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Ingredients For My Made In Nigeria Beef Burger And Hot Dog

Like I promised earlier today to post ingredients for my Naija Burgers and very delicious Super Hot dog. Not really mine cos I don't eat but the kids love them and make by themselves. Was preparing to post this evening without pictures when I saw one of the girls struggling in the kitchen to make one for herself. I had to get the camera.
For how to make this beef burger, there is nothing much, it's just getting the veggies ready, your beef, chicken, lamb, ham or whatever meat you want to use grilled, your bun warmed to soften.

Ingredients for My Burger

Hot Dog Burger By My Creative Daughter

Hot dog burger? Yes. Burger meat in a hot dog bun. I don't know if there is any food like that o. I call it the name it's maker called. Holiday is here with a full house, drama and the girls creating their 'any how' recipes to show me they too can cook.

This morning, the four girls were told that there were only 3 burger buns left in the refrigerator, they agreed to share those among the four of them. How they wanted to do it, I didn't know. The Four burget meats were roasted.

Fortunately and unfortunately for the first three, their youngest sister opted out that she wasn't interested in burgers, would rather eat over night eba. The three happily relaxed and said since they didn't have to share, eating shouln't be at the same time. Two young ladies went to the kitchen and made theirs. I had instructed that OYO was the word, "every man to his own, remember to wash after you". so, no one called me.

The last girl who opted out later saw her two…