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Business mogul and fashion blogger Laura Ikeji took to Instagram to appreciate her dear sister, Mega Blogger Linda Ikeji. According


Yes! a woman can workout on her period. Studies have shown that exercising on your period can help

No man should make you feel like he’s doing you a favour by marrying you — Nathaniel Bassey

The Online Convener of the Hallelujah Challenge and Olowogbogboro crooner, Nathaniel Bassey has shared on Twitter some marital advise for women. The Gospel singer advised that no woman should allow any man make her feel like he is doing her a favour by marrying her. According to him, women are the ones who do men the favour by marrying them. Read his tweets below...

Benny Hinn confesses he's taken the prosperity gospel too far; says he no longer flies private jets

Popular televangelist Benny Hinn has admitted to taking the prosperity gospel too far, outside of what the bible really teaches which is "NO LACK" Hinn’s confession comes in the wake of the death of renowned Evangelist Billy Graham who passed on Wednesday, February 21 2018, at the age of 99. Hinn, who has often been criticized for his endorsement of the prosperity gospel, said on Wednesday in a stunning confession on Facebook Live that he had sometimes taken the

"I’ve made dozens of technical errors and bad deals. I’ve trusted the wrong people... I’ve launched product after product that failed" - Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Even very successful people we see today have failed at something at one point or the other in their lives. Failure is not the end of the world, you can always re-strategize, rebrand, rethink or even start all over again. It's very difficult but at the end of the day "The end justifies the means"  Facebook is 14 today February 4th, and it’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg has shared the lessons he has learnt since starting the social networking site when he was 19 years old.  He wrote...

Betty Irabor recounts how she doubted the existence of God at some point & how she was able to overcome

Media Mogul and CEO of  Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor has written an interesting and inspiring piece that will encourage in both good and bad times. She recalled that during her mental health challenge, she doubted the existence of God, stopped praying, stopped going to church. But one day, while in the middle of deep reflections and meditation she realized she was the one who moved and that God never moved away. Here is what she wrote…

Beautiful viral photos of a Nigerian couple with their baby in the kitchen

These very beautiful photos of a Nigerian couple with their baby in the kitchen watching them do house chores is trending online.
According to those behind the shoot, the couple and their baby posed for the camera to encourage and urge Nigerian men/husbands to help their wives with house chores because the stress women undergo in their homes make some of them look three times older than their true ages. Check out the photos below, also read the message that came with these beautiful photos...

Is it Ok for a Christian to own sex dolls?

Hello. Good evening Eya. I need help with some clarification. Can you please help me post on the blog or any of your social media handles. This question has been bothering my head ever since the stories of smart sex dolls and their brothels broke out. Considering  these are mere objects, not

Motivational speaker Vujicic and wife welcome their set of twins

Australian Evangelist and motivational speaker born without limbs, Nick Vijicic is the proud father of twin girls. His wife,  Kanae Vijicic gave birth yesterday, the 21st of December.
See below

Life of a neglected child: Actress Liz Anjorin shares her shocking true life story, growing up with a Ghana-must-Go full of paper for sleeping pillow

I must warn, reading her story might make you shed tears... Do not judge ANYONE in this life until you walk in their chookoochookoo shoe. Read below...

"New Level, New Devil" - Adesua Etomi shares 20 things God has taught her in recent times

Petite newly wed actress, Adesua Etomi-Wellington shares with her fans, 20 things God has taught her in recent times. She took to Twitter to list them. See below…

Pastor, Nick Vujicic and wife expecting twins

Motivational Speaker, Australian Pastor, Nick Vujicic popularly known as the“Limbless Evangelist”,  one of the seven known surviving individuals on earth born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs, is set to welcome twin girls with his wife Kanae. The sweet announcement was made on Facebook by his wife, who shared a photo of her growing bump. The couple already have two boys.

His Wedding photos below:

Family photo:

With pregnant wife:

Read Their Love Story Below... Nick, an Australian Christian evangelist born without any arms or legs found God and Jesus who showed him despite his lack of limbs he can still live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Growing up, he had little hope to find love due to his condition. However, with a great connection with God  he’s been blessed with a beautiful wife, Kanae. Beautiful inside and out she admits to loving him for who he is. When Kanae first saw Nick she saw a handsome and exceptional man and had a p…

Is it Ok to take pictures of the dead lying in state and post Online? ...Here is what to do Instead

Oh dear! What has the late entertainer done to fans to deserve such dishonour?  First, it was a photo of his unclad dead body circulating the internet, could that be from his "friends?" Yesterday, the body of late Nollywood actor Chinonso Chukwujekwu was interred and it's shocking to me as an individual that photos of him lying in state in that condition of DEATH are circulating Online. Does that singular act of flashing a camera on a dead human and sharing Online, that singular act, does it show any respect for the dead? Imagine that he were your family member, your loved one, and after funeral, while still griefing over the loss, you go Online and behold pictures circulating with "RIP" comments following. Do these comments really matter at this point in time?
Is it possible that some of us were actually created with no senbse of emotion, like FEELING? Well, I read somewhere that some personalities do not have empathy, that they were born without empathy, perso…

There is 💰 in 🇳🇬

About jetting out of 9ja for a greener pasture.

