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Mercy Johnson From Miss To Mrs To Mama

MERCY JOHNSON (Photo credit: NOLLYWOOD PICTURES)I am in the mood for some gossip this morning. All food and no work-out can leave us constipated and sick. This year 2013, I can't remember

My Kind Of Love For Polygamist Family Sister Wives

When a man gets married to multiple wives, he owns all these wives and remains the head of the family.  On the part of the wives, they MUST remain loyal and faithful to the polygamous man.While most cultures frown heavily at it, In Africa, we see one or two Heads Of Government Living that Lifestyle. Those in it seem very happy. They say it is their choice and that they are loving it. They will not trade that lifestyle for anything. I have seen co-wives making uniformed outfits  and even ganging up against their husband sometimes. All the wives in a polygamous marriage are seen as mothers to every child in that family, whether biological or step. The term step-mom term doesn't exist among them.The children are taught to see all the wives as their biological mothers, while the women try as much as possible to treat children of their co wives as they would their biological children.
It is a free world, everyone is free to choose the lifestyle they want provided that it does not hurt…