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What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

Who Is A Lifestyle Blogger?  Hello Aunty Eya, I started following your blog around the time that you took a break to have your baby. Recently, I started my own blog but couldn't continue because I got a job in a bank and the work load cannot combine blogging.  Right now I'm pregnant and planning to leave the job for blogging but wouldn't want to go back to what I  left because that was basically about me and life as a student.  N as a soon to be mom, I like to start a blog that will document my pregnancy journey and family life. What niche is that please?  Am I correct to call myself  a lifestyle blogger?

My sis, start blogging already, time is not waiting. You are a lifestyle blogger.  I know that a lot of people think that lifestyle blogging  is done when you write about your way of life, like daily living and all that, but that's not all. Lifestyle blogging is bigger than just writing about how you

Read This WatsApp Convo If You Still Having Problems With Mobile Blogging On Wives Connection

If there is still any of us who can't read the mobile blog, maybe it's not the device, you just need to try and get more used to the smart phone like she did and is reading now with ease. A little playing with fingers on the screen and you figure out. I borrowed someones' smart phone today to read WC and see how it looks cos on my tablet, couldn't just understand as it shows PC view. So, I saw clearly that all the fonts are red, both topic and full post and that's not the settings, it's


I feel relaxed now that we reverted to the old layout. I don't care anymore. Because I bought the new template doesn't mean I'll not listen to my blog readers.  Honestly I wanted the blog to do better with the new template and even though to me it did better, my blog readers are more important here.
For one reader that struggles to read and struggles still to leave a comment, there are thousand others  who suffer without saying it.  I'm grateful that we got those comments about difficulties faced by some readers. If no one complained we'll just continue while readers get discouraged.

Now I  believe "if it ain't broken, don't fix it. I  still  have a

The Laptop's Not A Touch Screen! I Can Relate With This Funny Tweet

This tweet brought back memories. I did say to my daughters too just a few years back that the laptop's not a touch screen and today I'm blogging and performing so many other tasks

I Miss Blogging With This My Cracked Laptop

Blogging Addiction Alert!
The feeling of not doing what you enjoy is eh? I can't wait to return fully to blogging cos I'm itching already. Eesah has really been helping us out with updates.Have really tried my best to rest and I still find myself reading other blogs and even leaving comments, If that is not blogging addiction then I don't know. I want to start cooking myself so that I take pictures  for us. July is still so far away,  don't know if I can wait and thank you Eesah for helping out with blog posts at this time. God bless you.

 I know a lot of us would have loved to send posts too but time: Busy mothers, challenging and time consuming jobs, pregnancies and many other reasons are just the little challenges.
Blogging makes me smile unconsciously like until someone draws my attention to my smiling face while concentrating on the computer, lol.

I didn't know that when I take this break, they'll still be readers but to my surprise, you guys are always h…