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Yesterday Sunday,  March 25 marked the 22nd day of me trying to lose weight with Nigerian food. No breakfast. After all that Saturday rice, I rejected Sunday rice. Boiled yam with egg sauce was great. That picture was zoomed in, the real food plate looked really small. 3 tiny pieces of boiled yam with egg sauce.  (Looking back now, one piece of boiled yam should have been just fine) I snacked on 2 avocados and 2 mangoes and I ate just onion and lettuce salad with sardines for dinner. 
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Over the weekend, I went to my children's school and they noticed I'm losing weight. Commented that I look very different and that they love it 👍👍. I forgot to check my weight before rushing for church and I won't even try it after eating all that yam and egg sauce and washing down with chill zobo. Hopefully, tomorrow, I know where I stand. I'm more relaxed on weekends. My weight loss journey is more focused on weekdays, I don't…

How to cook Nigerian Yam Porridge without palm oil

Yam porridge can be cooked with or without palm oil and both methods taste great just that the one cooked without palm oil doesn't have that beautiful colour. If you cook with Saladmaster cookware, you already know that they do not need any kind of oil because the pots are all about healthy living.

I made this colourful, delicious yam porridge without even a drop of palm oil. Red bell pepper enhances the taste and also adds colour not forgetting all the health benefits of red bell peppers.
Yam porridge cooked without a drop of oil is delicious. Do not worry, the oil from the fish is all the body needs.

1/2 small tuber of yam
Enough water to cover the yam
2 medium sized smoked cat fish
1 large onion
5 large red bell peppers (tatashey)
Seasoning cubes to taste
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon fresh scotch bonnet pepper (Optional)
Locust beans (Dadadwa) Optional

How to cook recession yam porridge (pottage) with tomatoes

Recession yam porridge is cooked without meat or fish but with some less expensive protein element. It tastes so so good. Cooking this porridge is very easy, this is like the easiest method of making Nigerian yam porridge. Less ingredients with same great taste.


1 Tuber yam (medium sized)5 large tomatoes2 large onion bulbs2 cups palm oil2 cups ground crayfishFresh pepperKnorr cubes to your tasteSalt to tasteWater COOKING DIRECTIONS:

Nigerian Yam Porridge

Nigerian yam porridge cooked with smoked mackerel and green vegetables. Easy recipe. Dinner is served.


Would you rather eat a hot plate of yam pottage or have tea/beverage drink with bread for breakfast?
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Right hand up if you can name all your chicken cuts. There are many different cuts of chicken available and the one you use depends on how you intend to cook it. Chicken can be used to cook any meal, depending on the type. Our local, hard chickens can be used for even plantain or yam porridge, they take longer to cook and do not crumble whereas the soft chicken (Agric fowl), I can only fry, grill or bake and serve with already cooked food. If you want to cook the chicken together in the meal, I would prefer you leave the bones intact whether it's Agric fowl or local.Without it's skin, chicken is well known as very healthy "white meat" alternative to beef and lamb. If hubby has stopped eating red meat, you can serve him chicken, snails, seafood, snake. But you know local chicken has more flavour than agric ( intensely reared and buttered with all the antibiotics). Can't remember when last I ate hard chicken/local anyway. Soft chicken cooks faster even though I hea…

How To Cook Nigerian White Soup With Melon Lumps

Nigerian white soup originated from the South South Geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It's very easy to cook, serve and enjoy with fufu especially poundedyam. Because of its spicy nature, new moms are encouraged to take lots of this soup the first few weeks after delivery. Different countries have their own versions of white soups completely different from Nigerian white soup.

If well cooked with uziza hot leaves, this soup can be mega delicious and rich in

Yam Beans Porridge With Smoked Fish


Nigerian Pounded Yam Made With Food Processor

With all the blog posts on making pounded yam in a food processor, I never bothered trying because there was always someone around to help with the pounding. Well, yesterday I craved hot pounded yam with hot draw soup at a time there was no adult around and I had to quickly search the blog for the pounded yam in a food processorpost by Onome.

