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This is a post that has been shared so many times on Social Media. It just makes me feel like there are some people you help until you become bankrupt yourself yet their condition will not change, why? Because they are just like that. They make no effort themselves! Imagine that a woman proposes to a young man with 5 million Naira and od other expensive items, for two years, I mean two whole years. She didn't see any investment, she didn't see any returns from the initial five million Naira she gave him for free and

We Enjoy a healthy marriage with no major issues but one thing...

Hello ma'am, I wanted to reach out to this wonderful wives connection family and get some advice on if my situation is a perfectly normal one or I am the one who is over-reacting like she said.  I am not really sure what I should be doing. Would appreciate any advice from the blog...

This is my second time asking for help from the blog family and I trust . My wife and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last weekend. We enjoy a fairly healthy marriage with no major issues so far, But one thing that has been