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This ugu leaf ogbono soup is really delicious, cooked with dried mushrooms. Mushrooms add flavour to foods. They are loaded with Antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body from


Do not soften female cow head with paracetamol tablets. Don't do it please. That drug abuse can destroy you and those eating the paracetamol meats in the long run. Imagine how many more times you are going to do this and overload your system before retiring from cooking. Not good for you, your family nor customers if you are a food vendor/caterer. Paracetamol is a painkiller that stays longer in your system, stays longer there more than some medications sef. There are ways to soften or tenderize tough meats like that female cow head with ease, read along to see how. There are tricks, tips and hacks to make life easier, save some coins and reduce time spent in the kitchen cooking, especially when it comes to some Nigerian dishes like beans, cow leg and other time consuming food stuff. Most of these tips and tricks have always been there but for some who do not know that cooking Nigerian food doesn't have to be that intense, we'll share these tips. Starting with palm oil bec…


Double Protein Egg and Milk Drink is a favourite for bodybuilders. I want to take it not necessarily trying to build but to see if I can get more toned at least. Even as a child growing up, we have heard of people drinking raw eggs or mixing them with evaporated milk and grudgingly swallowing. I will not take this without sharing my feelings about eating or drinking raw eggs. Eggs consumed raw are not safe sometimes. The best way to eat eggs and get all the benefits is not by taking them raw. Yoiu could get infected with Salmonella (Google it). You don't want to expose yourself to infections while trying to boost protein levels. Aside

How to make self rising flour in your Kitchen

Self rising flour has become so expensive in Nigeria in this recession but, that won't affect you if you know how to make yours right there in your kitchen with just 3 everyday ingredients. Many recipes, especially Southern recipes call for self raising flour and you don't need to skip that yummy recipe, make your own homemade excellent self raising flour and use. It's as easy as ABC. Self raising flour is used in baking biscuits, cakes, pancakes and even bread. This homemade self rising flour is what I use in my kitchen now.

Here is how you can make your own.
You'll need these three ingredients:


Freezing means that we can prepare food in bulk, and can make the most of foods that are in season like now vegetables like ugu leaves (fluted pumpkin) are in season are less expensive. If you have constant electricity and your freezer gets frosty, defrost every 6 to 12 months. If the freezer is opened often like in large households, the frost builds up often. Your freezer can become a black hole if it is a very large one and you just keep adding until things disappear to be discovered years later and thrown away- I don't think that can happen in Naija sha with this epileptic power supply.

The freezing chart below is just a guide, make sure you use frozen things/foods within the recommended period of time because storing soup for instance for longer than 2 months is not the best.


Once frozen food is thawed, never refreeze it because it may cause food poisoning and may not be the same. Look at ice cream for instance, once it's thawed and frozen again, it becomes cr…


These are cookery terms we come across daily, in the kitchen, market or at the dining.

To cook liquid, or food over low heat, below boiling point. The surface of the liquid will be moving with a few small bubbles.AL DENTE:
An Italian phrase used when Pasta and sometimes vegetables are slightly underdone, still with some bite. This is how pasta should be cooked, a little bit underdone, not very soft.GLAZE:
To glaze is to brush a substance over food to give it some shine, could be jam or beaten egg. Like meatpies are glazed with beaten eggs, that's why they look shiny when baked.PARBOIL:
To partially cook in boiling water before some other form of cooking, Rice is parboiled to reduce starch before the main cooking.MARINATE:
To flavour or tenderize food especially meat by leaving it covered in seasoned liquid for some time before cooking.BOIL:
 To cook liquid or cook food in liquid, at 100 degrees C. When liquid boils, large bubbles break on the surface.ZEST:
 The coloured skin of c…


The spaghetti spoon in your kitchen is way more useful than you thought, it's not just for scooping out or serving already cooked spaghetti. I always thought that the hole was there to drain water but that's not all... That hole in the spoon holds the recommended portion for 1 serving of spaghetti , that's for those interested in eating the right portions and losing weight. Usually, I just cook the entire pack of spaghetti, with the best intentions of eating the leftovers  the next day. However, that old


Hello Aunty Eya and wives connection family, please help. I have a life saving microwave oven in my kitchen, and it has honestly made my life so much easier when it comes to heating up food for me my husband and the kids. I use it to warm up leftover food,  pop corn, boil water sometimes and even use it to clean my kitchen sponge (kinda just nuke the sponge for 30 seconds to kill off bacteria and germs).
Whenever the microwave oven is on, I'm always careful not to stand near it, for fear that there may be


Good evening aunty..please help do I go about cooking for 150
people? Give me guidelines.thank you. I need help with the quantity or bags of rice and


In Nigeria today, tomatoes might be more expensive than gold. What is really happening? These are times when most Nigerian women pray our hubbies go do the shopping because no amount of house upkeep allowance will be enough if your family consumes tomatoes a lot; In salads, stews, egg sauce etc.

