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Woman mercilessly beaten by husband for inability to have more kids (Photos)

A Nigerian mum has cried out on social media after her husband mercilessly beat her up allegedly because she couldn’t give him more children. According to the story shared yesterday by Human Rights lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, the lady has also been sent out of her matrimonial home with her only child – a 13 year old son.
See photos below...

Man who battered his wife, allegedly impregnated her younger sister and aborted the baby, Arrested

A 26-year-old Benue state indigene by the name Rosalyn, pictured above, cried out on Social Media for help after enduring years of physical and emotional abuse from her husband who she got married to when she was 19 years old. Read what was shared on Facebook by Mimi Atedze (below)..
Good day, my name is Rosalyn.from Benue stat I need help so I don't take my life. Because that seem to be the only option now. I got married in court at the age of 19 because I was pregnant and because I didn't want to bring shame to my parents, I got married and it has

Wife flogged to death by husband for serving him small piece of fish

Twitter user @DCelebrityNurse shares the sad story of her tenant’s sister, said that wasn’t the only time the lady had scars on her body resulting from broken bottles and cutlass used by her husband during physical assault.  

@DCelebrityNurse went further to disclose that preliminary scan, revealed that the lady suffered broken limbs and blunt injuries especially on her kidney. Her tweet reads; Just heard very devastating news now. My tenant’s sister was beaten to death by her husband because she gave him small fish!!!!!! Some men are mad!!! I mean very mad!!! So actually, this is not the first time he had been beating her, but she never told anyone. She had different scars on her body ranging from broken bottles to cutlass marks. I mean why endure such madness??? Why???? She actually reported to the police station the night she was beaten, where she

Fani-Kayode’s 3-yr-old marriage to Precious Chikwendu has crashed (details)

According to Sahara Reporters,in a bid to cover up the abuse of his current wife, Fani-Kayode, who had had three failed marriages, has used a prophesy given by Apostle Suleman for 2018, to cover up. The report reads further: “In reality, unknown to many, Fani-Kayode had accused his wife of infidelity. The woman, disclosed family sources, is said to be

Blogger Emeh Achanga of MissPetiteNigeria confirms her marriage crash, reveals what led to it

Nigerian blogger and mum of one, Emeh Achanga of Misspetite, has confirmed that her 2-year-old marriage has indeed crashed. The blogger revealed how she suffered emotional and domestic violence in her marriage, said it triggered the post-partum depression which she was already battling with and almost made her take her own life. She wrote thus...

32-year-old-woman stabs husband to death while he slept

When bitterness takes control, it's deadly!
A 32 year old Ugandan woman who stabbed her husband to death in his sleep last night, has been arrested by the Ugandan Police.
Acting police spokesperson, Danny Mwale, who confirmed the incident said the incident occurred after the couple had a fight.
“The incident occurred on October 15, 2017 at 02:00 hours in Misisi compound in Lusaka, in which George Chavula aged 45, was stabbed twice on his back with a kitchen knife by his wife, Grace Chanda aged 32. The victim died a few minutes later.
“This occurred during a fight inside their one roomed house and the suspect also had two teeth extracted during the fight as fists are alleged to have been used by the deceased before retiring to bed,” Mwale said.

Lagos resident flogs his wife with cane for closing her legs when he tried to resume work in The Other Room (photos)

A Lagos husband, Destiny Odiaka has battered his wife Uzor for proving stubborn whenever they went to their bedroom to sleep as husband and wife. The incident happened in the early hours of morning at Ewusu Street in Ketu, Lagos where they reside.
It was gathered that the angry husband reportedly moved to touch her wife but she stubbornly covered her legs after much pleading and persuasion.
Odiaka then brought out a cane and whooped it on her legs to force her to open up breasts and other parts of her body. She shouted and attracted their neighbours that early morning and the neighbours intervened.
It was learnt that when they eventually opened their door and the neighbours attempted to know what

The Truth Is Out! After Series Of Miscarriages, Nigerian Woman Finally Rests In Peace On The Day She Is Due To Give Birth

Heavily Pregnant Chinyere Sylvia Akeleme gave up after she was allegedly brutally beaten by her husband Obinna Akaleme on her EDD (Expected Delivery Date). Read her distressing untold story below as shared by Facebooker Ukan Kurugh...

Banker who smashed wife’s leg and ran to U.S with Mistress, now begs for forgiveness after wife revoked his Visa (photos)

Remember John Okeikhan Edobor, the Zenith bank worker and Ivie Edobor’s ex-husband who was dragged to court in a domestic abuse lawsuit for permanently breaking his wife’s leg? Well he’s now begging for forgiveness after his wife reportedly wrote the U.S embassy to revoke his Visa, which they did. Recall that his wife who celebrated one year anniversary of the incident recently, revealed that John ran to The United States with his mistress. John Okeikhan Edobor who has been stripped of everything including his job, visa and his mistress eventually abandoning him, reached out to Laila Ijeoma, and below is the open letter he wrote...

