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Importance Of And How To Care For Cloth Diapers

Hello Eya, thanks to you and everyone that leaves comments on wives connection, I have learnt so much since I discovered the blog.
I am a mother of two who is expecting my third child and there is something I would like to learn from other women out there.

Is it unhygienic to use cloth diapers on babies? Why I ask this question is because I do not see mothers hanging out cloth nappies to dry like it used to be in the past. For my other babies, I used all kinds of baby diapers,both baby pampers, Huggies, ETC,  and made use of cloth nappies when we are home. Disposable diapers were used only at night and when we go for outing. Because of my method of washing them, all my baby nappies remained immaculate white until they are torn, none changed color at all.

Wrapping nappies on