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Nigerian Beans and yam pottage (porridge) can be cooked with any type of beans you chose.  I grew up eating just brown beans and


Red beans are a good source of soluble fibre and protein. Help reduce hypertension, help in maintaining normal blood pressure. Help the arteries and vessels and ensures smooth blood flow in


Saturday Brunch was one slice of bread with boiled eggs and beverage. Naked coleslaw for some


With my mind this made up, we can only continue to shed, no more gaining by God's grace. Still at


Yay! it's day 10 of my weight loss journey already and we are still doing great. About 5kg dropped in

How to cook Nigerian Yam Porridge without palm oil

Yam porridge can be cooked with or without palm oil and both methods taste great just that the one cooked without palm oil doesn't have that beautiful colour. If you cook with Saladmaster cookware, you already know that they do not need any kind of oil because the pots are all about healthy living.

I made this colourful, delicious yam porridge without even a drop of palm oil. Red bell pepper enhances the taste and also adds colour not forgetting all the health benefits of red bell peppers.
Yam porridge cooked without a drop of oil is delicious. Do not worry, the oil from the fish is all the body needs.

1/2 small tuber of yam
Enough water to cover the yam
2 medium sized smoked cat fish
1 large onion
5 large red bell peppers (tatashey)
Seasoning cubes to taste
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon fresh scotch bonnet pepper (Optional)
Locust beans (Dadadwa) Optional

Nigerian plantain porridge with ugu vegetable (Fluted pumpkin)

Nigerian plantain porridge cooked the way we did before on the blog, ugu vegetables are then stirfried with onion and crayfish, added and delicious pot of plantain porridge is ready.


5 fingers unripe plantain1 bunch ugu vegetables (fluted pumpkin)meat (I used half a cow tail, you can cook with any meat of choice)3 tablespoons ground crayfish 1 medium sized onion2 cups palm oilpepper as preferred (I used 1 teaspoon of my pepper sauce)Salt to taste2 knorrSeasoning cubes for porridge, 2 for vegetablesWater may not be needed because there is stock from the boiled meat.
COOKING DIRECTION: First I pressure cooked the meat with salt, onion and seasoning cubes. Then added the plantain, pepper, salt just the way Nigerians cook normal plantain porridge. I checked for taste, stirring often until porridge is cooked and thickens. There is no oil added at this time.
In the fry pan I stir fry (with palm oil) my ugu vegetables with onion, crayfish and knorr beef seasoning cubes, checked fo…

Plantain with beans porridge

Plantain with beans porridge is a delicacy in my village. I love this combo especially with soft kpomo in the beans. Click on the link below to see ALL beans recipes on the blog:

Nigerian Yam Porridge

Nigerian yam porridge cooked with smoked mackerel and green vegetables. Easy recipe. Dinner is served.


Right hand up if you can name all your chicken cuts. There are many different cuts of chicken available and the one you use depends on how you intend to cook it. Chicken can be used to cook any meal, depending on the type. Our local, hard chickens can be used for even plantain or yam porridge, they take longer to cook and do not crumble whereas the soft chicken (Agric fowl), I can only fry, grill or bake and serve with already cooked food. If you want to cook the chicken together in the meal, I would prefer you leave the bones intact whether it's Agric fowl or local.Without it's skin, chicken is well known as very healthy "white meat" alternative to beef and lamb. If hubby has stopped eating red meat, you can serve him chicken, snails, seafood, snake. But you know local chicken has more flavour than agric ( intensely reared and buttered with all the antibiotics). Can't remember when last I ate hard chicken/local anyway. Soft chicken cooks faster even though I hea…

Nigerian plantain pottage

Plantain pottage cooked this way is the yummiest, helps one lose weight, Controls sugar levels and very rich in vitamins. I wanted variety for my plantain but never imagined the equation will be so balanced and well blended. Whoever thought that plantain will turn out this good with sauteed vegetables. Because of the veggies, didn't add locust beans. Cooked the porridge or is it pottage?  Cooked plantain until done before stirring in my sauteed vegetables and serving. This can be cooked with unripe or fairly ripe plantains.  More pics when you continue...

How To Cook Beans And Frozen Dodo

How I preserve ripe plantain (dodo) is by freezing. The ripe plantain is fried, packed in large freezer bags and kept until I need them. I got tired of  sharing out ripe plantain because one thinks they'll go bad and then needing them the very next day. This dodo cooked today has been in the freezer for two months.

How To Quick Cook Beans porridge In A Pressure Cooker

Cooking beans in a pressure cooker is the fastest method. To pressure cook beans porridge,  don't

Unripe Banana Meal For My Baby

UNRIPE BANANA MEAL FOR BABIESBabies love unripe banana pudding. While crackingn our heads on what to start with when introducing them to solid food, THIS is one of the best. Cooked with enough crayfish. Ikokore babana is cooked just like wives connection step by step ekpang or the normal water yam ikokore. It can be served adults too and I love it.

This meal can be prepared for the whole family with other sources of protein but when cooking for these little ones, crayfish alone is just ok. Cooked without pepper for now.

Ingredients For Unripe banana meal:
Unripe banana, you need

Nigerian Plantain Porridge Recipe


How To Cook Beans And Corn Meal With Fresh Corn, Help

Beans and corn meal can be very filling. I posted one before, cooked with sweet corn. This time I wanted the real thing with fresh corn but .... I refused to take
pics of the cooked and served meal cos while beans was overcooked and all broken and soft, the corn was not very well cooked and I don't know what went wrong.

The fresh

How To Cook Yam Porridge With Green Vegetables And Fish

Nigerian yam porridge is one of those dishes that any body can cook because it's easy. The procedure is never complicated. Once the yam is peeled and cut into the pot with water and ingredients, the job is done as all you have to do from then is just check and stir until your porridge gets thick and soft. Then you can mash if you like or serve it like this ones below.
Ingredients for cooking green vegetable yam porridge:
1 medium sized Yam1 large bunch Green amaranth (GREEN, ALEHO) or any other green vegetable3 medium sized smoked cat fish2 seasoning cubesSalt to taste1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper or more3 tablespoons Palm oilEnough water to cover the washed, cubed yam in the pot.

Steps to cooking green vegetable yam porridge:The peeled and diced yam is washed and put in a pot with the water, pepper and palm oil, covered and brought to a boilAdd the bone picked and washed dry fish, seasoning cubes and salt, stirred, check for salt and leave yam to cook and get softFrequent

How To Cook Ikokore With Green Vegetables, Serve With Goat Meat


Pictorials: How To Cook My Simple Healthy Ekpang With Biscuit Bones And Fish


How To Cook Beans With Fish Head, Eat With Sweet Garri

Beans is a softener. Some add it when they boil tough meat, to help soften the meat. The day I