Nigerian lady receives slaps on her wedding night for refusal to cook soup and swallow by

Wao! This story will get you glued to your seat o. It was posted on Break or makeup and about a lady who got beaten by hubby on their wedding night, after he asked for food by 3 a.m.

Well the lady involved, her husband and side chick have all sent in their own sides of the story. Let's start with  The wife's chronicle below:

‘This is my life after DV; I am strong, I am happy, I am free’ – Ivie Edobor, victim of near fatal domestic violence marks one year anniversary

Ivie Edobor, victim of domestic violence that nearly claimed her life has been in and out of court and hospital, after she was reportedly brutally attacked by

Man allegedly kills his 8-month-pregnant wife for not washing his clothes

Fatal Domestic violence again!When Hannah, a native of Benue State, moved in with Matthew a few years ago, she had hoped that they would become husband and wife.
After bearing three female children in quick succession for Matthew, the Tiv native had hoped

Man allegedly beats son to death for stealing doughnuts

Here’s how a psychologist shared the news on Social Media:
What a cruel world. This week Tuesday, between the hours of 8 to 9 am. I saw a crowd of people around my vicinity gathered by this little boy, so I stopped by and inquired what happened.
They told me this little boy on his way to school, stole doughnut from a shop. The people whom he stole the doughnut even gave him more of it and mineral and asked him to go. They all claimed that his father and step-mum have the habit of

Watch This Viral video of a Nigerian man beating and kicking his wife Onyinyechi

What is really happening? Could it be recession? Here's a horrific video of a Nigerian man identified as Peter Ezeh, beating and kicking his wife Onyinyechi Ezeh. The man continued assaulting her  even as she was heard shouting "Jesus" and "Oh my God" as he beats her to a pulp.
See the video below...

Empress Njamah blames women too for domestic violence, says men are not always to blame (Video)

Pretty Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah has said it is not always a man’s fault when there is domestic violence in a relationship.According to her, sometimes the women torment men mentally and also beat them too, but people don't

In-laws flog man for hitting his wife, watch him cry like a baby :)

This video will sure make your day. It was initially shared by TheNetNg, just see what a man did to his wife..

In the video below, his In-laws beat him thoroughly, his wails will make you smile for the rest of the day....

Nigerian Wife fatally stabs husband with a pair of scissors during fight

One, too many cases of domestic violence in Naija. The things anger can lead one into, no amount of regret or tears can undo what is done here . A wife reportedly lost control, snabbed and stabbed her husband to death with a pair of scissors, following an argument they had. According to their neighbour Chidex Lily, the incident happened at NO. 4 Aguatta St off Omuma Rd. Aba.
The deceased, Obinna, from Mbaise, Imo State, was stabbed, last week, after an

Ex-staff of Mercy Aigbe Gentry spills more info on the Cat and Dog lifestyle of the couple

Well, Prior to last week, anyone looking through actress, Mercy Aigbe’s Instagram page would have concluded that she had a perfect marriage with her husband, Lanre Gentry. However, the truth showed its face last week and pictures of Mercy’s badly beaten face which circulated on the Internet became the fodder for jokes, indignation and angst online.

In the course of digging for information on what actually went down in the marriage, Sunday Scoop spoke with a source who once worked with Mercy at her Mag Divas Boutique, located at Omole, Lagos. According to the former employee, the actress and her husband often had quarrels in the boutique.
“Their marriage has always been a ‘strange’ one. On some days, they could come in laughing together and act all lovey-dovey and on some other days, they’d enter the shop arguing and cursing each other at the top of their voices.

“There have been several times that aunty Mercy and her husband came into the shop arguing at the top of their voices. There w…

'I escaped with a broken eye socket and knocked teeth' - Woman shares her abusive marriage story to warn others

Domestic violence on the increase. What went wrong? An Instagram user @marea.cache shared how she managed to escape an abusive relationship leaving with a broken eye socket and a knocked teeth! Devour Her story below....
"A year ago Today My life was Almost taken from me! This wouldn’t have been the first traumatic situation I’ve been through but by far the worst Because My

Mercy Aigbe’s husband Lanre Gentry shares throwback photos with messages for her

Actress Mercy Aigbe’s hotelier husband, Lanre Gentry, is employing subtle moves to get his estranged wife back.
Since the story about his assault on wifey broke out last week with pictures of a battered Mercy, he has tried to explain his side of the story. Still maintaining his stance that he didn’t beat her and never did, Gentry has started