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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


 Nigerian vegetable soup. A serving of Afang soup
These 20 Nigerian soups listed below can help you lose weight fast. Some Naija soups are a bit fattening with no fiber content to help with digestion and bowel movement, but not the following. These  Nigerian soups are very good especially when

Thursday, April 12, 2018


 Vegetables and protein breakfast.
Good morning dear disciplined, focused and hardworking weight losers. We are making our slow and

Sunday, April 08, 2018


Boiled rice with vegetable sauce and fish

Before brunch yesterday Saturday, I ate three oranges as shown below. Brunch was my

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Assorted meats pepper soup with some boiled rice and vegetables at the side.

So I drank 3 whole litres of zobo yesterday because I need something to flush my system and get

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nigerian Snail Sauce Recipe

A serving of Snail Sauce.

Snail sauce is great for those who want to lose weight, diabetics, and for the whole family.  Great for those avoiding red meat. Snails are here now and it's not just peppered snails that can be served. They can be used for snail stew and other Nigerian/African recipes.
This sauce goes with boiled rice but can also be served as a light meal


10 medium sized snails
A handful of shred cabbage
1 medium sized onion
3 medium sized red peppers (Ata Rodo)
1/2 cup oil to stir fry
1 teaspoon curry
Salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes
1 table spoonful baking flour to thicken
1 small green pepper
4 cups water to start with, you can adjust to desired thickness.

Before you make this snail sauce, first

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Chicken plantain pepper soup for new mums

 Plantain pepper soup for new moms
This is a very traditional delicacy for women who have just been delivered of babies, great to take in the first few months after delivery. Most traditional Nigerian meals for new mums are cooked with lots of pepper but without the addition of palm oil. If you were to make this on a normal day for anyoe other than a new mum, you can add some palm oil (1/4 cup). This plantain soup can be very spicy and delicious. I didn't add too much pepper here because of the baby that doesn't need to suck pepper from breast milk.


1 medium sized local chicken (Cock), dressed
1 small onion to steam the chicken
4 cups water, you can add more later
1 tablespoon ground fresh pepper
Salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes
1 small buch scent leaves
5 fingers unripe or fairly plantain ( I used unripe plantain here)


Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Nigerian Cow Leg Pepper Soup

Nigerian cow leg pepper soup
 Hello. Today we are going to cook Nigerian cow leg pepper soup that everyone will want to eat.


1/2 cow leg cut in small pieces
1 medium sized onion
2 thumb sized ginger
1/2 cup oil
2 spoons ground fresh pepper (ata rodo) OR MORE
2 seasoning cubes
4 cups water or enough to almost cover the meat
4 Scent leaves


First pressure cook the cow leg with water, 1 seasoning cube, salt, a pinch of thyme and curry. Once the pot starts wheezing, wait for 10 minutes (Depending on your pressure

Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Noodles served hot.
To enjoy noodles with green leafy vegetables, I add lots of onions. That's the tip. The praises just kept coming that's why I'm posting o. I said to myself "enough of indomie noodles recipes" and left this pictures untouched since last week but hubby just asked again today that he'll like to eat that scent leaves noodles I made last week, so, it's worth posting I guess. He said that there's something deliciously out this recipe and I'm thinking maybe it's the Ghana

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Can A Pregnant Woman Eat Nigerian pepper soup, Bitter leaf, Ugu and Hot Leaf?

Good morning Aunty Eya. God bless you for this forum. Please ma, this is my first pregnancy and I don't want to make mistakes eating the wrong foods.  I crave pepper soup daily  and now am scared the hot pepper in there

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pepperlicious Nigerian Snails To Try This Weekend

 Spiced to the nines, lol.
Cutting down on red meat is easy when you know how to enjoy other types meat . Snails as we know are very nutritious. When cooked, they can be very tasty and crunchy. If you search the blog, we have many dishes cooked with large African snails.  To know how to wash your snails at home  (DIY) with ease,  go HERE

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Make Nigerian Pepper Sauce For Storing

Nigerian pepper sauce packed in plastic containers for storing in the refrigerator.
 Nigerian pepper sauce is very easy to make and can keep for months. Before now, I tried to store fresh pepper by freezing, wrapping in newspaper, wrapping in leaves and all but nothing worked because after a few days, the perishable pepper begins to rot, even if kept in the fridge, and, if you love to cook with fresh pepper then you have to be shopping every week. Ever since I tried the pepper sauce recipe and it worked, I haven't tried any other method of preserving fresh pepper and this is so economical. Buying in baskets is cheaper, can only be enjoyed if you know how to successfully preserve the pepper. Drying is also good but then it's no longer fresh pepper.