It was

Asaro (Yam Porridge) By Chidinma

Hello, Aunt Eya, this is the recipe.

Thank you, for having me over again. I'd like to introduce you to:

Asaro, My Way

With all the ways yam can be cooked (fried, baked, mashed, pounded), I find that, more often than not, I turn to yam porridge.

Yam porridge (Asaro), when cooked right, is a delight to behold, and to taste. It always has a spicy creaminess (I'm sure that's not a word), and the yams just melt in your mouth. The stock from

Egg Plant Sauce With Crunchy Snails And Boiled Yam

Try serving peppered snails with egg sauce and see the difference. I blended these eggplants and I think that affected the

Should Yam Be Boiled With Salt, Sugar Or Both?

Hello Aunty Eya and Wives Connection Fam. I boil yams with salt but now that new yams are

Make Pounded Yam In A Food Processor By Onome

Hi Aunty Eya,came across an old post of someone asking for pictorials on how to make  pounded yam with a food processor.Had an old one that I seldom use so I decided to give it a try.this is what I came out with.

NOTE:Yam should be cut in average chunks and let to boil very soft.Food Processor should be set at the highest and left to run .
Water should be added in tablespoons to

Spider Yam Served With Baked Beans And Ketchup By Deborah Bala


How To Cook Ekpang Or Ikokore With Yam

UPDATED RECIPE This pot of yam ekpang has been waiting for too long. I promised to post on Sunday but couldn't. I wanted to do all that is necessary before posting. I will update with cooking steps later please. This yam ekpang was cooked with the yam we all use for pounded yam.
The white yam we boil and use for porridge. NOT WATERYAM. 

1small tuber of yam (smoothly grated)
4 eggs
2 medium sized smoked catfish
Scent leaves

Pepper sauce
Palm oil
Seasoning cubes
Salt to

How To Cook Yam Porridge With Scent Leaves

This yam was cut into smaller cubes than I normally did and I realized it cooked and thickened faster. There are other yam porridge recipes on the blog so I don't really need to explain much. 
Besides, every Nigerian can cook yam porridge. Is it just Nigerians sef? No. I think Africans can cook yam porridge. The added scent leaves (mint leaves) made it more nutritious. Hot leaf, green or fluted pumpkin can be used in place of this scent leaves.
INGREDIENTS: 1 small sized Yam

Yam Porridge With Fish Powder And Green Vegetables

My Five Star Presentation Of Yam Porridge This is No joke. I want to improve on my food presentation. This anyhow take pictures and post has to STOP!. 

I thought of sticking slices of lemon to tooth pick and pinning on the yam but it didn't flow.

 I tried placing sliced pineapple by the side, it didn't flow at all. 

Finally I cut some apples, tomatoes, with some fried meat balls and onion, pinned on toothpick and served beside the porridge, eno gree me at all.

just had to take pics in a green plate that matches the green veggies. Wetin remain? I wanted to serve with green cutleries but I no get. 

Anyway, for now o, this is five star yam porridge presentation. Who says five star doesn't serve our own Naija yam porridge? 

Manage this for now please. Next time I will think of other ways to serve five star yam. I promise!
 If you know other

How To Prepare Ojojo By Rubynnia


How To Make Pounded Yam With A Food Processor

Hello Aunty Eya, 
I am tired of eating poundo yam but can't pound boiled yam smoothly with a mortar and pestle. I visited a friend and ate very well made pounded yam  made with her food processor.

She actually wrote down the steps for me but I am yet to have a food processor. I was just wondering  if someone can make, take pictures and help share with us, it would be more fun and easier to make.

Her first attempt was lumpy anyway, but the one I ate was exactly like yam pounded  with a mortar and pestle by professional yam pounders. When she asked me "doesn't pounded yam look like dough?" I just knew that the dough blade in a food processor should do the yam pounding job.
Here are the steps she wrote out for me:

Boil the yam soft like the one you boil for pounding.Attach the dough blade to the food processor and turn the heat to low.Allow the yam to continue boiling while you pick a few slices depending on the size, and place in the food processorCover your bowl, then turn…

How To Cook Garden Egg Tatashe Stew