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Business mogul and fashion blogger Laura Ikeji took to Instagram to appreciate her dear sister, Mega Blogger Linda Ikeji. According


Yes! a woman can workout on her period. Studies have shown that exercising on your period can help

No man should make you feel like he’s doing you a favour by marrying you — Nathaniel Bassey

The Online Convener of the Hallelujah Challenge and Olowogbogboro crooner, Nathaniel Bassey has shared on Twitter some marital advise for women. The Gospel singer advised that no woman should allow any man make her feel like he is doing her a favour by marrying her. According to him, women are the ones who do men the favour by marrying them. Read his tweets below...

Benny Hinn confesses he's taken the prosperity gospel too far; says he no longer flies private jets

Popular televangelist Benny Hinn has admitted to taking the prosperity gospel too far, outside of what the bible really teaches which is "NO LACK" Hinn’s confession comes in the wake of the death of renowned Evangelist Billy Graham who passed on Wednesday, February 21 2018, at the age of 99. Hinn, who has often been criticized for his endorsement of the prosperity gospel, said on Wednesday in a stunning confession on Facebook Live that he had sometimes taken the

Is it Ok for a Christian to own sex dolls?

Hello. Good evening Eya. I need help with some clarification. Can you please help me post on the blog or any of your social media handles. This question has been bothering my head ever since the stories of smart sex dolls and their brothels broke out. Considering  these are mere objects, not

Motivational speaker Vujicic and wife welcome their set of twins

Australian Evangelist and motivational speaker born without limbs, Nick Vijicic is the proud father of twin girls. His wife,  Kanae Vijicic gave birth yesterday, the 21st of December.
See below

Life of a neglected child: Actress Liz Anjorin shares her shocking true life story, growing up with a Ghana-must-Go full of paper for sleeping pillow

I must warn, reading her story might make you shed tears... Do not judge ANYONE in this life until you walk in their chookoochookoo shoe. Read below...

"New Level, New Devil" - Adesua Etomi shares 20 things God has taught her in recent times

Petite newly wed actress, Adesua Etomi-Wellington shares with her fans, 20 things God has taught her in recent times. She took to Twitter to list them. See below…

'Why would a single, jobless lady be living in luxurious apartment? Why pay someone to cook for you to store in your freezer and make your husband believe you’re the one that cooked' - Euchariah Anunobi

Nollywood actress turned Evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi, has taken to Instagram to write on deception. The actress who wondered why a single lady with no means of income will be living in a palatial apartment, also raised some important points in her post. Here’s what she posted... “I can’t thank God enough for journey mercy tro and fro America.
But one thing has been tugging at the back of my mind and that is deception !
The manual for living ( BIBLE ) says in Galatians 6 : 3 – for if a man think himself to be something , when he is nothing , he deceiveth himself !! This scripture just blew my mind .
And it got me thinking , why would someone claim they are a graduate , when infact they are drop outs or never even attended the

Succeeding In Nigeria is just Like Driving in Lagos, True or False?

Have you ever woken up one morning and tired of this struggle called HUSTLE?
As just weak for mind, body and spirit?? Everything just tire you, your moral just down laidat!
You're tired of trying, you're tired of getting started, tired of indefinite outcomes, you're tired of uncertainties... Damn, you're tired of everything!!
You checked your friend(s) lives, everything on Fleek. it's incomparable to your present situation. You see them slaying in affluence, Dubai trips, good businesses, exotic cars, pepperdemgang, looking fly and doing exploits... These na people wey una follow start o.. yet na you hustle pass??.. Baba God kilo shele gangan 🙆

YES, you are freaking tired of hearing the usual motivational quotes...its getting long and no one

Diary Of A Pastor's Wife

DIARY OF A PASTOR'S WIFE (EPISODE 1) That morning, my husband David came to pick me at the airport. He was dry faced and tensed, very unusual. Other times, David would be so excited to come pick me, he would kiss and hug me passionately; but today, everything is different. "You kept me waiting for hours in there." I said, gazing angrily at him. "Don't tell me it's traffic honey, today is Saturday." "I'm sorry, I had to pick the kids from summer lessons and then rush to church to counsel a few couples." He said soothingly. 
"You now prepare the kids for school? What happened to Ifeoma? She is the kids' nanny."  "And you are the Kids mom!", he screamed suddenly. "You've been away from your family for 5 months, Ekom; the kids don't even talk about you anymore." David deliberately slowed his breathing in a bid to calm himself down.  I was silent for a while. My lips quivered, but David ignored that he saw …

Beautiful baby shower photos from a young couple in Warri

The lady has since been delivered of her bundle of joy. The bouncing baby boy arrived on May 5.
see more lovely photos...