In 2010, one egbon saw me and instantly decided I was the perfect fit for ilu oyinbo. "Yetunde, you don't deserve to be in this country, i want you to come with me to Finland".
This encounter aroused my abroad dreams. I immediately felt like a piece of shit as a Nigerian. I couldn't wait to unleash this beautiful dream.
Egon started all the processings. He really wanted me to model for a lingerie line in the abroad. I was to meet with a representative in an hotel for a photo session. These people cannot wait to see me in photos. This your shikini bress and flat ynash is their specs for the pata and bra sometin..'as the vintage sometin that your property is na'

Chineke Daalu!!
It was going to be an all expense paid trip. From passport to visa to accommodation and i'd even get paid. Wawuu! This looks too delicious to be real.

So my village people decided to screw me. They pushed me to tell my mum about the yu…

Victim’s share heartbreaking stories to expose & warn others of a new method used to steal money from bank accounts

An Instagram user has revealed the new method that is now being used to swipe money from people’s bank accounts. Though it still remains a mystery on how it was done, but he is the 2nd victim that got his account emptied… 1. Just a week ago, I boarded a bus at Obanikoro heading for Costain/Orile, highlighted at Ojuelegba, on getting past the traffic light, I became conscious of the fact that my phone was missing. I dialed my number and it kept ringing & ringing till it was switched off. I kept faith and was hoping for a possible reunion but that was the biggest mistake of my life. Later in the day I dialed my number and it rang, I was glad thinking the

Basic Items Needed for a comfortable stay after Resumption in Nigerian Universities

This list is basically for Freshers: If you are thinking of what your teenager really needs for resumption to school after gaining admission into Nigerian Universities or you are the admitted student that has no clue on what to get and what should wait till later, read this post and help your family save some money. You do not really need to carry too much luggage because at the end of the school semester, you'll discover some items you spent money on are not really necessary and if you are being sponsored by parents or guardians, you don't want a situation where by the time you return home for Christmas holidays, your dear parents are back home in the village after spending every dime on your school list. The list below is not exhaustive but contains all that you need to live comfortably at campus. While you are

"I don't ask a woman when she's getting married. I don't look down on unmarried ladies, I don't ask a woman when she's getting pregnant or when she's going to have another child I don't laugh at any woman whose marriage or relationship fails"

My mom told me a story about two of her neighbours who wouldn't see eye to eye while we lived in Onitsha. These women were always quarrelling. It seems they just couldn't stand each other. They bickered over little things and it continued for a while until one of them abused the other with her barrenness. She clapped her hands in this woman's face and called her a barren woman who was envious of her and her ability to have children every year. This other woman cried. She became silent. She went back into her room, locked herself in and cried for days. Her husband couldn't console her. The following week she travelled to her place, and spent two weeks there. When

'Why would a single, jobless lady be living in luxurious apartment? Why pay someone to cook for you to store in your freezer and make your husband believe you’re the one that cooked' - Euchariah Anunobi

Nollywood actress turned Evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi, has taken to Instagram to write on deception. The actress who wondered why a single lady with no means of income will be living in a palatial apartment, also raised some important points in her post. Here’s what she posted... “I can’t thank God enough for journey mercy tro and fro America.
But one thing has been tugging at the back of my mind and that is deception !
The manual for living ( BIBLE ) says in Galatians 6 : 3 – for if a man think himself to be something , when he is nothing , he deceiveth himself !! This scripture just blew my mind .
And it got me thinking , why would someone claim they are a graduate , when infact they are drop outs or never even attended the

Succeeding In Nigeria is just Like Driving in Lagos, True or False?

Have you ever woken up one morning and tired of this struggle called HUSTLE?
As just weak for mind, body and spirit?? Everything just tire you, your moral just down laidat!
You're tired of trying, you're tired of getting started, tired of indefinite outcomes, you're tired of uncertainties... Damn, you're tired of everything!!
You checked your friend(s) lives, everything on Fleek. it's incomparable to your present situation. You see them slaying in affluence, Dubai trips, good businesses, exotic cars, pepperdemgang, looking fly and doing exploits... These na people wey una follow start o.. yet na you hustle pass??.. Baba God kilo shele gangan 🙆

YES, you are freaking tired of hearing the usual motivational quotes...its getting long and no one

Can I start a business without capital? Yes you can, See how to do it

Can I start a business without A CAPITAL!????

🤞Yes You can!
🍷Yes you can't!

When you start a business without a working capital, you would only be able to tick the ✅🗃 hunger box. You would barely pay bills EXCEPT you PUSH HARD!!!

When I started my online fashion store OGEHOMES in 2014... I had nothing, as in I no get shishi!!

I knew a handful of women love BEAUTIFUL shoes, bags and accessories etc..and I needed a platform. I started with a Bbm channel(i currently have 12000 ➕ followers). I made sure to