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It's dried tilapia coconut rice because it was cooked with dried tilapia as the source of protein. Coconut rice is best cooked with dried fish if there is no fish, crayfish has to be added to get that local Nigerian coconut rice flavour. I wanted to blend one coconut and mix with th coconut milk powder for a stronger coconut


How to cook Nigerian coconut rice with green vegetables
Coconut rice is cooked with coconut milk. These days, one doesn't have to grate coconuts as the blender can do a better job, there are also coconut milk cans in shops or coconut cream powder for one to use. There is no need for step by step pictures or recipe as we havecoconut rice recipe already on the blog. The vegetables came in last and it was just a sprinkle of green amaranth (aleho) vegetables. I like to add crayfish and smoked fish to coconut rice, but here I didn't. Just cooked with chicken stock and served with grilled chicken. I boiled 1 kg chicken, took out the stock for my coconut rice, before grilling.
Tastes so good, you'll love it.


4 cups rice2 cans coconut milk2 sachets coconut cream powder1 tblespoon Fresh pepper1 medium sized onionsalt to taste2 tablespoons ketchup for some colour and taste. Turned out very very delicious.2 Bouillon cubes, you can use knorr or maggi etcI small bunch green ve…

My Nigerian Fried Rice Garnished With Cucumber Skin

So, I cooked this fried, hoping to get the green from the peas but after boiling them done, the green disappeared and my pot of rice looked like it's not balanced, like something is missing. Thankfully, I had some cucumbers in the fridge. Scraped only the green and gave colour. I was scared the rice might smell like cucumber but it didn't. Everything blended really well. The green skin wasn't stir fried with other vegetables. Just sprinkled on the plate after serving to take fine pictures.

With all the fried rice recipes on the blog already, I don't feel like uploading all the cooking pics. Was grilling the chicken when NEPA  struck, it ended up being fried in hot oil. Who neva sabi cook fried rice? No body.

Pics: More Nigerian School Lunch Box Tips


Ok, to the mailer that wanted to know how I plan and pack kids lunch boxes daily, here is for you. I had to take this pics yesterday morning after cooking. The rice was cooked and the chicken grilled between 6 and 7am Monday Morning. Kids School lunch boxes can cause headaches and chaos in the mornings especially Mondays, if we do not plan ahead. There was a time I resorted to paying for School lunch and it was so much fun and rest but the kids weren't eating well because they complain that Their School food gets delivered in the morning and by breaktime, it's cold, so, I started cooking again. This arrangement here is for 2 weeks of School for 2 Primary School kids. Served on Mondays, Wednesdays And Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they are given fries (irish potatoe chips) with scrambled eggs and ketchup just like today (I'll add the pics later), or any of dodo, hotdogs, indomie noodles with boiled eggs, sandwich, etc. Each serving is…

Nigerian Vegetable Fish Soup With Basmati Rice, Wheat Bread For Weight Loss

Where are the geniuses and prodigies in the house? Who can look at this wordless recipe post and write us a recipe by just looking at the pictures? Recipe to hold body for the mean time because right now it's mid night and I'm eyeing the bed. Who can help please?
 Yes, I know... Nursing mother, no dieting. I did just a lil healthy dieting sort of to lose only 2 kg and fit into a dress. After that, continued eating my everything all join o.

Before trying this soups, I actually went to a gym and was advised to go back home and return when baby is 6 months and above. Well, I went because I didn't know rigorous exercises affect breast milk production.

Needed to fit into