1. After the first try to see if you can escape and yet you couldn't, do NOT struggle anymore.... 2. Pretend you are weak, this will prevent him from beating you or further harming you. 3. Beg him to treat you well... Lie to him that you have succumbed.... 4. If you can, help him pull your under panties and try romancing him.... This is to make him relaxed, with thoughts that you are horny, crazy or want it too..... 5. When his penis is out

Thin Tall Tony The Traitor? This is how I feel as a woman and wife #BBNaija

Thinking about other Seasons of Big Brother. I remember vividly, that Big Brother Africa Season that shook the whole of Africa. "The Richiana" Season. We couldn't stop watching because everyone was anticipating, waiting to be the first to catch that moment when Richard and Tatiana would kiss on live TV. The day Richard won a task and chose Tatiana as the housemate to spend the night with at the Pent house, emotions raged high, Africa stayed awake the whole night to see if they'd be strong enough to resist the temptation and they did. The final day came, Who won all that money? Richard did.  Africa fell in love with Richard and tatiana until the last day when Richard's wife appeared on stage dancing, celebrating her husband's win, walking majestically to take her darling husband home with their money. 
Thin Tall Tony is a strong contestant just like Richard. However, NOT as strong  because Tatiana knew that Richard was married, he told her about his family back …

What it means when YOU are being taken for granted

When you are taken for granted, it means your value is being underestimated. You are expected to always be available, to serve without needing a 'thank you', an appreciation. In short you are being taken for granted when people or someone expects you to serve without needing recognition/acknowledgement. When try as you may, give until you have nothing more to give yet, you are seen as ''after-all you are doing what you should be doing" You go all out of your way to render some services yet that recognition is not given you and you are wondering why? Just know that YOU ARE BEING TAKEN FOR GRANTED.  Your value is not appreciated or, you are not even valued by whoever it is you are serving.
To be honest, so many people feel they are being taken for granted but are not really sure. Now, here are signs to prove that you are truly not valued either by an individual; husband, wife, In-laws, friends, family and the list goes on.


Lagos Boy posts a woman's very private parts on social media

Be careful! When you give a man everything like this to keep in his phone, better remain his slave for life oh, the day you hurt him, you never know how bitter the revenge will taste. Those nudes you take today may become your downfall tomorrow. Things may not always be like this. The tune might change tomorrow and you cannot take back those nudes. See this one, even opening for the boy to grab her intestines. Where is the sense in this? If any lady thinks that giving a man your nudes will prevent him from cheating on you, SORRY DEAR. The 'highs' from your nudes will soon fade and he will look for fresh ones to obssess on.

Young ladies ...receive brain, receive sense, receive understanding, receive discernment, receive extra perceptive sense, receive God IJN. Amen. I was about to say that this boy deserves an arrest but on a second thought, she gave him the power to do this to her. She handed over EVERYTHING including the two holes (A "blank check") to him to do as …


A Facebooker shared this wonderful testimony. Read below:
My grandmother once had persistent cough and wheezing for around 4-5 months. I put her on medication but the condition persisted. I got her blood tests done and changed the medicines, but there wasn’t any improvement. The x-ray of her chest didn’t reveal any problems with her lungs or bronchial system. She and others at home were disturbed by the constant hacking cough and I was in a quandary. We were praying about the matter regularly, but a healing didn’t come soon. Then one night the Lord showed me a dream. In the dream, I am examining my grandmother’s x-ray and this x-ray is different from the x-ray taken in the hospital. While examining the x-ray, certain parts of the lungs are focused upon and I can clearly visualize worms in the lungs. That was all I saw in the dream. When I woke up, I realized that I had missed the real cause of the cough. The Lord here was showing that the cough was “allergic” because of larvae of wor…




Happy Sunday. "Please, permit me share this true life experience shared by one of my friends. May the Lord continue to help us and let's also continue to look out for one another.
Here goes his account:

"Good morning everyone... I want to narrate my ugly experience to serve as a lesson for all. Please take time and read.
   Sometime November 2015 at UNIPORT I met my childhood friend whom we went to secondary school together and never saw each other again not until we saw at UNIPORT. You know nah long time friend, we started exchanging pleasantries. He told me that he stays at Aluu with his wife and I told him I just moved in around Rumuigbo "NTA/Apara Link Road". We exchanged contact and he said of visiting me someday and we went our ways. Around February 2016 he called me asking for assistance that his wife gave birth but still in the hospital not yet discharged, I now said he should come to the house, which he did (he drove a car and packed somewhere


A class in music appreciation was asked the difference between listening and hearing. At first there was no response. Finally, a hand went up and a youngster offered this solution: Listening is wanting to hear. The golden rule of friendship is to listen to others as you would have them listen to you. There is no greater love than a sympathetic ear , and and some empathy. Listening is a rare happening among human beings especially in these days of gadgets and phone pressing. You cannot listen to the words another is speaking if you are preoccupied with your appearance or with impressing the other, or are trying to decide what you are going to say when the other person stops talking, or are debating about whether what is being said is true or relevant or agreeable. Such matters have their place, yes but only after listening to the word just as it is being said.

Real communication happens only when we feel safe with the other person.