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Yes. She is an authority. Fashion for church shouldn't be revealing abi? Nigerian Event goers just  love NHN couture.  See more photos when you continue...

Actress Empress Njamah Looking Beautiful In Traditional Attire

Stunning! Empress take time fine abeg, if I talk now say her elder sister na my good friend, some people go dey think say na forming, say I wan make myself feel good, ok, my mouth muted :-)  Another lovely pic below...

Pick Your Favourite Michelle Obama Look

Good morning good people on the blog. Looking forward to a restful weekend?

Zaron Foundation Versus Tara Foundation, Which Is Better

Good evening Aunty Eya. The question you posted about shea butter and baby skin is how I discovered wives connection and have been forever glued like uhu gum. Now I have something

Me, When I Started Blogging And Now. Growing Younger Under Stress


My Favourite Nigerian Things: Beautiful Necklaces


My Favourite Things: Nigerian Gele Headgear


A Little Patterned Dress With Fab Sandals

I love little dresses, in black, brown, patterned and any other form or color that flatters mty skin shade. The little
dress is a very versatile staple in a any woman's wardrobe. It could be a little black dress or one made with any color like my teal blue dress. It can also be a patterned little dress like this.
A little dress can be worn for fun outings with friends, on a date,  for dinner, office look and can be dressed up or down as the case may be.

How To Wear Skinny Jeans, My Look Today

I love skinny jeans, they just have a way of making one look slimmer especially the darker shades.The name skinny jeans does not mean that they are meant for only skinny people, no. These are called skinny jeans because they are, and look skinny, tiny compared to flared and other types of jeans. With appropriate shoes, tops and other accessories, even Plus size women can comfortably wear skinny jeans. The word skinny refers to the cut of the leg which is tiny and skinny..

How to wear Skinny Jeans And Look Fabulous:
Choose the right size of skinny jeans, the size that won't look too tight and bumpy on the knees.Pick a size that fits properly, that's just reasonably tight and allows you bend and squat comfortably.If you are a plus size, I'll recommend the high rise jeans so you don't show off everything at the backside each time you bend to sit.If you want to draw attention to your long legs, then go with brighter colors on heels but do not forget that darker shades make y…

Ankara skirt with Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Hi, good morning, it's 1am and I need to hit the bed
now, will do the post tomorrow please, just enjoy the pics.
Sweet and colorful dreams.

Ankara styles Updated

Hi, welcome again to my Nigeria fashion. So,  some of my ankara outfits are right here with me and I'm so happy to update. If only I learnt how to sew, things
would have been different. Just buy the fabric, get home, cut and sew in a matter of days. But come on, can one person do everything in life? No one can do all. We need each other to survive so,  dear tailors, mind yourself. I wanted this skirt exactly on my knees o, from these pic looks like it's below the knees. Slow network just acting up now. When it gets better, I'll upload more of this outfit pics: The ones with my neck bent to the south o, the ones with my keg crossed like I don't care,  the ones with me learning to smile at the camera. But sha,  must one smile at the camera? I don't see anything wrong with just looking straight and normal for shoots o. My people like to beg me to smile at the camera all the time. Na by force?I don't know how to do it and not even interested in learning sef. How c…

My Sunday Wear: Maxi Dress In A Jacket

The long dress is warm except for the hands, and, this is what I can wear now without going late for the sermon. I have tried to change my style but it isn't working so I give up. How people manage to get ready ahead of time, pick what to wear the previous day and just relax is what I don't know o. When I attend events late, it's because I'm looking for what to wear at the very last mionute. I rush to iron when I should be dressing up. If there's no electricity at the time, say NEPA is her best, I start rushing outside to turn on the generator and while doing all that, time is ticking. 
There are times I have dressed up for an event, walked out the door and turned back to go change the outfit because I'm not comfortable or don't feel what I'm wearing is appropriate. This is such a bad habit I don't know how to change. So, this Sunday morning, this lovely dress is all I can wear without ironing or thinking too much but the sleeves. My old jacket to t…

My Casual Look Running Weekend Errands

This is a weekend look for my shopping and  few errands last weekend. The beige mango shirt is long sleeve but not hot at all. Told you I have them in various colors because summer sales were on, price slash was about 70% off, who wouldn't pack to last a whole year?Looking forward to 2015 sales so I can stock for 2016 with less.

The black three quart short was picked at  boutique here in buja and  urm... typing right now, lazy mode activated, can't even stand up to go look at the label. Black Aldo sandals and nothing much.
Enjoy viewing my very bright, clear, AWESOME pictures, mwah!      

Dressed In My Maroon lace top on blue denim With Simple Beige Sandal

So, I put shame to shame and post this pictures. For now, I'll just keep posting until a better camera surfaces. I cannot come and kill myself o. If my skin likes, let it look like orange and yellow, I still post, I no send abeg.

Sunday In A Black Jalabiya Dress

The jellabiya dress is one dress that in the past I associated with Religion. It is a traditional Arab dress worn by both men and women, pronounced Gellabiya in Egypt.When a woman is seen in a jalabiya, she is automatically a hajiya to me, that's before I got some lessons on Jalabiya. This dress predates Islam. It's worn over other clothing but not me o, in this hot Abuja weather. I only have my black camisol and pair of tights in there. The male version of Jalabiya is called Kandura in the United Arab Emirates and they look lovely in white. The Jalabiya dress can be sewn in various styles with varying length of sleeves and distance from the floor.
Although the Kaftans and Jalabiyas have a deep root in the middle East and Asia, in recent years,
they have come to be loved by many including me. It took a lot of convincing by the seller to get me pick this dress because I thought it's strictly an Islamic attire, not until the lady educated me that now, any woman can wear and …

We Have A Nigerian Fashion Blog, Not Kidding

I remember with smiles my only fashion post here where you guys gave me so many good tips. I thought about continuing with more Nigerian outfit and correction posts here but decided against that. Don't want any fashion style to overtake our yummy recipes on this blog, so, I drove further in and parked the fashion posts at the Nigerian fashion blogs which birthed this week.
I wanted to do a few posts there before letting you lovely lots in. It's still on the first page, not much yet and I'm still not photogenic as I'd have loved. My first daughter is so photogenic, the last time she came for holidays I couldn't help but suggest she looks into pursuing a career around TV and in front of cameras, that's something like modelling, just saying o. So, I seriously wish I have a little of that photogenic skin, would have loved to wow you, make you drool at a forty year old fashion blogger. 
No, don't think that way, I can very well do it, you know " Everything is…

How Do You Wear It Better?

This is from my Facebook photos and I know some of us have seen it. I didn't share his dedication pics here in December because connection at the village was poor and uploading pics took too long. So, my sister says combining white with yellow is not great. She thinks that because we were dedicating a baby boy, white and blue would have been perfect. I disagree and for me, any colour or dress is perfect if it looks good on you.
I am not particular with colours, I go with what I find that's why sometimes I arrive late because I never pick out a dress ahead of time. I don't know if there is anyone else like that. I wait until it's time to go, then then begin to look for what to wear and sometimes I even walk out, get to the door, realise that what I'm wearing doesn't look ironed, or has a question mark, then I rush back in, look around and pick what is available. This is not the best but I guess that's how he created me because while I continue to repeat and…