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This is my honey cake recipe, there is NO sugar in this recipe. I


Good morning dear disciplined, focused and hardworking weight losers. We are making our slow and

Easy Nigerian Cake Recipe (Pound Cake (2)

Nigerian cake is actually pound cake. It is the cake preferred by most Nigerians both at home and at events.This pound cake recipe is almost like the previous pound cake recipe posted earlier but with a few twists. For the other recipe, batter was mixed for 3 minutes, here it's just 2 minutes total time mixing. 2 teaspoons vanilla essence as against the 1 teaspoon of the old recipe. The eggs I used this time weren't as large as those used for the

Pound Cake Recipe For The Learner

Also known as Nigerian cake
How to bake Nigerian cake:This no stress pound cake recipe is especially for the learner who thinks that baking is difficult. This recipe doesn't ask that you mix anything separately before adding. All you have to do is measure and pour in a large bowl. Preparation takes less than 10  minutes and your cake is put in the oven. All you need is a stand mixer because the weight is going to be much for manual mixing.
INGREDIENTS: 4 cups all purpose flour (500 grams) 2 cups sugar (500 grams) 2 cups butter ( I used 2 sachets baking margarine) (500 grams) 6 large eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla essence

PREPARATION: Layer all the ingredients in a bowl, start with the flour, sugar, butter, eggs and finally vanilla.

Simple Madeira cake recipe

Madeira cakes are an excellent start for the novice baker. Beat together liquid ingredients; sift together dry ingredients

Recipe: How to bake plantain cake that everyone will want to eat

Plantain cakes can be baked with either ripe or unripe plantain or with a mixture of both blended together. This delicious cake was baked with ripe plantain. The process of baking this is a bit similar to baking with flour except that here you blend the plantain first of all, and ,there is no beating of eggs with margarine. Everything is added, whisked to mix very well and then poured into the baking pan. The ingredients are same cake baking ingredients, just that here there is no sugar added because ripe plantains are sweet. Baking plantain cakes is another great way of making use of ripe plantains before they go bad. Sometimes plantains get ripe all at once and aside making dodo, roasting and boiling, people can't think of other ways of serving them. With this method of cooking/baking ripe plantains, THAT is solved. This plantain cake is a balanced meal with all essential food nutrients.
5 ripe plantains5 eggs1/2 teaspoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon sa…

How to bake cake using sand in a cooking pot; No Oven

I have posted a cake baked without an oven earlier on the blog. However, that cake wasn't baked using sand. The baking pan was paced directly on the pot and I don't think I'll bake like that again. Using sand and foil actually maintains the pot and is neat too. This I experimented with a small sized cake and because it turned out so great, I'll bake much bigger cakes using these method in the future becaause my oven actually consumes more gas than baking in a pot on the burners. Even when one has an oven, baking in a pot with sand really saves gas because less is consumed.
To see how to bake meat pie and other foods without an oven, follow this link. (Click on the red link)
(Shop cooking pots)
(Shop cooking stove)
3 cups flour1 sachet baking margarine1/2 teaspoon baking powdera pinch of salt1/2 cup sugar8 eggs1 teaspoon vanilla essence. (Shop measuring cups and spoons)
First of all I accidentally added the sugar direct to flour instead of b…

How To Bake Biscuits Like My 8 Year Old

I need to learn how to bake from my girls.  Only two of the four enjoy cooking. One likes to beg others to cook for her when she's hungry, the other would rather eat cereals for lunch than cook for herself. This 8 year old is one of those kitchen loving 2. She asked for biscuits, I directed her to crackers.
Said she wanted Danish cookies and I
told her to either take my crackers or bake her cookies herself. Next thing she picked up her cookbook and entered the kitchen.
In less than 20 minutes I was called to come turn on the oven and before I said JACK, these delicious cookies were staring at me.


125 grams of butterhalf cup granulated sugar3 tablespoons milk11/2 cups self raising flour1/4 cup custard powderFILLING:

Simple And Quick Cake Baking In A Sandwich Toaster By Zinny

This is in response to a comment someone made about small chops. My problem is time and taking pix. Ill try to send some finger food very soon.
Apart from mixing the cake batter, making this simple cake takes approximately 12mins for each batch. When I first came across this, I was scared it may not cook well at such short time, but surprisingly

Different Cake Baking Recipes, Cakes For February

Well done and thanks to all of us who remembered to share our salad recipes in January. For February, Deborah suggested cake posts. We are not limited to cake posts alone. You can share any recipe you have with us.

Most of us will be baking for valentine, may something or someone remind us to take pics while baking and decorating our cakes so we share on the blog.
Thanks to us all, me inclusive cos I also shared a salad recipe in January.
Carry go.

Below are

Cake Mix Cake By Gee Emmy

First of all thanks to Sazzy and Jay for their contributions towards the operation of my Scanfrost oven "from hell" like one Anon said.

Using a cake mix is a very easy way to bake without starting from scratch. Cake mix can be found in big supermarkets, just get a pack and

Valentine Special:Red Velvet Cakes, More By Ahdaizy Jayde

This is a "Do It Yourself" Valentine Baking!
Something to wow the men in our lives this valentine. If you