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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Can I start a business without capital? Yes you can, See how to do it

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Can I start a business without A CAPITAL!????

🤞Yes You can!
🍷Yes you can't!

When you start a business without a working capital, you would only be able to tick the ✅🗃 hunger box. You would barely pay bills EXCEPT you PUSH HARD!!!

When I started my online fashion store OGEHOMES in 2014... I had nothing, as in I no get shishi!!

I knew a handful of women love BEAUTIFUL shoes, bags and accessories etc..and I needed a platform. I started with a Bbm channel(i currently have 12000 ➕ followers). I made sure to

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Dee Deserves Feedback From Your Online Shopping Experience Please

Re: Strictly For Job Seekers And Employers 

Hello Aunty Eya, i just read your post on Job seekers, and honestly i must say i appreciate d heart u have to help Job seekers. 
But my advice for us all is if u cant find a job create a job. Start a businessBuild a source of income

I have been helping in my little way to teach us all how import items from China to Nigeria, resell and make gud profit but im yet to hear anyone say i have successfully imported this or that. At least Aunty Eya tried importing even of it didnt go well but at least she tried. 

I have a friend who made 75k in 3days selling imported wristwatches. There are lots of business to venture in all u need to do is stop looking and start seeing. 

I started by importing human hair, profit was gud but debt was too much, i prayed, decided to stop looking and i  started seeing. 

I am willing to

unveil a new lucrative business to you that i am currently