Why did tomato become so expensive all of a sudden? This rainy season is when there should be tomatoes everywhere rotting in baskets beside market women. What is going to happen in December this year? Then we'll all need tomatoes in bulk for Christmas and New year celebrations? Hope a basket won't sell for hundreds of thousands of Naira oh?  Na small small e dey take start.You know I

Fried Beef Tomatoes Stew Cooked With My Frozen Tomatoes

After I read the old post on how to preserve tomatoes until they are in season again, I learnt something. This stew is cooked with my frozen tomatoes. I just took out only the quantity I needed for the stew. I had to boil them first, the way I make my tomatoes stew, before blending. No, I didn't blend, wanted that type of stew you eat at the village where there are no blenders and tomatoes is coarrsely pounded with mortar and pestle. I used a food processor to get what I want. Fried the tomatoes, then added my well cooked and fried beef so the taste of the stew can simmer in a make the beef yummier. We all know how to cook Nigerian tomatoes stew na. You know my secret for the best tasting Nigerian tomatoes stew already.
Enjoy boiled rice with coarsely chopped tomatoes, pepper stew this weekend.

Read Hilarious Facebook Comments On Our Noodles Recipe

Recipe Still Got 106 Facebook SharesSo, I shared our  indomie noodles recipe on Facebook. Normally, I would try copy some comments there to the blog for those who don't visit wives connection on Facebook but this time, I think it would be better to take screenshots of the forty something hilarious comments and pictures for us. You can visit the page to like and see for yourself.

See comments when you continue...

How To Preserve Tomatoes For a whole year

Big round and firm tomatoes are in season and cheap now. This is the time to buy and store for long time use. I got the biggest series basket for N3500 here in Ilorin last Saturday. It will still come cheaper between now and mid February, especially if the fuel situation improves. To store, sort the tomatoes to ripe and firm, unripe and firm and soft whether ripe or unripe. Wash the ripe and the soft, removing the stalks and pack in freezer nylons. Stack the

Naija 12 Uses Of A Food Processor

12 uses of a food processor in a Nigerian Kitchen
The food processor is a multi tasking kitchen tool that when you get used to, begins to feel like you can't live without.There were comments on one of  our delicious processor pounded yam posts asking if a food processor is the same as a blender, NO. A food processor has some remarkable difference from a blender and even though can perform some blender functions, it does much more than a blender. Every kitchen needs both because there are some functions that are performed better with either. in the past, I thought that a food processor could only be used for baking cakes and pastries and not cooking sauces, Nigerian stews , fish stew and soups. In a Nigerian kitchen, there are so many things a food processor can do, we need it here even more because our meals take too long to cook. With a food processor being used, you spend about one tenth of your time in the kitchen because every repetitive function is carried out in seconds by y…

The Fifty Basic Needs of A Nigerian Kitchen

I got this very short mail from an about to wed reader who is not Nigerian herself but getting married to a Nigerian man. She just discovered the blog and searched unsuccessfully for basic items in a Nigerian kitchen.  Below are the kitchen items I listed in my reply. If you know of any not on the list, please update.

I remember we have old posts on this. Before you look at the list below, you may want to know the fifteen most needed kitchen items

1. An electric cooker, gas cooker or a kerosene stove
2. A set of cooking pots, a set of five is fine
3. Cooking utensils
4. Plates, saucers and bowls
5. Cutlery
6. Plates rack
7. Food processor or blender. If you can get the food processor with 32 functions, that'd be great because it saves you from buying a blender, mortar and pestle and even manual graters.
8. Sandwich toaster
9. Bread toaster
10. Sieve
11. Airtight plastic containers for storing grains and foodstuff like garri, crayfish etc
12. Mugs and cups of …

How To Buy Good Bags Of Rice In Nigeria, Any Tips?

Between December and May, my friend o, opened three bags of rice and what is in them is the same kind of rice. Buying bags of rice has become very difficult for consumers. I don't know what is happening.
Below are three bags of rice with the exact same rice in them. The ownerb didn't like the rice in thye first bag so she opened another bag and what? The exact same rice? She opens a third bag and again? exact same rice.

In the plate is rice scooped from the three different sacks....Same rice
What can one do?

How To Combine Spices For Different Meats and Meals

Hello, Season's greetings to you and all Wives Connection  family. Wives connection has been a blessing to my family and I can't forget the day I stumbled on the blog while searching Google, looking for how to make akara balls at home.
Thank you all for the recipes you share with cooking learners like me. Hubby enjoys my meals a lot now without even knowing WC is my little secret :-)

I still have a little challenge though. Combining spices is my biggest challenge in the kitchen. When I boil meat, fish or chicken, what I use is


Good afternoon WC. I have come again ooo.
I need help in the area of cooking my stew.I noticed that anytime I make stew (as in stew for rice,ewedu,okro and the likes),it's not always red,I have tried all means but it will still be as if have bought the stew for some days,hence the dull/ almost brownish colour.

Pls,WC family,teach me how to mix my pepper,tomato,tatashe and

Storing Beans, I Tried All Methods Yet Nothing Works, Any Suggestions?

Good day Eya and all WC Visitors. Ill be glad to get better suggestions on this issue.

My family doesn't eat much beans, but to balance their diet I cook it at least once every week. We used to buy a quarter bag of beans (7.5kg) but due to weevil attack and to curtail waste, I resorted to buying just a custard bucket.

Recently, I've

Any Remedy To Salty Soup?

Please what is the remedy to a salty soup?
please I need an answer urgently. Thank you very much.