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All Nigerian Blogs And Bloggers cannot Be The Same

"Eya, what is wrong with you? Linda does not eat garri you eat garri.
Eya what is your problem? Linda has a chef you cook your meals.
Eya, don't you want to succeed as a blogger? Linda does not sleep, you sleep
Eya, are you alright? Linda gates comment you gate today, free tomorrow.
Eya, don't you want sponsors? Linda does not delete insults, you delete insults
Eya, why do you cook with

Guidelines For Sending Mails To Wives Connection Blog

Good morning Fam. I am still shockd about what happened yesterday hence this post. Right from today, before anyone sends a mail to my email for publication on wives connection blog,

Add a phone number to your mailStart by

Necessary Blogging Tips For New Blogger

Hello Eya, my name is. and I operate an Islamic family blog,  it's something I just created and I have been having a lot of rave reviews. I do not know much about monetizing the blog, a friend just told me that since the Ramadan fast is coming I should try to get adverts... 
I do not know the first thing about this. Even if I secure some, how will I get the adverts to display in banners on the blog? I really don't know, please come to my aid, another thing is how do I do this ' click to read more thing' that most blogs have in their Web version? I think it's better having such clause to enable more clicks on articles. I await your kind response. 
By the way, I am an ardent reader of your blog.. I remember a post on how you spent your Christmas holiday or something like that, and where you also uploaded the holiday experience of one of your readers, your blog has come a long way. We thank God. I await your response ma. 
Thank you in anticipation. 
My Blogging Tips: To m…

You Need A Google Account To Leave Comments

Hello Blog Fam,
Considering recent comments on WC, some of us have sent me mails suggesting that we put some restrictions in place so that those who need advice will not shy away because of the horrible comments they might get from some unknown people hiding behind their screens.

I agree with them and think that will bring our love and oneness back to this family. Blog settings changed this morning, to leave a comment, you

10 Blog Guidelines By Moji

Hello Joy Ojay,
Well done with what you've done with the blog, I have been blessed by the various interactions so far. I first started reading your blog about 2 months ago and I like the feeling of the support system that the blog seems to offer women (married or not). I am however