 10 years ago. We'll be married 8 years in a few months.
My wife and I met at the University. I came home from work to an apartment full of one of my roommate's friends. One of them, a girl,  walked up to me when I walked in the door and gave me a big hug - as if


Good morning Aunty Eya and wives connection, please I need some  advice on how to carry on from here. I am a mother of one, still very young in my 20s who left school to marry my husband but now I hate him, I feel he is ugly. I was still a 200 level student at the University when I got pregnant and we had to hurriedly get married to avoid the shame. There was no proposal and all that kind of stuff, I agreed to the marriage because of the pregnancy.

Honest Truth is, I knew my husband's family long before we dated and have always admired my husband's younger brother, I liked his charisma, the way he treats other people and always felt like he was more intelligent than my now husband. I think I had a crush on him back then but how things turned and I started dating the elder brother I didn't really like, can't tell. Somehow, not long after, I


Hello Aunty Eya, please help me ask blog readers and you too for advise concerning the situation of my marriage. I think that I feel freer and happier when hubby isn't around. He travels, returns and there's that feeling in me like he should have stayed longer but it wasn't like this in the beginning. My husband and I have been having a really hard time.  We have been married for only three years but I feel like I have to walk on eggshells just to please him. He gets mad if I say I don't want to sleep with him because we had gotten into a small argument earlier and he told me to just shut the f**k up and go to bed , how can I then be in the mood for fun, am I a robot or remote controlled emotions. Now, in this argument we had. I have to say it like it happened so I can get help...... we were watching TV and honestly I told him that I just want to feel loved and appreciated and happy. Like for

I want My Wife To Be Exactly Like My Mother

Twitter user Chuma wants his wife to be exactly like his mother. I say That's NOT POSSIBLE. Who will then be like his wife or does getting married to Chuma mean that her own personality is lost forever?
See some replies below: