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Appreciation: I'll Give It A Try

Aunty Eya may God please bless you for me and every other women out there that you have directly and indirectly helped in curbing their  marriage issues.
My husband is yet to be convinced about the drugs,though I've made a call to the agency,he told me to send him the result of my Xray through whatsApp,I think I'll  give it a try.

Pictures: Thanks For Your Encouragement, Baby Is Here Now

I posted my story to your blog about a year Ago about doctors saying I have hormonal imbalance and advising me to get married so I can start fertility drugs before it gets too late.
Well, i've been itching to email you since but I didn't want to jinx myself so decided to wait it out a bit lol, i'm beyond excited and grateful to God that my fears have been laid to rest, I got married to my  boyfriend of 8yrs and I now have a baby girl without taking fertility drugs.
He proposed to me last year march (mothering sunday) before I left for law school in ‎April I found

Thanks WC For Changing My Marriage, I still Need Help For My Son

Is My Child Too Dull At 2 Years 9 Months?Aunty Eya,may God bless u and ur hand work IJN, I want to use this medium to thank all the WC peeps that are giving people good advise here.

I once told you people how my king (hubby) has been threatening me with divorce and the advice I got here made me be the one to do so to him now (is not that bad oh i.e. he treats me like a queen now that's why I called him my king).

 Though I

RE: Should I Tell The Doctor My Husband Raped Me? Thank You All

Thank You From The PosterThank you for your swift response yesterday.

I took your advice and did not leave my house, I am still not talking or relating to my husband in any way for now though.

I'm living in the visitors' room temporarily too.

He has been trying to apologize but I'm not ready to face him yet.

I don't doubt

Appreciation From CreamBerry Plus Shawarma, Puff Puff, Peppered Chicken

Hello Aunty Eya and my WC family,I want to say a very big thank you to everyone for all your wishes and prayers on Saturday,saturday. it made my day,although I didn't see them until yesterday morning (no thanks to the network)you need to

RE: What Do I Do About My Wife? Thank You Everyone

Hello everyone, I'm the original poster. Thank you all for your messages and opinions. I like to see other perspectives on things. 

I would like to clarify that I am not wholly blaming my wife or seeking to vilify her. Off course not, she is my wife and I married her out of Love. I respect her as a person and don't have unreasonable expectations from her. In fact she can be very supportive and giving as a person. 

I don't look at petty silly things (even though the food can do with a bit of spice). I had a professional

My Story Has Changed. Thank You All

Aunty Eya and my family in WC,
 I bless the day I found this blog on LIB,I can't even remember the last time  I opened ...but am so addicted to WC like a drunkard is addicted to alcohol.

I have posted a lot of my problem on WC and am glad I always get d lady that posted sometime ago that I don't enjoy sex and was wondering if I was circumcised,I took to the advice my family on WC gave me and here I am today a happy lady that is just getting to know the sweetness of sex.

even my husband now

Appreciation: Your Comments Saved My Marriage

AnonymousMay9, 2013 at 6:42 PM I am d lady who asked if I ¢øυℓd give my hubby a second chance and still trust him again(kate) sincerely speaking, dis is a life saving blog. Evry advice I saw here were like iodine healing my wound; I'm happy with

Re: Should I Cut All Ties With People Close To My Ex? A thank You Note

Appreciation From A Former Blog Poster

odunayoMay9, 2013 at 5:42 PM hi everyone... i really am very grateful for your support and advice and i guess its high time pple stop referring me as ikorodu lady..(lol) middle name is odunayo, pls call me that.
As regards the job..ididnt take the job cos of the toll it wil take on my child and my already saddled marriage, so i mailed the coy and

Testimony: Shea Butter Advice Worked For Me

Hello Eya, I would have shared this since last week but didn't think  readers would be interested. I was not the poster but read the post from the lady that wanted to know how to cleanse the dark spots on her thighs. I have the exact