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About The Cookware That Bakes And Cooks Even Afang Soup Without Oil

Before now, I thought that we Nigerians never really bothered much about healthy choices when it comes to enjoying food but with the number of mails I'm getting at and WhatsApp, that has changed.

When I published that post, it was to publish another with a soup or stew recipe the very next however God holds the times, and I am also looking forward to when I'll be able to do a full recipe post. ...Very soon.
The reason I disabled comments on there is because of the comments about the cost of the cookware which is actually not really true. It's not about the cost because this is a wonder cookware,  after purchase, even before completion of the payment, you can make much more than what is

Cooking Nigerian Meals Without Oil, Water; My Healthy Lifestyle

Just finished baking this lovely cake in this pot on the cooker
My initial plan was... not to post on this until I've published a recipe cooked with my new cookware but time is flying past and we have been cooking but haven't taken any pics yet. What has come over me? I can't believe that me, Eya, I can cook and finish eating before remembering that pics were not taken.

Iam making this post, hoping that it will become my reminder to take pics when using the cookware. They are so many. After cooking with them and practically getting to know the health benefits, I thought about joining the team so that when I post, my blog readers who are interested can contact me and get theirs through my able dealer or myself if I can bear the financial demand too, but, honestly my dear readers a lot is happening right now and you guys won't understand. I wish a day can take like say 30 hours instead.

I wanted to respond