After I published the step by step post on grilled fish and chicken, with pictures of my grilled chicken sauce, I started to receive a lot of mails asking how to make that pepper sauce. Then decided to take pics yesterday while making another cause the last one kept for over a month. Here are the pics. The pepper had already been pounded before I remembered my kitchen camera, so, I'll just list the ingredients with the cooking pics.

Ingredients for Pepper Sauce:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nigerian Vegetable Fish Soup With Basmati Rice, Wheat Bread For Weight Loss

Where are the geniuses and prodigies in the house? Who can look at this wordless recipe post and write us a recipe by just looking at the pictures? Recipe to hold body for the mean time because right now it's mid night and I'm eyeing the bed. Who can help please?

Nutritious fish soup with basmati rice
 Yes, I know... Nursing mother, no dieting. I did just a lil healthy dieting sort of to lose only 2 kg and fit into a dress. After that, continued eating my everything all join o.

Before trying this soups, I actually went to a gym and was advised to go back home and return when baby is 6 months and above. Well, I went because I didn't know rigorous exercises affect breast milk production.

Needed to fit into

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Post-Partum Nigerian Chicken Pepper soup For Nursing Mothers By Deborah Bala

Pepper soup for nursing mothers
A friend of mine delivered and i decided to make this chicken pepper soup for her. It's mainly made with fish but i felt she may have had too much of that so I used chicken. Pls I don't know if this pepper soup is safe for pregnant women so won't advise them to take it. Single ladies and men you can also learn this to make for friends that just delivered. 

Peel your

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Fish Fillet Vegetable Sauce With Pasta

 Fish fillet vegetable sauce served with pasta
This fish vegetable sauce is best cooked with fish fillet. I didn't have at home so tried to cut my croaker, a few bones escaped into the pot but couldn't create any drama because we all over enjoyed this meal.
I regret taking pics with this Lumia cos posting them has given me enough headache already. Couldn't upload to a laptop and now blogging with the phone to see if they upload but not sure they'll show on the blog. Let me just keep trying different tricks cos this tasted too good not to be posted.

Yay! the pics have finally uploaded after these long hours. Try this

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Cook Fresh Catfish Stew

A serving of fresh catfish stew
Fresh fish stew is very easy to cook if one knows how to avoid stirring the fish while it cooks. The best way I do this is cook the washed fish in a different pot, cook the tomato stew in another pot before pouring into the cooked fish and leaving to simmer until yummy. Even those who

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sweet Dodo With Fresh Fish Sauce

Sweet dodo with fresh fish sauce
Dodo served with peppered fresh fish sauce is one delicacy that I can eat whether in the morning, afternoon or evening. It is so tasty and enjoyable. The fresh fish sauce has to

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How To Cook Chicken Soup Gravy

chicken soup gravy served with boiled rice
Chicken soup gravy can be served with rice, macaroni, spaghetti, unripe boiled plantain or just enjoyed as a meal on

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Nigerian Boiled Yam With Fried Fresh Pepper Sauce

 a serving of boiled yam with fried pepper sauce
Boiled, fried or roast yam with hot pepper sauce is a meal for pepper lovers. Boiled plantain, dodo

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Isi Ewu Head With Chilled Red Grape Juice

 a serving of isi ewu with chilled Red Grape Juice
Dear Diary,
In case you are tired of your husband and friends visiting that isi ewu joint
every saturday evening, set them up with this, and scatter their plans.
I have not seen a Nigerian man who can resist Isi ewu. Right from