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Fashion Designer? Workers Needed Urgently

Hello good people of wives connection,
Good morning and happy new week
Please I have a problem, I recently just opened a fashion house but I have been having problems with tailors . It's like they all have a generational curse (sorry to say this) . I pay well but none of them ever stays more than a month. My friends in the business are also complaining about the same thing saying tailors are never serious or responsible .

I have thrown my problems to this blog about three times in the past and I always got solutions here. So please if there's any one out there who knows a very good tailor that would be ready to sit down and work please help me with their contacts. If you need mine please just comment below and I would drop it for you .
I have invested so much in this business and I can't afford to be looking and my machine chairs empty with no serious worker on them.

Please help . Today is monday and nobody is at work, Monday that is to be taken seriously . I have 6 workers and