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Shawarma has come to stay in Nigeria and we love it. Without a shawarma oven, we have found ways to make in our different kitchens and enjoy. Who doesn't love this delicacy? This vegetable shawarma is a complete meal, very filling and easy to make. With your sandwich toaster, you can whip this up and serve in no time. Even without a sandwich toaster in your kitchen. Any oven will do. You can make this shawarma in your cooking pot on a


Shawarma is an Arab meat preparation, where  mixed meats are placed ina spit to grill for as long as a whole day. With senegalese breads, mixture of meats and vegetables, we get the type sold in Nigeria.I have succeeded in making this chicken shawarma so so Nigerian by removing what I can't eat and just leaving what I know I'll love to taste and it's great. I would have loved to add green pepper but some of my girls don't like it and can;t stand much pepper. I thoroughly enjoyed it because it turned out exactly like that shawarma you buy once and keep returning every weekend for more. There is a shawarma recipe on the blog but it's not the exact same thing. That shawarma was made with Naan bread but here I used the real pitta bread for shawarma. That one was made with beef and chicken whereas this is just chicken shawarma. Very very easy to make.

Make Shawarma At Home, In A Sandwich Toaster

Shawarma treat

Shawarma has come to stay in Nigeria. It is so loved by
both children and Adults. I remember my girls in Boarding telling us that when we come on "The School's visiting day,"  "Shawarma" must be part of the menu. Their friends won't take rice or soft drinks, but, can't resist shawarma. I am too local a Naija breed, may be, that's why I am not  a fan. Sorry.

This Shawarma was made Courtesy Lahmow's Recipe. When I posted on Lunch Box Ideas For Busy Parents, I asked for Shawarma ideas, I wanted to be able to make my shawarma with the ingredients I like, and leave out the ones I do not like.  On the comment section, Lahmow explained how she makes her shawarma at home.  I got these ingredients, tried my best and decided to post it here so that kind  corrections can pour in. I plan on another "shawarma making journey" However, that